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ADV EventsGuided ToursAlaska Wild: Train and Ride in the Great Alaskan Wilderness

Alaska Wild: Train and Ride in the Great Alaskan Wilderness

An immersive adventure in one of the most scenic destinations in the US.

Published on 11.16.2018

Alaska often comes up as a top bucket list destination, offering vast untouched natural beauty and pristine landscapes that keep calling Adventure Riders around the world. What better setting to have an immersive tour experience, plus an opportunity to get off-road training in one of the most scenic destinations in the US!

That’s exactly what the Alaska Wild Immersion Adventure Training & Tour by MotoDiscovery is all about — a personalized adventure and opportunity to improve your skills on some of the best paved and off-pavement roads Alaska has to offer.

Conquer Overland Riding

Alaska Wild Motodiscovery Ride And Train Adventure Motorcycle Tour


Exotic overland travel in distant lands are luring consumers to switch from street tires to knobbies. But having the right bike isn’t enough. Along with gear and hardware, many are wisely self-evaluating if they need to have the “right stuff” in the way of rider skills to take on the challenges of riding beyond the pavement.

Founded in 1981, MotoDiscovery has been an innovator in seeding the adventure moto-touring idea worldwide. In recent years, the Texas and Colorado-based company has responded to the needs of the entry-level adventure riding enthusiast, providing quality, small-group immersion adventure rider training with the added value of a tour experience. The MotoDiscovery Alaska Wild Immersion Adventure Training & Tour is the latest in this concept – a personalized, fun, and adventure-packed way to better one’s riding skills.

According to MotoDiscovery founder, Skip Mascorro, diversifying into rider training was a necessity. “We’ve seen first hand on our motorcycle tours worldwide what can happen when riders show up with a new adventure bike and abundance of desire but lacking in even basic skills to do the ride. To mitigate these unsafe situations, we decided a training solution that specifically addresses real-world challenges in the off road environment was the answer. It has been a great success.”

An Immersive Experience

Alaska Wild Motodiscovery Ride And Train Adventure Motorcycle Tour

The Alaska Wild Adventure Training & Tour, begins with closed course instruction building foundations of confidence as techniques are refined. Groups, by design are kept small to a maximum of 12 participants with a 4:1 staff to student ratio to assure personalized training and attention. Then it is time to actually use the newly discovered skills with days of on and off-road immersion touring while continually being observed by the coaching staff and instructed as you go. The result? A more firmly planted and instinctive set of skills – just what you need to take on the depths of the Copper Canyon region of Mexico or the unpredictable roads of the Amazona of South America.

To accomplish this unique concept of immersion training combined with hospitality, it takes a team. “We’ve assembled the best possible partners to create this training and touring experience. Bringing in Bill Dragoo of Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (D.A.R.T.) to lend a unique quality of expertise demonstrates our commitment to offering a more personalized and less intimidating training environment,” says MotoDiscovery Managing Director, Alex Moore.

Alaska Wild Motodiscovery Ride And Train Adventure Motorcycle Tour

Dragoo, often supported by his wife Susan, is an overlanding enthusiast, a Certified BMW Off Road Instructor and represented the USA as a member of the prestigious 2010 GS Challenge team global competition in South Africa. Moore continues by saying, “Bill is such an inspiring teacher and mentor. He challenges the riders to unlock those skills that we all have. We’ve witnessed how building rider confidence promotes safety and riding enjoyment. It is an enormously rewarding outcome for the participants, and I have to say for all of us at MotoDiscovery.”

On the ground, partnering with Motoquest, a company with high expertise when it comes to all things regarding Alaska as well as a fleet of rental motorcycles to accommodate fly-ins, completes the hospitality and service needs. “Skip Mascorro says, “I’ve always wanted to work with Phil Freeman and his Motoquest team to do something in Alaska. Bringing our immersion training concept to his backyard of Alaska opened up that opportunity. We learned long ago that these strategic partnerships are a healthy way to go and that our riding guests and friends benefit from assembling the best.”

Alaska Wild Motodiscovery Ride And Train Adventure Motorcycle Tour

The Alaska Wild Immersion Adventure Training & Tour is a 9-day event scheduled for August of 2018. It is very inclusive and in the traditional quality style that MotoDiscovery is known for. The curriculum is designed for men and women with road riding experience who wish to expand their travels in the unpredictable environments one can find once away from the pavement. Those with some prior off-road riding experience will equally benefit, shedding bad riding habits and fine tuning existing skills.

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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