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Proof You Don’t Need an Adventure Bike To Ride the World

Five examples show anything with two wheels can take you around the world.

Published on 09.03.2015

3. Nick Sanders Riding a Yamaha R1

Nick Sanders found fame by riding a Yamaha R1 sportbike around the world, four times. With its crouched riding position, relatively thirsty engine and small luggage capacity, you’d think the R1 would be a terrible bike for adventure riding. Imagine riding one through the sands of the Sahara Desert.

But videos prove that it is possible, as Sanders paddles through axle deep sand and bounces along rocky roads straddling a dirt-covered YZF-R1. Sanders says the R1 actually makes a good adventure mount. It’s as reliable as a hammer, and effortlessly generates any amount of speed you’d care to cruise along at. That makes overtaking traffic in India, one of Sanders’ favorite countries to ride in, a breeze. Plus when you tour Africa on your high-powered sportbike, you’re not just another dude on a BMW GS.


Then again, Sanders seems to have a knack for riding non-adventure bikes around the world. He circumnavigated the globe on a bicycle before ever setting off on a motorcycle, setting a world record in the attempt. He’s also gone around the world on an Enfield Bullet and in 1997, he rode a Triumph Daytona around the world in 31 days, setting yet another world record.

Sanders wrote extensively about his exploits, including the two-volume series titled Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man and Loneliness of the Long Distance Biker. He’s also produced a DVD film of his 31-day record breaking ride title Fastest Man Around the World.


Author: Bob Whitby

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