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ADV BikesMeet the Superdual X Adventure Bike by SWM

Meet the Superdual X Adventure Bike by SWM

A 600cc Italian Adventure Bike we can't wait to get here!

Published on 05.21.2018

Without getting too historical, you need to know a little bit about the Italian brand SWM Motorcycles to understand that they didn’t just come out of nowhere. The short version of the story is that after enjoying years of success in European motocross competition during the 70’s and early 80’s, SWM eventually went into liquidation. The company was revived in 2014 by a former Husqvarna engineer with major investments from Chinese based Shineray Group. With the new funding, SWM was able to take over Husqvarna’s old Italian factory, equipment and workforce, after KTM purchased Husqvarna from BMW.

That brings us to the SWM Superdual X, a 600cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve single cylinder adventure bike based heavily on the Husqvarna 2011/12 TE630. But, as you can see, it has been adventure-ized with a larger tank, crash bars, and a host of other changes making the Superdual X its own machine. The weight of the bike comes in at a claimed dry 372.5 lbs, which is over the XR and DR but lighter than a KLR. Another cool feature is the 21/18 inch wheel combo.

SWM Superdual X Adventure Motorcycle


SWM Superdual X Adventure Motorcycle


The motor in the Superdual X has been used in a few Husqvarna bikes in the past but not the Terra and the Strada which had 650s. The six speed transmission pumps power to a chain final drive through a wet clutch with hydraulic actuation. The exhaust is a 2-into-2 system with handsome dual mufflers out back. To get fuel into the single cylinder, the Superdual X has a Mikuni D45 EFI fuel system and the bike starts with a push of a button.

SWM Superdual X Adventure Motorcycle


Out front the bike sports 8.3 in. (210mm) of suspension travel and a Fastace fully adjustable 45mm fork. We’ve heard of this brand before but it is more of a budget option for suspension on motorcycles. They are more known in the mountain bike world. Suspension travel in the rear is reported at 8.66 in. (220mm). The shock is a Sachs adjustable unit, which is more known and found on other European off-road bikes.


The 21/18 inch wheel combination makes for finding good knobbies a breeze. There are upper and lower crash bars as well as a skid plate and center stand. Hand guards and windscreen are included and the braking duties are handled by Brembo components. ABS is standard and can be turned off at the rear. The tank holds a little over 5 gallons, which, with a single, should offer a very considerable range. For the vertically challenged, the 35 inch seat height might cause some issues since that is right on the cusp of being pretty tall. For those looking for a slightly shorter version, there is a SWM Superdual T model that has 19/17 inch wheels and more road oriented tires stock.

SWM Superdual X Adventure Motorcycle


We’ve reached out to SWM Italy and SWM’s US importer to see if we can get any more information on an estimated landing time here in America but we are still on hold (click for update here!). We do know this bike is available for purchase for $10,490 Australian dollars ($7,838 US). From the reviews in the Australian motorcycle media, the bike seems to be getting an overall positive reaction. Testers are saying that while it is much more expensive than the 650 singles from other brands, you get a lot more bang for your buck and it isn’t nearly as chuggy as those models.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Superdual X makes a big enough buzz Down Under for it to come to the US. For more information go to

SWM Superdual X Adventure Motorcycle

SWM Superdual X Specs

Engine: Liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve single cylinder four-stroke
Displacement: 600cc
Bore & Stroke: 100 x 76.4mm
Transmission: 6 speed
Clutch: Wet, multiplate type; hydraulic control
Ignition: GET
Fuel System: Mikuni D45 EFI
Start: Electric
Front Suspension: 45mm USD Fastace fork
Rear Suspension: Sachs adjustable shock with external preload adjuster
Wheels: 18/21 inch with Metzeler Sahara 3 tires
Brakes: Switchable ABS. Front: 300mm front disc, Rear: 240mm rear
Suspension Travel: 8.3 in. (210mm) Front / 8.66 in. (220mm) Rear
Ground Clearance: 7.0 in. (180mm)
Seat Height: 890mm
Wheelbase: 1495mm
Fuel Capacity: 19 liters
Dry Weight: 372.6 lbs (169kg)
Warranty: 24 months or 20,000kms parts and labor

Author: Sean Klinger

With his sights set on doing what he loved for a living, Sean left college with a BA in Journalism and dirt bike in his truck. After five years at a dirt-only motorcycle magazine shooting, testing, writing, editing, and a little off-road racing, he has switched gears to bigger bikes and longer adventures. He’ll probably get lost a few times but he’ll always have fun doing it. Two wheels and adventure is all he needs. 

Author: Sean Klinger

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8 thoughts on “Meet the Superdual X Adventure Bike by SWM

  1. This one pushes all the right “Light Adventure” buttons for me. It’s a nice cycle. There are so many “wait for awhile” choices out there right now in this category, I voted with my wallet to not wait any more.

    This particular sample, shown in the pictures. I’m suspicious of that blue pipe showing. Something’s overheating the pipe on this one, maybe an exhaust leak at the engine boltup. Maybe it runs really lean, really hot. Not Good.

    A couple questions: Whats the oil change interval? Whats the valve adjust interval? (An Adventure cycle should have suitable long intervals, not swapping oil on the trail).

    I passed on many available-now Italian cycles in the 350-500 cc arena because they were essentially race bikes, with race maintenance intervals. No Thanks!

    • I have owned my SWM Superdual600 T model for around 12 months,its spent at least 50% of its life off road. On dirt roads , fire trails , single track & twistie mountion roads. This bike will out perform a DR 650 off road and a KLR 650 on road ( 179kg wet ) 18lt tank with a range of over 400kms. I have 6000kms on mine so far with NO PROBLEMS , and the Australian Bush and outback is VERY unforgiving ! ” I have just got 21/18 wheels for my T model as well ( So I have a Supermoto rims and off road rims as well ) This is by far the BEST lightweight solo Dualsport/ ADV bike since the DR 650 came out ” years ago ” Its 6 speed ,Fuel injected , Brembo brakes and HEAPS more. ” GET YOUR US IMPORTER TO PULL HIS FINGER OUT AND GET THEM OUT THERE “

      • Thanks for sharing your owner experience. How does that suspension feel vs. other bikes you’ve ridden off-road? I like jumping my KLR on whoops and such, do you see the SWM doing well there? Any support yet in the aftermarket for suspension upgrades? Thank you Mr. Paul!

      • Ya the XR650L would do.better in the dirt 4 sure. 13 inch of ground clearance and 11.6 suspension trave . 16 position suspension

  2. As a newby, I picked up a Husky TR 650 Terra, love it and have been watching the SWM story unfold as I will want an upgrade in a few years and find the KTM . Husqvarna too pricey. What’s the rated HP on the SWM? My TR is 57HP 5speed, and would want equal or more.

  3. While I had been drooling over a Yamaha T7, this is right in the ballpark. Why doesn’t the southern east coast get good motorcycles?


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