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ADV NewsDenali Unveils Advanced Lighting Control System For Ducati DesertX

Denali Unveils Advanced Lighting Control System For Ducati DesertX

New LED lighting solutions offer improved safety and versatility.

Published on 06.22.2023
Denali lighting control system for Ducati DesertX

Denali has just unveiled an all-inclusive accessory and lighting management system designed exclusively for one of the hottest new adventure bikes — the Ducati DesertX. The new suite of products not only unlocks advanced lighting features on the DesertX, but also offers several upgrades for even more visibility and safety.

DialDim Controller ($284.99)

Denali lighting control system for Ducati DesertX

The DialDim controller is the backbone of the newest line of products for the DesertX, providing a smart and easy way to take full control of the lights on your motorcycle. By utilizing plug-and-play wiring adapters specific to the DesertX, The DialDim manages two independent light circuits from a single multi-color halo dial that controls on/off, dimming, and a host of other lighting features. Connect your high beam, horn, and turn signals to enable dozens of advanced features and settings historically reserved for CANbus enabled vehicles. 



  • ON/OFF & Dim – Independently control two sets of lights on/off and intensity level using the single DialDim Switch. 
  • High/Low Sync – Your auxiliary lights will automatically switch between your selected dim setting to full intensity with the factory high beam switch.
  • Stealth Mode – A clever 0% dim setting on the switch allows your lights to be “off” during normal driving conditions but will jump to 100% intensity with your vehicle’s high beam switch. The lights will also react to turn signal and horn inputs in this mode but will remain off when no inputs are detected.
  • Cancel with Turn Signal – When enabled, the main lights will cancel in sync with your signal to prevent “washing out” your factory turn signal. 
  • Flash as Turn Signal – When enabled, your amber visibility lights will flash in sync with your factory turn signals. 
  • Strobe with Horn – When enabled, your auxiliary lights on both circuits will strobe at 4Hz when you sound your horn. 
  • Electronically Fused Circuits – Both light circuits are electronically fused and can be set right from the switch itself. The halo will illuminate red to notify you when a circuit fuse is tripped.
  • Voltage Display Indicator – Upon vehicle startup, the switch halo will flash green to indicate a healthy battery voltage, or flash red to indicate a battery voltage that is below 11.8v.
  • Low Voltage Cutoff – If the battery voltage drops below 10.8v the lights will not power on preventing you from being stranded. The switch halo will flash 4 red LEDs to indicate the low voltage condition.

T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals – Front/Rear ($194.99 per kit)

Denali lighting control system for Ducati DesertX

The T3 front and rear upgrade kits offer a unique approach to the common turn signal, blending white visibility lighting, red brake lighting and amber turn signal lighting into one modular system. Designed to replace the stock turn signals, the front signal pods feature super bright white running lights that switch to amber when your turn signal is activated, while the rear signal pods feature super bright red LEDs for run and brake functionality that also switch to amber when your turn signal is activated. 

Unlike other switchback turn signals, the T3s feature two separate rows of high-power single-color LEDs as opposed to weaker bi-color LEDs. The result is an extremely bright light pod that rivals the intensity of 10- watt LED driving lights. 


  • Front Switchback Functionality: White DRL & Amber Turn Signal
  • Rear Switchback Functionality: Red Run/Brake Light & Amber Turn Signal
  • Dual Circuit DRL: 50% Low, 100% High 
  • 180- degree viewing angle
  • Six high power LEDs (per pod)
  • Low-profile design 
  • Easy connection to vehicle DRL and turn circuit
  • E-Mark approved DRL and turn signal

Driving Light Mount – OEM Crashbar Adapter ($49)

Denali lighting control system for Ducati DesertX

This mount allows for the use of any Denali auxiliary lights at the OEM location built into the Ducati engine cover crash bars. This beefy, powder-coated steel bracket comes with all of the hardware needed to upgrade the driving lights on the DesertX. 

B6 Brake Light ($142.99)

The B6 plug-&-play brake light adds significant visibility to the rear of your bike and gives the your DesertX a slick modern look that matches the factory LED taillight. The light is super bright, shining at nearly 900 lumens at approaching traffic and connects easily with no splicing or wiring. Simply mount the pods to your plate, plug it in and hit the road. 

Lower Driving Light Mount ($35)

Denali lighting kit for Ducati DesertX

This is an over-engineered steel light mount designed to place the smaller Denali DM, D2, S4, or D3 Driving Lights in the optimum position low on the fender to maximize daytime visibility. Paired with the OEM light mount adapter, the Lower Driving Light Mount will give DesertX riders a greatly boosted lighting setup for both long-distance visibility and around-town conspicuity. 

Horn Mount ($25)

This powder-coated steel horn mount includes all of the hardware needed to mount a SoundBomb Original Air Horn in the optimal location on the DesertX. The SoundBomb is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle horn and twice as loud as a standard car horn


All Ducati DesertX parts are available for pre-order now and Denali says they expect to begin shipping parts in mid-July. For more details and to check out the full suite of products click here.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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