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ADV NewsGS Trophy 2018 Mongolia – Day 3 Recap

GS Trophy 2018 Mongolia – Day 3 Recap

Riders enjoy spectacular scenery as they trek on through Southern Mongolia.

Published on 06.05.2018

After a full day in the Gobi Desert, GS Trophy riders made it to the Camp Gobi Erdene in the south of Mongolia tired but elated at the sheer variety of off-road riding encountered during this 250 kilometer liaison stage.

Today´s stage was effectively a liaison, with no special tests. With a generous time allowance, the competitors were instructed to make the most of the scenery as they rode. By the end of the day all were voicing complete satisfaction with the magnificient terrain. Most notably the GS riders appreciated the breathtaking Dungeene Canyon where the riders rode along the gravel river bed for 20km between rock cliffs 100m high and sometimes only 5m apart. And then the biggest surprise – finding the river frozen for one section (making for a tricky crossing!).

GS Trophy 2018 Day 3


After this, the course took a short climb up onto the Yucca Plateau, again a surprise, for within minutes the riders had transitioned from a deep gorge to a high plain. A refuel in the village of Bayandalai again reminded the riders that this was Mongolia, a sparsely populated remote country, as they queued for the one pump operated by the one elderly Mongolian lady outside the one rendered building on the edge of the village, most of the other buildings being yurts (also known as gers), save for a school building.

The 100 km of dirt roads from here to the finish at Camp Gobi Erdene was – as ever – entirely different. Instead of a high plateau, the riders found themselves weaving along a vast flood plain between two mountain ridges – and such geology meant rock was mixed with the sand, adding yet more technicality to the ride. And finally, to the west of the trail rose sand dunes – beautifully lit, too, in the late afternoon sun. And a stunning end to the day, the GS riders pitching their tents at the gateway to the sands of the Gobi Desert.

GS Trophy 2018 Day 3

GS Trophy 2018 Day 3

The Mongolian terrain continues to be difficult, but the GS riders are adapting, learning and giving it the respect it deserves. Day 3 overall standing will be released tomorrow. Stay tuned for more!

GS Trophy 2018 Day 2 Overall Standings:

1 Korea 77 points
2 South Africa 68
3 Germany 56
4 France 54
5 Latin America 53
6 USA 48
7 UK 44
7 Argentina 44
9 Japan 38
9 Russia 38
11 Canada 35
11 China 35
13 Australia 33
14 Mexico 31
15 Southeast Asia 29
16 India 24
17 Ausamerica (female team) 15
18 Euafrica (female team) 5

AusAmerica All Women’s Team Update

Jocelin Snow GS Trophy 2018 Mongolia
Jocelin Snow is small in stature but a powerhouse on a big GS. Here she shows off her tremendous skill on a challenging hill climb.

After a challenging Stage 2—where team journalist Jamie Elvidge was forced to withdraw due to injury — the American/Australian Women’s Team carried on to enjoy a leisurely Stage 3 ride. “The organizers decided to give the teams a break from intense riding, and just let us enjoy the country for a bit,” says rider Bettina Nedel. “Now we’re feeling refreshed and ready for some more challenges!” 

Today’s ride took the women into canyons, across a frozen river, and along the Gobi Desert foothills. Their ride concluded at a remote camp, complete with log cabins alongside traditional Mongolian yurts. “I have no idea how they brought log cabins way out here,” says team member Jocelin Snow. “But it’s cool!” 

Catch the highlights of Day 2 competition here:

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Check out the GS Trophy Day 4 Recap.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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GS Trophy 2018 Mongolia - Day 2 Recap - ADV Pulse
June 5, 2018 2:45 pm

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