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ADV NewsYamaha Unveils New Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Yamaha Unveils New Tenere 700 Rally Edition

The higher-spec Tenere 700 pays homage to the 80's Dakar heroes.

Published on 06.24.2020

Since launching overseas last year, Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 quickly established itself as one of the top selling mid-size adventure bikes in Europe, with over 8,000 units sold to date. The Ténéré 700 arrived here in the U.S. this month and after getting in some serious saddle time reviewing the Tenere 700, the capable machine won us over with its agile handling, all-around versatility and value. Without a doubt, Yamaha has found a sweet spot in the fast-growing adventure segment and the new Ténéré has become one of the most sought after ADV bikes to come along in awhile.

Now Yamaha is creating more headlines with the announcement of a Special Edition version of the popular machine. We reported on rumors of a special ‘Rally’ version of the T7 earlier this year but it wasn’t clear if there would be significant modifications to the bike. The new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a special blue and yellow paint scheme that pays homage to the Yamaha race bikes ridden by Jean-Claude Olivier (JCO) and Serge Bacou in the ’83 and ’84 editions of the Dakar rally. Black Yamaha speedblock graphics reinforce the historic look, making this an authentic tribute to the race heroes and their machines from a bygone era. 

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition


As well as its special colors, the new version also features a higher standard specification, and is equipped with a number of exclusive components that offer increased levels of chassis protection in off road riding situations. For more detailed information from Yamaha, read below:

Increased Protection  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Manufactured from 4mm thick aluminium, the heavy duty skid plate gives a high level of protection to the engine and lower frame tubes, and also features a tool box mounting point. There’s also an aluminium radiator protector that’s designed to prevent the ingress of small sticks or stones – and the laser-cut aluminium chain guard enhances the premium style of this special edition model.

Rally Seat  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

The exclusive one-piece Rally Seat gives a riding position that’s 20mm higher at 895mm, and this gives a straighter lower body position that makes it easier to move from sitting down to standing up on the footrests when riding off road. Its dual material construction gives a high quality feel and finish, and the white Yamaha logo complements the iconic heritage colors.  

Akrapovic Slip-On Muffler

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

The 689cc, CP2 engine is fitted with an Akrapovič slip-on muffler that emits a rich, deep and throaty sound. This high quality lightweight can is fitted with carbon heat shields. 

LED Flashers  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Lightweight and compact LED flashers at the front and rear give a modern and sleek look.

Grip Pads  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Special rubber grip pads come as standard on the Rally Edition, and these are designed to provide added knee and inner thigh grip during acceleration, enabling the rider to achieve better control. 

Off Road Handlebar Grips  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

To underline its genuine off road abilities the handlebars are equipped with off road grips for better handling in dusty or muddy conditions.  

Ténéré 700 Rally Edition Highlights

  • Iconic heritage colors with historic Dakar factory race bike influence
  • Dedicated Rally Seat
  • Tank grip pads
  • Off road grips
  • Lightweight Akrapovič slip-on muffler
  • Heavy-duty skid plate
  • Radiator guard and chain guard
  • LED flashers front and rear
  • 689cc, 4-stroke, CP2 engine delivering high levels of linear torque
  • Lightweight and durable double cradle tubular steel frame
  • Slim, compact and ergonomic body
  • Rally-bred face with 4 x LED headlights
  • Adjustable long-travel front and rear suspension
  • Tough and lightweight 21 inch / 18 inch spoked wheels with adventure tires
  • Switchable ABS for on the fly adjustment
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition


The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition will be available at European Yamaha dealers starting in July 2020 but no official price has been announced yet. According to Yamaha, the Rally Edition will not be coming to the US. However, several of the model’s highlighted components (e.g. rally seat, skid plate,chain guard, radiator guard) are available in the accessory catalog.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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17 thoughts on “Yamaha Unveils New Tenere 700 Rally Edition

  1. So unless you have a 34″ inseam or greater you can’t reach the ground and you pay $800 + for a muffler that does nothing over the stock one. Longer travel suspension is a start but if it really is a rally edition you’ll need BETTER suspension too.

    • Why do you think it has different suspension than the stock bike? It says long travel. Normal bike is long travel. If it had increased ride height or an extra inch travel front or rear they would be very obvious about it. This is a stock bike in a different color with a few accessories factory installed. Nothing more.

      • Indeed the suspension is the same. Another release I had read says so plainly. Rally version in name only essentially.

      • Listen guys.there are two type of people! The ones who work on their bike & the one who buy it almost done.if the bike was perfect we wouldn’t be playing around( some to the extreme!).my bike is perfect for me,did the same with my bmw r1150 gs.that is what is fun!yamaha created an awesome bike( my favorite bike for now) let’s get it on

    • No, YOU can’t reach the ground so that’s your problem. You should know these bikes are going to be tall when you are looking to buy and adventure bike.

    • The Tenere 700 had finally arrived and I’d prefer to accessorize it myself instead of going for this so-called rally edition. If the US MC market were more robust there would be more incentive to bring models over on the double. We could start by legalizing lane splitting in all 50 states and providing other incentives (no tolls on interstates) to get people out of road-clogging cars and onto bikes. When the USA sucks a bit less, others will stand up and take notice.

  2. The mentioned accessories (indicators, exhaust, skid plate, grip pads) sell for almost 23.000SEK (2300Euros) here in Sweden. I could not find a price for the seat, so let’s way 26.000 for everything. I guess the Rally Edition bike will offer those accessories for a cheaper price and if you like the baby blue color it might be a good deal.

  3. That oil drain plug is *just waiting* to be sheared off. Maybe aftermarket will provide an oil plug with recessed hex key removal?

  4. Bit dissapointed. Lots of details that need improvements, but instead Yamaha went for the looks. In my opinion, the skidplate looks good, but i’d rather see it made from impact resistant plastic, aswell as the radiator guard. There’s still no rubber boots on the clutch cable and throttle cables, No button head screws on the fairing. The licemce plate holder still looks bad and is over engineered. Fuel tank is still covered with plastic covers, i’d love to see a one-piece plastic tank. Still no guard/deflector for the steering stem bearings, the water pump still looks unprotected. Not a big fan of the silencer either, i’d love to see some better headers instead.
    Not sure about the hand guards. Still a big fan of the bike, i absolutely love the looks. Grip pads are nice and the heritage colors look fantastic!

    • Good Points! I was also looking for the suspension upgrade, but you give fine points from a writer who understands Rally protection needs.

  5. Different colour scheme with the Rally Pack pre-installed from Factory just bling no Bang.
    Here in the UK we could order the standard with two optional packages Rally Pack or Touring Pack considering that the Rally Pack was £200 more expensive, than ordering the Rally version direct from Factory there is no hope for improved suspension the same Ohlins shock is available as added accessory for both bikes consideering the T7 Rally that Gian Paolo Mucci Built the tanks for had a 300mm suspension tells me there can be something done with the right suspension components Tractive suspension offers a +30mm suspension kit for About €2K Euros I would rather buy the stock and upgrade the suspension with the Tractive +30mm kit

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