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ADV BikesCRF250 Rally – New Honda Adventure Bike Concept

CRF250 Rally – New Honda Adventure Bike Concept

Honda shows intentions of building more off-road capable Adventure Bikes.

Published on 03.17.2015

The competition in the small Adventure Bike segment heats up as news arrived today of a new 250cc Honda Adventure Bike concept to be unveiled at the Osaka Motorcycle Show this weekend. The CRF250 Rally concept bike looks just like a miniature version of the CRF450 Rally bike raced in the Dakar Rally by Joan Barreda, Paolo Goncalves and Laia Sanz. However, this is no rally race bike. The CRF250 Rally is designed for street-legal use with mirrors, license plate holder and turn signals, and is based on the existing CRF250L platform. Changes in bodywork, components and rally-inspired graphics set it apart from the current CRF250L.

crf250 Rally dual exhaust

The CRF250 Rally runs a Mugen dual exhaust system.

No specifications have been revealed yet but from the photos we can see several changes to the existing CRF250L platform. The most obvious differences are the new fully-enclosed bodywork and tall clear windscreen with headlight protector. Full wraparound hand guards and sump/exhaust protector give the bike improved durability off-road. A large rally-style instrument panel incorporates a Gathers M GPS navigation unit with integrated handlebar mounted controls. Headlights, turn signals and tail light are all LED type. Other differences include a redesigned fuel tank, dual Mugen exhaust, fat-tube handlebars, billet aluminum hubs and triple clamps, along with a number of trick anodized aluminum and carbon fiber pieces.

The Honda CRF250 Rally is currently just a concept bike at this time. However, with simple changes to the existing CRF250L platform, the CRF250 Rally could easily become a street-legal production model in a short period of time.

250cc honda adventure bike crf250 rally
The new 250cc Honda Adventure Bike concept includes rally styling and equipment to make it a better long-distance touring bike than the CRF250L it is based on.


As for performance, the current CRF250L platform includes a 250cc fuel-injected single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that provides 23 hp and 73 MPG according to Honda. At 320 pounds (145 kg) wet the CRF250L platform is relatively light compared to most Adventure Bikes on the market. Combined with 8.7 inches of suspension travel in front and 9.4 inches in the rear, the CRF250L offers an off-road-focused platform for a new Honda Adventure Bike. From the looks of the CRF250 Rally, we would expect a moderate weight gain and similar performance to the current CRF250L.

Photos of the CRF250 Rally show a modified tank design that appears to be larger than the CRF250L’s. This would give the bike improved fuel range and the large windscreen would give it better wind protection for the highway. Large brackets on the rear subframe should provide solid mounting points for optional panniers and rear luggage rack.

crf250 rally fuel tank windscreen

The CRF250 Rally offers a tall windscreen and larger fuel tank for improved long-distance touring.

We are excited to see new Honda Adventure Bike models being developed that are intended for use in the dirt. The CRF250 Rally seems to have all the elements necessary for an affordably-priced adventure bike with impressive off-road capabilities. We would expect a production version of the CRF250 Rally to be a popular choice among new Adventure Riders and those looking for a lighter, more managable Adventure Bike off-road.

If we could ask for one thing in the production model it would be an increase in displacement. The original CRF250L engine was sourced from the CBR250R sport bike and last year the CBR250R was upgraded to a CBR300R, giving it a 17% power increase. Launching this new model with the CBR300R’s powerplant would be an easy way to increase the bike’s carrying capacity and ability to maintain highways speeds, making it all the more desirable.

No official statements have been made but Motorcycle News magazine claims to have insider information stating that the production version of the Honda CRF250 Rally will be released towards the end of this year as a 2017 model.

For a closer look at this new Honda Adventure Bike concept, check out this video walk-thru of the CRF250 Rally.

Author: Rob Dabney

Rob Dabney started a lifelong obsession with motorcycles at the age of 15 when he purchased his first bike – a 1982 Honda MB5. Through his 20’s and 30’s he competed in off-road desert races, including the Baja 250, 500 and 1000. Eventually, his proclivity for exploration led him to dual sport and adventure riding. Rob’s never-ending quest to discover what’s around the next bend has taken him on Adventures in Mexico, North Africa, Europe, and throughout the American West. As a moto journalist, he enjoys inspiring others to seek adventure across horizons both near and far.

Author: Rob Dabney

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39 thoughts on “CRF250 Rally – New Honda Adventure Bike Concept

    • Yes, a 400-500cc machine might be a better choice here in the U.S. Hopefully, this is a sign of more things to come from Honda though. If Honda would take the CB500X twin-cylinder engine and put it in an off-road oriented chassis with similar Rally styling, it would be an instant success.

    • Yeah, the KTM 690 is 305 dry. The Honda CRF250 Rally would not doubt, balloon up from 320 to 350+. A non-starter. First, it has to be a 350/400cc (a la DRZ 400) to hit the sweet spot in the US market. Second, the weight needs to be kept down to around 300/320 lbs. dry.

  1. Any speculation on what a street price would be? The current 250L is 5k so are we looking at a 6k bike or over/under? It’s got the looks for sure.

    • The CRF450 Rally Race bikes are built in small batches so they are incredibly expensive. This bike is based on the current CRF250L, so there are good economies of scale. We’d expect this bike to be reasonably priced to target the entry-level market. Best guess is $7,250.

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    • I’m excited about the bike, too (this one and the crf1000), but my advice: wait till it comes out, and wait for the reviews first.

      Find out: Can it perform as good as it looks?

  3. Pingback: Anonymous

  4. Much better! More off road riding trails are being chopped up, requiring traveling over paved roads. Almost impossible to do without risking a ticket. A dirt bike that is street legal solves that problem but usually comes in hippo-heavy sizes where a rider is going to be challenged to pick it back up if dropped. This is the sort of bike I’d gladly swap my Yamaha TW200 for.

  5. My CCM 450 outputs (according to manufacturers spec) slightly over 40hp at approximately the same weight and including 20 liters of gas. However one can hope that Honda’s price tag will be more reasonable than the CCM…! 😉

    • wow 20Liters sounds amazing.
      I am more than happy if this time Honda gives us a 10L tank instead of the small 7,2L from the CRF250L before… its anoying needing a gas station every 120-150km :/
      10Liter Tank should give us at least a range of 200km 😀

      and to all the USAmericans still can not count in meters and kilometers …. get used to the metric system…you are having 10fingers, not 12 😀 😀 😀

  6. I would love to buy it as is! BUT… honda probably has a policy to out-source as little as possible. The piaa lights, showa shocks, muz exhaust, gps, and all those zeta parts are sure to drive the price sky high and I’ve never seen a Honda come from the factory with all those goodies. Sadder still, if Honda can’t sell a million units in the first two years, then they can’t be bothered. file this under concept porn. (I really hope I’m wrong, please Honda, make me eat my words…PLEASE!) Best hope is, they make the plastics and fuel tank kit, everything else you can find on E-bay.

  7. Absolutely GREAT looking bike and just PERFECT for the market IF they build it.

    The engine size is ok too, there are a lot bigger bikes on the market for ppl dont like small engine but lightweight bikes… I better pick up a 250 or 300ccm incl. luggage as a 800 or 1000ccm in the dirt….and on the (OFF)roads for this bike you will fall sometimes. 🙂

    Wonder about the price, guess its around 4000.-EU in Asia where the bike would fit in perfect… but for sure not more then 1000,-EU as the CRF-L

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  10. The sweet spot for an entry-level Rally type bike is at 350/400 ccs – 250 doesn’t cut it. Don’t bother putting a 250 Rally on the market. Two exhausts and two mufflers for a 250? Overkill.

  11. “L@@ks” good, but looks isn’t everything… I chose my DR-Z400 over the Kawa & Honda 250’s because of the added power & dependability. Perhaps one of the exhaust pipes is only for looks? Maybe if it was a 450 instead of a 250, then I might consider it… Probably a great beginner bike though.

  12. I love the new bikes both the 250 and the Africa twin. I have bought 3 Hondas in 3 years. However as long as Mark Marquez is associated with Honda I will not be buying one.

  13. Very very nice, hope it has a bigger tank as the premier CRF250. With its 7,5L Tank you find yourself every 120-150km on a gasstation…

    I read a lot about this new model – concept bike – but WHEN WILL it actually hit the market and WHEN WE CAN BUY IT????

    Cant wait!!!


  14. I want it NOW…and not in 1-5 years…
    Whats the reason of HONDA showing a bike at Osaka bike show 8 month ago and until today not let us know WHEN THE BIKE WILL BE PRODUCED and READY TO BUY ???

    Cant wait buying and riding it
    I ride a CRF250 and i am looking forward to buy the new model
    sad they do not make it 400-450ccm 😉

  15. does anybody know if this bike is coming to South africa, our local honda agent does not know and Honda SA does not respond to emails


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