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ADV BikesMoto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike Spied Out Testing

Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike Spied Out Testing

Pre-production Moto Guzzi V85 spotted for the first time out on the road!

Published on 07.05.2018

Just a few weeks ago we got news that Moto Guzzi was filing patents on its V85 concept bike, a telltale sign that it’s moving closer to production. Now we’re seeing that the V85 isn’t just a pretty bike that gets rolled onto stages at bike expos. The folks at Motorrad Magazine spotted a pre-production version of the Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike out on the road.

Moto Guzzi is expected to release their new middleweight ADV with an 850cc air/oil-cooled V-Twin pumping out 80 horsepower to a shaft drive. Their V85 concept bike incorporates minimalist bodywork and retro styling that has received loads of praise from the ADV Riding community.

Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike
Original V85 concept presented last year at EICMA.

The prototype in the spy shots is disguised in all black and shows only minor differences from the original concept bike. There’s a new angular windscreen design and more contemporary LED headlights. Also, the valve covers have less-pronounced cooling fins. While these may not be the final production parts, they do give the bike a more modern look that is a departure from the original retro-styling of the V85 concept. Other differences seen in the spy shots include a missing skid plate and a new side rack system for hard luggage.


Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike spy shot

Only time will tell if this Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike will conform to modern styling trends or go with a retro design. But one thing is certain, the Middleweight ADV Class is heating up! In the next few years we’ll be spoiled with choice with the Moto Guzzi V85, KTM 790 Adventure, Yamaha Tenere 700, an all-new BMW F850GS and recently updated Suzuki V-Strom 650’s and Triumph Tiger 800’s to choose from.

We haven’t had confirmation from Moto Guzzi yet on release dates, but we’ll continue to share more details as they appear. Stay tuned!

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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11 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi Middleweight Adventure Bike Spied Out Testing

  1. Looks interesting, but heavy. Plus how much extra steel will be required to protect the cylinder heads during a tipover? Look at what’s necessary with the BMW R1200GS. Plus, shaft drive is a BAD idea off-road if you ask me. I’m sure it’ll sell though.

    • May I ask why a shaft drive is a no-go for off road? I understand weight concerns, but at least this looks lower than the 1200/1000 cc class adv bikes.

      • I don’t think I understand this, either, Rob. Why not shaft drive off-road? I think Guzzi shaft is likely pretty robust, likely more than BMW’s shaft (which has a history of poor reliability that we don’t hear about with Goose).

        I was eyeballing the Triumph 800 recently on the floor, and was reminded how spoiled I was with my S10 shaft drive and cruise control. The Triumph has the CC, but not the shaft, and suddenly the Tiger’s chain drive was a deal breaker for me. Chain maintenance? No Thanks! Can live without the ability to change gearing? Yup, Can Do!

    • So RobG hates the BMW and hates the the MG. He loves to type all about it, perhaps you should try one Rob they are actually quite good (and yes well all know they aren’t motoX bikes)

  2. It’s great to see a true alternative idea and fitted with ohlins from the start – or at least the concept bike had ohlins – hopefully – anyway thumbs-up for something “different”. i estimate 220kg – If they make it torquey and reasonably priced vs ATwin then it might sell a lot (ie aircooled DR’s still sell heaps in AU). I actually prefer the red frame look over the all black which suddenly looks too stealth for a guzzi-adv

  3. Don’t forget the Cruise Control, MotoGuzzi! AT gets slammed every time the AT is reviewed, for no CC. If you build a ride by wire cycle, then the only thing missing is the software, and the control switches (including disengagement switches on the clutch and brakes). Yes, Please!

  4. I own a Quota, most likely my Quota weighs more,and has less HP. Protection and luggage will be a key selling point for this bike. That said, I have ridden my Quota on single track,and unimproved roads. Less weight would be welcome,more HP is not really needed,but sells bikes,when prospective buyers compare specs. I will be watching with interest,as this bike comes to market.

    • Ooooh we love that Quota. That’s a beautiful bike. There are some great deals out there on clean ones too. We’d love to pick one up one day.

  5. I agree with Rob I would rather buy a chain driven bike stretch the chain adjust the chain oil the chain get the oil mixed with dirt and mud all over the frame. I love chain snatch its something that gives you tons of confidence that you re not going to snap a chain and have to walk out. But best of all I like piling a chain up on my counter sprocket and busting my cases. Who wouldn’t take that much fun over a dumb shaft drive bike that you pour oil in a little hole screw in the plug and forget about it for 4 or 5 thousand miles


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