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ADV BikesGhost Rider: Self-Driving BMW R1200GS Unveiled

Ghost Rider: Self-Driving BMW R1200GS Unveiled

BMW develops futuristic motorcycle that can balance and drive itself.

Published on 09.11.2018

While the debate over electric motorcycles as the future of two-wheeled mobility still simmers, BMW is already thinking ahead unveiling their most recent project dubbed “Ghost Rider.” A fully self-driving BMW R1200GS controlled only by the algorithms inside its computer.

The German manufacturer surprised journalists last weekend with a live demonstration of the experimental self-driving BMW R1200GS at a track. As if guided by magic, the autonomous motorcycle doesn’t require a rider to navigate and can move itself freely with no aids, going around corners and even stopping without falling to its side.

Self-balancing self-driving BMW R1200GS Adventure Motorcycle


According to BMW, the aim of the technology is not fully-automated motorcycling but the extension and refinement of driver assistance systems. “For example, less experienced drivers could be assisted by the electronics to avoid dangerous spots or to avoid them in a timely and targeted manner,” explains BMW. The potential of the technology is vast as a safety system, decreasing the probability of a collision or intervening in a slide among other scenarios.

It’s worth noting that BMW isn’t the only brand working on autonomous two-wheeled vehicles. Yamaha has already shown what they can do with their “MotoBot” — a motorcycle-riding humanoid robot that raced Valentino Rossi on a track. And Honda has unveiled a motorcycle that is able to follow its owner as well. Nevertheless, the self-driving BMW R1200GS is an impressive show of technology by the German marque and an exciting sneak peek into what is possible in the future.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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17 thoughts on “Ghost Rider: Self-Driving BMW R1200GS Unveiled

  1. You do realise this is a spoof – a viral video made with the same software that the ‘ghost car crash’ video that has been doing the rounds recently uses… something which Hollywood has been using for years to remove unwanted [special effects] detail from film/video and re-render the background.

  2. Really……a self driving bike?! Like that’s a good thing? What the heck is the point? Besides all that you guys are amazed??? It’s amazing that BMW loves to invent something and sells it like only they did it. Yamaha did this in a form with the R1 and raced Rossi around a track and Honda had a self balancing bike two years ago…….videos online.

    • I get it guys……how could you read this and not know it’s a concept?! It’s a nice article and yes it’s tech but like someone has mentioned, I see no point in removing a rider and having a pet motorcycle. Sorry if people have taken my words so personally, it wasn’t intended to offend.

  3. Very impressive. I can see this used by law enforcement for instance but the applications for rider safety are very exciting too. Or having your bike pick you up if your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere 🙂

  4. While Im always for new tech, motorcycles have and always will be the most dangerous vehicle on the road. Margin for error is very small and demands 100% of your attention or damn close. If you have an inability to handle your motorcycle due to degrading age or medical condition, the three wheeled/sidecar is the safest choice for everyone on the road. By taking away manual control the rider becomes more of a part time passenger… what does this teach new riders? Your allowed to have a lapse in judgement, you can do silly maneuvers and the bike will “save you”.New riders are the ones who need to learn…easy or hard like everyone else, Its a common ground and an experience that you can talk about with fellow riders. In effect, your robbing future riders of road lessons…..because theyre not experienced? Like any item you have to respect what it can do…, we’re driving 600lbs road missles going 70mph haha

  5. While it certainly is some whiz-bang tech, I really have no interest in owning something like this. I ride my bike to enjoy the relationship between man, machine, and the road. If the bike is going to ride itself, I see no reason to bother riding it. Maybe this would be good an injured rider?

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