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ADV BikesDakar-Inspired Yamaha T7 Concept Unveiled at EICMA

Dakar-Inspired Yamaha T7 Concept Unveiled at EICMA

Yamaha aims to launch a replacement of the XT660 Tenere soon.

Published on 11.07.2016

Yamaha Europe stuns EICMA today with the unveiling of the T7 concept model. Although the bike announced is only a concept, Yamaha has confirmed the release of a production version set to be released for the 2018 model year.

Developed with the highly acclaimed 700cc CP2 engine that packs the Yamaha FZ-07, the T7 concept is a vision of the ideal adventure machine, and is playing a major role in the development of Yamaha’s next generation adventure models.

Yamaha T7 Concept
Yamaha T7 Concept


The T7 is further equipped with an aluminium fuel tank, 4-projector LED headlight, a carbon fairing and skid plate, and a custom made Akrapovič exhaust. Also packing a high specification KYB front suspension and a 21″ front and 18″ rear, the T7 concept is surely a dirt warrior.

Yamaha T7 Concept

According to Yamaha “Many of the current middleweight Adventure models are perceived as too oriented to the street and too sophisticated. They are therefore not suitable for use in real off-road conditions. The Adventure universe needs new specimens that can offer the versatility to tackle long distances and great endurance, typical of the original Ténéré, combined with a contemporary design and top technologies.”

It remains to be seen how much of the Dakar elements will be carried on to the production model but one thing is sure – Yamaha seems to be going in the right direction.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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20 thoughts on “Dakar-Inspired Yamaha T7 Concept Unveiled at EICMA

  1. I’m a KTM rider and unfortunately KTM has not realized that needs. Also the Honda “true” adventure is too heavy with too much electronics..bravo Yamaha, we will see

    • Christian, Africa Twin has too much electronics? like what? the optional TC and ABS, optional DCT? or is it the fuel injection that you dont like? 😉 the AT is just a bit heavy – lets see how the Yamaha turns out in the end, I believe it will be over 200 kg for sure. The price might be considerably lower than Africa Twin. That might drag the price of used ATs down a bit too, I hope..

      • I hope it weighs less than 200kg. That would defeat the purpose of the bike. The AT is 230kg and is too heavy for technical off-road. The fz07 is 180kg so I hope they can get close.

  2. Honda brought a concept as well. Still AT inspired, but way cooler looking! Ha-ha And the rumor is spinning that KTM is still going to release a 790 Adventure at the show. We’ll see!

  3. Wooow! Form follows funkction. Great minimalistic design. Cyborg looking, weirdly beutiful. Industrial yet golden-ratio design at peak. Should be T700, not T7 :). I like the philosophy “Keep it simple”. Great race-like combi of silver and blue. Bravo! Yamaha, please make this serial. And light and reliable. Simple, keep T7 simple. Thank you! T7 is the next gen middle -weight Tenere !

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  5. this is what a lot of people have been waiting for! finally something other than those 1000+cc monstrosities that are abundant now days. Yamaha you better make it and quick (KTM is coming up with their parallel twins very soon too) and don’t water down the design!! specially the headlight / shield part, its awesome!!

  6. This pretty much states the basic issue with adventure bikes today: “Many of the current middleweight Adventure models are perceived as too oriented to the street and too sophisticated. They are therefore not suitable for use in real off-road conditions”.

    I have both a DRZ400S and F800GSA. The DRZ400S is my goto bike for more technical off-road conditions and quite survivable in your typical off-road crash, but not so good for longer range or multi-day trips. The F800GS is good for longer distances, and not bad off-road, but I still has trepidation in trying to take it through more technical stuff without worrying if I can make it through with the bike in one piece. One big issue with the adventure bikes is they are too heavy including the F800GS or the new African Twin, both pushing past 500 lbs, especially after you add sufficient armoring. A better target weight would be closer to 400~450 lbs with armor.

    • I too like you have a big dirt/street bike and a lighter 300ish pound dirt bike. Where I disagree with you is that honestly, if a bike loaded with gear is over 350lbs-400lbs…’s way too heavy. I know everyone wants a unicorn but when you do this stuff long enough a couple things become apparent. 1) Your/we’re getting older and 2) even 350lbs becomes too heavy after three or four times if your by yourself in the middle of nowhere. LOL.

      I believe two bikes is the solution and this whole “Unicorn” bike concept will always be that…..a mythical big mileage, pick it up with one hand, 6 gallon fuel tank, and Scarlet Johansson on the back seat. LOL. Yeah……I want that too. 😉

  7. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Perfect replacement for my, not dirty enough, wee-strom. Don’t screw it up Yamaha, keep it dirty, 18/21, strong subframe, real & stock skid plate, and a better seat than my WR250R!

  8. I’ll be in the market for an adv bike by the time Yamaha & KTM get their new steeds released. What an exciting time to be an adv bike enthusiast! Love this- the style, the BRAAAP-able twin, the WR spec suspension, the rally look.
    Reasons for hope & unbridled enthusiasm- It’s way too finished to not be a close representation of the production model; it’s obvious this thing is in preproduction phase of testing. Yamaha has been bringing all kinds of new models to the states, so I’d say this is a safe bet to land here. Especially when KTM brings the 790 Adeventure to the US. Weight- The base GS800 weighs 392# dry & the old Tenere 660 goes 403#. Both of those have dual discs & center stands. You can bet Yamaha will beat those numbers like a war drum with big single front disc, carbon goodies, & square tube frame. Power- the 689 lump isn’t detuned for the retro street XSR model so if there are any changes they would only improve the BRAAAAAP! Get your credit sorted out & your down payments ready, gang. The revolution is about to begin!

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