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ADV NewsNew ‘Rally’ Version of the Yamaha Tenere 700 In The Works?

New ‘Rally’ Version of the Yamaha Tenere 700 In The Works?

Yamaha receives type approval for new Tenere 700 Rally model.

Published on 02.12.2020

While the US is still waiting for the Tenere 700 to arrive, it looks like Yamaha is already planning to introduce a new version of the popular bike. According to the British publication Bennetts, the Japanese manufacturer has received type approval in Europe for a Rally version of the twin-cylinder machine filed under the internal name XTZ690D-B. 

Rumors that the Yamaha Tenere 700 would get a more dirt-oriented version have been making the rounds since November. In an interview with Motociclismo the bike’s project leader, Takushiro Shiraishi, revealed that Yamaha would consider such an option based on interest from customers. Now, approved filings suggest a distinct ‘Rally’ model could be added as soon as this year.

However, it is not clear what would differentiate the Tenere 700 Rally from the standard bike. The limited list of specifications cited in the documents filed by Yamaha show the new bike has the same power (72 hp), wet weight (205 kg), wheelbase (1595 mm) and height (1455 mm) as the model already available. This seems to indicate the bike’s suspension travel and tank capacity are most likely unchanged.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally


Based on the information included in the documents, it is speculated that the ‘Rally’ version may be a limited-edition bike with a new color-scheme or rally-theme, rather than a significantly modified model. Currently, the Tenere 700 can already be customized with a choice of Yamaha accessory packs such as an off-road-oriented ‘Rally Pack’ and a touring ‘Explorer Pack.’ So what could be offered in this new ‘Rally’ version that would justify the need for Yamaha to file for a Tenere 700 with a new model number?

We’ll be keeping our eye out for any new details. Fans have been clamoring for a more hard-edged off-road bike, similar to the original T7 Concept. Hopefully, Yamaha grows the Tenere 700 family with a sibling that includes more than just eye-catching paint. 

Let us know what you would like the new Rally bike to feature in the comments below!

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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11 thoughts on “New ‘Rally’ Version of the Yamaha Tenere 700 In The Works?

  1. Hope they offer a proper Rally pack which is not pure cosmetic that adds more than bling
    When I looked at this option I was disappointed more suspension man not blinnnngggg please

    Rally Seat: with narrow profile and high-grip sides
    Akrapovič Exhaust: reduces weight and provides an exciting sound
    Chain Guide: protects and controls the chain from moving up and down
    Chain Guard: stylish alternative to the factory part with a prominent Ténéré 700 logo
    Radiator Protector: protects your radiator from small stones and twigs
    LED Blinkers: spruce up the styling on both ends of the Ténéré 700
    Number Plate Holder: for a neat look
    Tank Pad: protects the tank from your gear scratching it

  2. Bold new graphics? Should only take them 3 years to bring to market, lol. Seriously, a longer travel premium suspension option should sell well. I’ve read (if its true) that the 500 KTM 790 Adventure Rally versions are already sold out. An actual rally version of the Tenere in limited supply should too. I’m the type that would spring for premium suspension since all my current bikes have after market suspension upgrades. Great suspension from the factory would save me time and money which is primarily why I opted for the KTM 790 Adventure R over the S model.

  3. Just get the damn thing into the market in the ‘States! No distractions until THAT is accomplished. This ‘baiting’ process has to stop!

  4. Rubber boots on the cables, a decent (plastic) engine guard that covers more of the engine and exhaust headers, waterpump protection, fuel tank without the plastic covers, standard (plastic) radiator guard, taller handguards, deflector underneath the steering stem, caps to cover up the swingarm bolt and nut, a normal looking licence plate holder and some more exciting looking graphics. Don’t know about the suspension or handling (i’m sure it’ll handle better offroad than my current bike), but these little things made me turn down a test ride.

  5. There’s loads you could do to make it a better bike if cost isn’t too prohibitive. Lets see….

    Better seat,
    improve the suspension,
    high front guard,
    better air filter,
    engine mapping options,
    wider longer foot pegs,
    rear tail tidy,
    Akrapovic exhaust,
    stronger bars and better handguards,
    steering stabiliser,
    additional fuel cell or lower slung stock tank with more fuel,
    excel rims,
    rally quality lighting,
    larger footstand base,
    foldable mirrors, oh and sexy graphics.

    In reality the if the specs aren’t changing much it’s probably an electronics package to match other offerings and new paint/graphics of course:-). It’s a handy bike as is in anycase.

  6. An application for a new type approval indicates that there are morechanges coming than just cosmetic ones. Is the engine already Euro5? If all other physical specs are the same, e g weight, a larger tank can be excluded. Different suspension might make it necessary to geta new approval. New wheels maybe? More electronics are not to be expected, as Yamaha explicitely points out that they want to keep the bike simple.

  7. A bigger tank
    Gold wheels on the red and white model
    Better suspension
    Standard rear rack
    Cody seat
    More adventure and less motorcross bike.


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