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ADV BikesHonda X-ADV 750: Get Ready for a New Kind of Adventure Bike

Honda X-ADV 750: Get Ready for a New Kind of Adventure Bike

Honda's second teaser video shows the Adventure Scooter is on its way!

Published on 09.02.2016

Is the world ready for a 750cc, feet-forward adventure scooter? Honda apparently thinks so. And in the tradition of long video teases the company perfected with the launch of the Africa Twin, Honda is putting out a series of sneak peaks intended to build excitement for its latest adventure creation.

“Your Horizons are Going to Change Forever – Episode 2” begins with the machine being set free from a cargo container somewhere in the middle of the desert. (We punched in the GPS coordinates in the “surveillance video” opener and came up with Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy.) Once out of the box, the scooter blasts up some twisty dirt roads, winds through picturesque ruins, and then takes to the asphalt for a trip into the city. The rider doesn’t pause for a cappuccino, though, because he’s got a rendezvous at the port. He quickly rides inside a Honda container, which is slammed shut and stacked among other containers waiting to be shipped… who knows where? We’ll find out more when the next video drops Sept. 15.


Honda X-ADV Adventure Scooter

Honda X-ADV Adventure Scooter

In classic teaser fashion, there are only brief close-up glimpses and extended long shots of this odd machine throughout the video. We learn that it has dual headlights, chain drive, dual front disc brakes, a skid plate, an upswept exhaust, upside down forks, wire-spoke wheels, and more than enough power to get out of its own way. Current reports state the scooter is called the X-ADV, and it is powered by a 745cc parallel twin taken from the NC750x and also found in the Integra Scooter (both non-US models). The X-ADV also comes with Honda’s DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).

Honda X-ADV Adventure Scooter
A shot of the right handlebar confirms the X-ADV’s use of Honda’s DCT Automatic Transmission.

The X-ADV is the market-ready version of a concept Honda dubbed the “City Adventure,” which debuted at the 2015 EICMA show in Italy. Photos of that bike show an angular, futuristic scooter with more ground clearance and presumably more suspension travel than the Integra scooter it shares an engine with. With its wire-spoke wheels, protected underbelly and dual sport tires, the X-ADV looks ready for dirt roads, and a low center of gravity will probably make it easy to put your feet down and paddle through difficult off-road sections.

Honda X-ADV Adventure Scooter
Large Nissin brake calipers, an upside-down fork and wire-spoke wheels give a clear signal that the X-ADV is a performance-oriented machine.

While the video does not show the rider going through rough terrain or standing up on the foot platforms, it looks like it could be possible. Who knows, we could see more extreme off-road action in the next teaser video — stay tuned!

But the big question remains: Who’s going to buy the Honda X-ADV? Using the Integra as a reference, we can expect the price tag to be well over $10,000 USD. There are many other traditional adventure motorcycles to choose from on the market at that price range. And if a buyer wants an automatic transmission, why not buy the NC700x with DCT for $8,099 USD. One thing is for sure, soon scooter owners will be able to get off the beaten path just like the rest of us! So who’s ready to step up to the plate and buy the new Honda X-ADV?

Author: Bob Whitby

Bob has been riding motorcycles since age 19 and working as a journalist since he was 24, which was a long time ago, let’s put it that way. He quit for the better part of a decade to raise a family, then rediscovered adventure, dual sport and enduro riding in the early 2000s. He lives in Arkansas, America’s best-kept secret when it comes to riding destinations, and travels far and wide in search of dirt roads and trails.

Author: Bob Whitby

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22 thoughts on “Honda X-ADV 750: Get Ready for a New Kind of Adventure Bike

  1. This is awesome. For those of us that actually ride, daily, this thing just makes sense. For getting around the city, it will be ideal. The motor is fabulous for such. On the highway, it should be comfy, and have enough grunt to get the job done. Off-road? Who knows? But it sure looks up to the task for dirt roads, in the video. Yes, the Africa Twin will probably be better, off-road. But this thing should absolutely trounce it in all other aspects of riding. But, we really need a 250-450 for real off-road work. The AT and the like are real pigs off-road.

    I have a Honda Super Cub, Big Ruckus, CRF250X (DS-setup), and a KTM ADV in my stable. The Big Ruckus gets ridden the most, by a landslide. This is a similar layout, albeit much more powerful and capable.

    I’m in!

    • If you really want something a) off-road capable, and b) freeway speed capable when on-road, and c) for the inseam challenged amongst us, and d) 400-500 cc class, then all of the above can be had with the Honda 500X.

      I suggest you give that a serious look-see.

      A Honda 500X in Rally Raid form, would still be less money than this scooter.

    • I’m with the author here, who is ready for this, to step up to the (purchasing) plate?, indeed?

      What market could this be attempting to fill, to be targeted? BRIK markets? I doubt that Honda needs to send this to US shores. I see the scooter market here, on a daily basis: Shorts clad, T-Shirt, slippers, usually no helmet. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll love taking this for a (literally) tumble, off pavement.

      Me, I’m waiting for the 700 Tenere from Yamaha, then voting with *my* wallet for either that, or the Honda 500X in RR upgrade form.

  2. Really? You have the chance to update the XR650R/XR650L with modern components, modern engine, and better performance and make a great mid-sized adv bike and we get this? Really? It looks like a BMW C650 knock off with knobbies. Some people want to really get dirty.

    • There are dozens or serious off road bikes out there, just look at the KTM line up, Honda makes CRF 125, 250, 450, so what’s your beef? I like it, and so it may never be taken off orad, but with the wheel size at least it will behave more like a motorcycle. Well done Honda for taking the innovative path.

      • Yes serious off road bikes but where are the mid sized bikes capable on the road and better in the dirt. Don’t throw the KLR 650 in here….it can’t get out of it’s own way. None of the 650 dual sports sport modern components unless you put out 12 bills for a KTM 690 Enduro. I do agree that this scooter is not targeted at that market…’s just a GROM on steroids. I was just saying that Honda needs to address the mid sized ADV market.

  3. Honda seem to have caught me in their sights with this ADV750. Been riding more than 30 years. Had everything from screaming 2 strokes to Pan European. Riding scooters for the last 4 years in everyday commute and chores at the weekends. Scooters are SO useful as everyday vehicles in traffic orientated places and also give a bit of weather protection in the British winters for everyday riders. This ADV is a scooter on steroids and looks like a step up from an ordinary maxi scooter without losing the practicalities (I hope the under seat storage isn’t compromised like the Integra) and without having to get a wide touring style bike, which aren’t so good in traffic. When they come out, if they are as practical as a regular scooter (good under seat storage is the only unknown at the moment) I’m having one. Fingers crossed!

  4. very excited and can’t wait for a test ride. I own four other bikes, mostly BMW’s and this looks like it will be lots of fun.

  5. I’m in. I have an `06 Big Ruckus and while I consider it the bigger brother to the 49cc Ruckus, it barely has the ability to keep up with interstate traffic. I’m digging the ADV because it seems like Honda is offering something that is more capable than other motor scooter manufacturers with an off-road and paved road abilities. While I wouldn’t trade in the Big Ruckus, I would definitely add this to my garage if they did make it to stateside sales floors.

  6. Very much interested
    Been in contact with my local main Honda dealer expressing my interest in
    The new honda X-ADV 750 having been a honda man virtually all my motorcycle life
    Latest honda of mine is the Honda crosstourer
    cannot wait to see the X-ADV in the flesh and arrange a test ride…..

  7. yes please but by the looks of it Australia will miss out again… I just don’t want to change gears and most scooters just don’t do it for me…. I need a lot more than my Aprilia SR max can offer even though it is pretty good.

  8. Honda needs to stop being so “proprietary,” and learn to work with aftermarket suppliers while they develop products like this, so despite being so unusual, there would be accessories readily available at product launch.

  9. Pingback: X-End: A More Dirt-Worthy Honda X-ADV is Born - ADV Pulse

  10. This is perfect! Listen, I understand everyone complaints and as we all know, no one vehicle is perfect for Evey need……BUT, finally this one is. How you say? I’m glad you asked. I’m going full time RV here shortly, I need something that’s not that heavy to go onto the motorcycle hitch, good enough on gas mpg to be a daily driver, and have just enough off road capabilities to get me up that mountain to that destination, all while having enough power for highways and still enough style that I can attend bike rallies. You want to know who this is marketed for, Me!


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