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ADV NewsGIVI Launches More Secure & Refined Outback EVO Hard Cases

GIVI Launches More Secure & Refined Outback EVO Hard Cases

The new aluminum cases receive updates in safety, versatility and ease of use.

Published on 03.25.2024

GIVI has launched the next-evolution of their popular Outback EVO luggage. The new aluminum cases have received several updates to boost their safety, versatility and ease of use. Moreover, a new box has been introduced for a more streamlined fit on bike models where a typical flat-back case might jet out farther on the exhaust side.

With more than 500,000 units sold since their introduction a few years back, the Outback is one of GIVI’s most sought-out panniers. The hard case line underwent a significant upgrade back in 2022 and now, after two full years of testing, the Italian brand says the next-generation hard cases are ready for the US market. 

GIVI Outback EVO motorcycle panniers

To make them more practical, one of the latest upgrades include new molded corner pieces with built-in strap loops and also more distance between the handle and the lid, allowing it to be grabbed when wearing gloves.

GIVI Outback EVO motorcycle panniers
The new Adjustable Resistance Hinge System (ARHS), makes it possible to adjust the closing speed as desired, avoiding any inconvenience while parked on slopes. 


Another notable evolution are the hinges in all of the top boxes which now feature a cross-comb design that includes a stopper (no need for retain straps anymore). Hinge resistance can be adjusted via a specific bolt in order to regulate the closing speed of the lid, even when something extra heavy is strapped on top of it. GIVI assures that the bolt does not release the full lid when removed, preventing any undesired detachment.

An additional safety feature is now built into the base retaining pin, the one that secures the box to the mounting plate. There is now an extra safety lever that can be set in two positions: regular (open) or lock, i.e. the case cannot be removed even when the key releases the external lock. This offers some extra piece of mind for all those riders who normally don’t remove their top boxes at the end of each ride.

Moreover, the side cases now feature one extra size, 33 liters, with a distinct cut-out design. This box is offered for a few models (e.g. BMW R1250 GS, Suzuki DL800 V-Strom, Honda Africa Twin) where a flat-back case might stick out too far on the exhaust side. The new cut-out design allows for a reduction of 10% of the total width of the motorcycle.

GIVI Outback EVO motorcycle panniers
The Outback Trekker line offers a 33 liter side case with a cut-out design that allows a 10% reduction of the total width of the motorcycle compared to standard flat-back panniers.

Finally, similar to the system already available on our Trekker Alaska side cases, the EVO side cases feature a hook mounted to the back side that can be set to deploy automatically and hold the case at 45% on the racks when released. This is necessary and convenient when accessing the side cases with a large top case or dry bag installed on the rear rack, something that the lids of the side cases would normally hit. 

The EVO versions also offer anti-vibration points in cast aluminum and new hooks towards the bottom, which ensure a secure hold even on dirt roads and can be repaired in the event of strong impacts. For its cases, GIVI guarantees a degree of water resistance equivalent to a heavy rain. 

One more thing to keep in mind: the new Outback EVO boxes use the same exact CAM mounts as their predecessors, with the exception of the new 33-liter case that requires a specific rack. This will be automatically delivered when ordering the mounts for the few motorcycles on which it can be mounted (the list is expanding). 

The new Outback EVO line is available in both natural aluminum or powder coated black and includes 42L and 58-Liter top cases as well as side cases in 33, 37 and 48 liter sizes. MSRP for the new top cases starts at $560 whereas individual side cases start at $555. For more information go to

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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