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ADV News10 Great Products To Kickstart Your Spring Adventure Rides

10 Great Products To Kickstart Your Spring Adventure Rides

Get ready for the spring thaw with bike prep and new gear.

Published on 04.13.2023

Spring is a feeling as much as it is a season. The mood is brighter, friskier, full of possibilities. No one needs to tell a motorcyclist when it’s arrived, and even the most diehard year-round rider finds a new bounce in their step and smile on their face. And after the wild winter we’ve just had, that spark is strong, baby. Time to queue up some adventure travel plans, maybe get serious about that big trip you’ve been daydreaming of all winter or hit up some of the organized ADV rides and dual sport events coming up soon.


It’s also the time of year we give our bikes an extra thorough inspection and begin prepping them for peak season. Here’s a handful of ideas to help ensure you and your motorcycle are headed for the best spring riding season yet.  

Dunlop D606 Front and D908RR Rear

If your bike has been sitting in the garage this winter one of the first things you’ll check is the condition of your tires. Early spring is a perfect time to upgrade your knobs, especially since there’ll be some lingering wet weather out on the trails, and also, all that runoff is going to make for some seriously splashy water crossings. Recently, Dunlop started making its D908RR in sizes for big bikes like the KTM Adventure series, Tenere 700 or the Africa Twin, and we’ve tested the D606/D908RR dual sport combo extensively on our own KTM 990 Adventure R test mule, ripping it up in deep sand, silt and over loose rocky desert terrain and highly recommend the pairing for tackling the gnar. Prices for the D606 currently range from $110.45 to 119.28, while the D908RRs range from $193.96 to 267.83.

$110.45-$267.83 AT REVZILLA

Chase Harper Buddy Tow Strap

Spring is the splashiest season so you’re sure to encounter muddy bogs and river crossings on your pre-summer adventure rides, which makes it smart to pack a tow strap. Ideal for helping you get unstuck in almost any situation, a tow strap also comes in handy if you have a breakdown so a buddy can also tow you back to safety. The Buddy Tow strap from long-time soft luggage manufacturer Chase Harper is constructed from industrial grade nylon webbing and claims a 1,785 lb break strength. It measures 2 inches by 12 feet and features a double reinforced eye loop. The handy strap is lightweight of course, and comes in its own nylon case so it won’t end up tangled with other gear. Find it in a variety of colors from the maker for $20.69.


Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner

Adventure Rider Spring Product Guide

Lots of us camp on our adventure rides, primarily in the warmer months. But those spring and fall rides can be the most beautiful and memorable, well, as long as temperatures overnight don’t get so fresh we’re curled tight in our lightweight bags contemplating an expensive cold weather sleeping bag purchase. But there’s no need to have two bags when you can add a bag liner like the Reactor Extreme from Sea to Summit, which can boost the warmth in your sleeping bag by up to 25°F (14C). Some riders even opt to use these on their own on hot nights. Made with a super light insulating material, the Reactor, with prices starting at $74.95, weighs only 14 oz  (399 grams) and stows away in its own tiny stuff sack. There are also different sizes to choose from, as well as a fleece option. 

$74.95-79.95 AT AMAZON

MSC Moto RM3 Steering Damper

Adventure Rider Spring Product Guide

While winter weather can put a damper on anyone’s adventure riding ambitions, this damper from MSC Moto will only enhance your spring rides. The RM3, made in Australia, provides variable damping you can dial in to improve control in tricky sand and mud and cushion hits when encountering rocks and roots on trail, yet it’s advanced enough to automatically detect situations when you want the bike to steer quickly, say when you’re diving into a paved corner chasing your buddies. The CNC-machined units are available for most adventure and dual sports from Honda, BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Triumph and bolt on easily without any drilling or welding. Prices vary, with the majority of units in the $500 range, and most include bar risers.

$529.99-$599.99 AT MSC MOTO

Wolfman Tank Pannier Base + Rolie bags

Adventure Rider Spring Product Guide

Tank panniers are cool, but they’re also practical, adding extra packing space, yet distributing that weight lower than traditional tank or duffle-style bags. Wolfman’s Tank Pannier Base system takes functionality a step further by adding versatility in the form of multiple bag sizes, which can be mixed or matched depending on your ride. Several of Wolfman’s bags and accessories fit the Base harness, but we recommend the more streamlined Rolie design, bags that are 100% waterproof thanks to welded seams and a roll down top closure. Both the 6 and 12 liter ($104.99 per piece for either size) work with the Base harness, which sells for $129.99. On the Wolfman site the harness is currently on sale for a whopping 45% off while the Rolie bags are offered at 20%-40% and there are plenty of other goodies on sale, too. But this is more important than any other spring sale going on. As many ADV riders know, Wolfman is owned by super enthusiasts and great folks Eric and Lisa Hougen, and right now they need to raise some extra money to help cover some unforeseen medical expenses. These are terrific products made by awesome people who need the support of their ADV family right now, so please shop generously. 

$215-$240 (ON SALE) AT WOLFMAN

Tusk Battery Jumper

Winter is tough on both riders and their machines, especially in climates where it’s difficult to ride at all. If you haven’t had a charge topper on your bike’s battery, it’s likely to have weakened over the cold months, potentially rendering it unreliable. Worst case, you’re taking a break on a remote trail while charging a device using the power port, and the next minute your battery’s kaput. Here’s where the Tusk battery jumper comes in handy, not only as a powerful, compact, and lightweight jump starter, but also as a power bank you can use to charge your electronics. Weighing just 7 oz and measuring 5.25 x 3 x .5 inches, the pack is tiny, yet Tusk claims that during testing it was able to jump start a V8 truck ten times on the same charge. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has the little jumper listed for $59.99. 


Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner

During the winter months most of us are riding less than usual, or in the toughest climes, not at all, which makes spring the perfect time to throw something like Redline’s Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles in the tank. A cleaner like this uses high temperature resistant detergents that scrubs fuel injectors, fuel lines, intake valves, combustion chambers and fouled plugs. Theoretically these treatments can also improve fuel economy and throttle response, but like morning green juice, results are difficult to measure. The real reason to use an additive like Redline is a bit of insurance and piece of mind. And at less than $10 a pop, why not?


Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish

Of course job number one in spring is cleaning. There’s the initial dust off, but there’s also the mess of residual road grime left over from winter, pollen and spring-borne bugs to keep you busy after each ride. Honda’s Spray Cleaner and Polish has been around for decades and it gets the job done. It basically cleans, polishes and protects all the hard parts on your bike, including the paint, plastics, chrome and aluminum, but its superpower is cleaning off the worst of windshield splats to reveal a streak free result. While a single can cost up to $15, you’ll definitely save if you stock up. Right now Amazon has a deal on a three pack for $26.98, enough to keep your ride clean year round.

$26.98 (3-PACK) AT AMAZON

REV’IT! Barrier Rain Smock Jacket

This pullover off-road rain jacket is as convenient as it is functional. It’s made from a combination of Hydratex Lite, a waterproof membrane, and polyurethane coated ripstop nylon fabric that is CE certified for its abrasion resistance. It’s perfect for throwing over a riding jersey in warmer weather, will cut the chill in colder months and will come in extra handy during spring rides when sudden showers are frequent. A wide neck opening and extra long zipper makes the Barrier Rain Smock jacket easy to throw on over your helmet and it’s made to accommodate full off-road style body armor, as well. The $179.99 Barrier jacket compresses into a softball-sized “go bag” pouch and features a hood, too, making it nice off the bike for hikes and around camp.  


Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Drystar Boots

Though a high quality, waterproof riding boot is always a good idea, it’s especially wise in spring conditions when water crossings are at their highest. The Tech 7 Enduro Dystars take it a step further, combining the full protection of a hard motocross boot with a waterproof, breathable membrane more common in ADV style boots. But unlike a stiff MX boot, the Drystar’s footbox has been designed to be more flexible and optimized for interaction with bike controls. They close with a buckle system that allows ample adjustment, while the replaceable soles are designed to give enduro riders increased grip on slippery surfaces. The Drystars come in four color palettes and sizes from 5 to 16. You’ll find these comfortable, functional, river-ready boots for $459.95.


Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

Author: Jamie Elvidge

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April 13, 2023 5:21 pm

I need new boots!


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