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ADV NewsHonda Issues Recall on Africa Twin Adventure Sports Models

Honda Issues Recall on Africa Twin Adventure Sports Models

Recall underway on Africa Twin Adventure Sports for fuel system issues.

Published on 12.22.2020

American Honda Motor Co. has issued a recall on its Africa Twin Adventure Sports models related to a clogged fuel filter issue. A total of 2,690 motorcycles, from model years 2018-2020, are affected by the recall issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Only the ‘Adventure Sports’ version of the Africa Twin (with larger capacity fuel tanks) are being recalled, which includes the 2018-2019 CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports and 2020 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports.


According to the defect report zinc-oxide corrosion, generated inside the fuel tank during the manufacturing/welding process, can contaminate the fuel. These contaminants inside the fuel tank may clog the fuel filter, restricting fuel flow to the engine.

What Can Happen

If the fuel filter becomes clogged, it can cause engine hesitation or sudden stalling, increasing the risk of a crash. Some owners have reported that the motorcycle can be restarted after the initial stall. However, this can cause a false sense of security because after the restart, the bike may stall again, potentially putting the rider in a dangerous traffic situation. There have been no reports of crashes or injuries related to this issue at this time.

MakeModelYearUnits Affected
HondaCRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports2020521
HondaCRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports2019877
HondaCRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports20181,292

How To Get It Fixed

Owners of affected models will be notified and instructed to take their motorcycle to an authorized Honda motorcycle dealer. Dealers will drain and clean the fuel tank, and replace the fuel filter assembly free of charge. Honda has also issued a stop sale on all vehicles affected by the recall currently in dealer inventory, until the fuel tank cleaning and repair process has been implemented. Owner notification began December 15, 2020 and the recall number KL4 is expected to begin on or around February 15, 2021.

Owners may contact Honda’s customer service at 1-866-784-1870 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153). You can also check your VIN to see if you are affected by the recall at

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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30 thoughts on “Honda Issues Recall on Africa Twin Adventure Sports Models

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  2. Hello to the people at Honda & the Japanese Motor Industry.—–What do you think the people who worked hard to make Honda what it is to-day— ,Would say about this SITUATION ?—- I don’t know how the tank was welded ?Seam welded Gas welded Mig welded —– Where is your Quality Control —- Did no one look inside one tank in every hundred? — The USA with the help of many other countries put a man on the moon 50 years ago.yet now we can’t make a simple motorcycle fuel tank?—-The Africa Twin:– I know that you are trying hard to give the world a GREAT ADVENTURE STYLE MOTORCYCLE ——- You have made lots of changes to it —– A lot of these changes should have been picked up before the first production run started —– For the last four years I have been telling my motorcycle rider friends ” You just wait something SUPER GREAT & NEW IS GOING TO COME OUT OF THE JAPANESE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY” It has not happened ! —— You change the colour of the paint and call it a new model ——- Come on you blokes get moving or be left behind —– EXAMPLE :— INDIA:—– A BLOODY LOT PEOPLE wanting a better life style—– Their Royal Enfield is a good steady seller in lots of countries —- Back to Japan:——Look at Toyota it was once the BEST & STRONGEST MOTOR COMPANY IN THE WORLD.Toyota make that many DIFFERENT models of engines I have lost track. —— Some of these engines are GREAT in every aspect—Some of these engines are just average —-Then there are the total DISASTERS —— YES that is EXACTLY WHAT THESE ENGINES ARE——- Toyota needs to JUST MAKE ONE GOOD ENGINE and put the bloody thing in everything ——Cost less to build and your sales will skyrocket.—–

    To the Japanese motor industry Your mothers and fathers who created your WONDERFUL life style are looking down on you in disbelief.

    The writer’s stable:—- three Japanese motorcycles —- one Korean motorcycle one European motorcycle GARAGE :–TWO Japanese MOTOR VEHICLES
    What I have just written is true —— JAPAN THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE

    Wes [A PROUD 73 year old motor mechanic.]

    • Very true bro! I have the same issues with my 2020 Kawi Versys 1000.seems to me that japanese bikes are no longer what they used to be. Such a shame

    • From the first trip I have experienced the surge for fuel, stuttering. Its pathetic. Worst of all the Honda Mechanic told me all Honda AT are like that but no one knows what it is! That a non engineer must tell Honda there is a problem is simply pathetic. Now Honda wants to put a plaster over the problem and not correct the real problem. Its like putting a plaster over the problem……..the problem of rubbish in the tank will never go away by simply cleaning the tank. Honda to give me back my money so i can buy a product with no problems and a product where the welding is proper. Do you think that is possible? The warranty expires April 2021? I bought the Bike April 2019. The engine was once dying on me in a very busy robot intersection in Lynwoodroad at Wilgers Hospital and plenty times stuttering. That the taxis did not kill me is a miracle.

  3. Hi Wes here again—— Will these fuel tanks start leaking at the welded seam——– If I owned one of these motorcycles ——- after cleaning the tank and pressure washing with water I would leave out in the sun [cap open] to ABSOLUTELY DRY OUT .——- Then I would get an expert to COAT AND SEAL the INTERIOR with HIGH QUALITY EPOXY .[ To STOP the WELDED SEAM RUSTING OUT]

    Fuel tap & bowl & filter :—– How big are these? REMEMBER this is an adventure / touring bike —– Lots of riders buying this motorcycle to travel to the distant four corners of the globe.

    These riders will be buying DRUM FUEL——-Contents of drum fuel:— PETROL DIESEL KERO WATER DIRT EVERYTHING & ANYTHING

    You need a LARGE FILTER and a LARGE SENTIMENT BOWL—— Quick and easy to change and clean —– have a rag ready to catch SPILLS of fuel —– Wipe off excess fuel and wait a while before starting motorcycle —Fuel EVAPORATES AND REDUCES THE FIRE RISK.


    Now if I was younger and had a dollar to buy a new ADVENTURE MOTORCYCLE WOULD i buy one fitted with FUEL INJECTION?

    Why? Simple –If it gets a gut full of water and crap——you have to clean the full fuel system—– A carby if you are lucky just unscrew the drain screw in the carby fuel bowl.— turn on the FUEL tap until you have fresh fuel running out —– you may have to do this a few times but you will get home.

    I must say that I do not know the lay out of a motorcycle fuel injection system—– if you choose to go with fuel injection I WOULD SUGGEST FITTING A LARGER FILTER AND WATER TRAP. [ YOU MAY HAVE HAVE TO FIT AN ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP BETWEEN THE TANK AND THE LARGER FILTER BEFORE THE FUEL INJECTION.

    Where ever you are ! Drum fuel is like tossing a coin—–It is best not to put the pump to the bottom of the drum —— keep it up quite a few inches from the drum bottom —–leave the water and crap behind.—–pump the first lot of fuel into a container to flush out the pump before putting fuel into your motorcycle.

    Would I like an AFRICAN TWIN? Unfortunately I am too old now but if I was a younger man


    Cheers and happy XMAS to everyone including our motorcycle manufactures! from Wes.

    • Wes , fuel injection has come a long way since the first time it came out. The chances of anything happening are slim. Now what all adventure riders should do is to fuel only at known petrol station in order to avoid low quality fuel. And just in case bring 2x 5 liter canisters of fuel along with you. Been there than that and it is a life saver

  4. LOL……love reading comments from clear BMW/KTM people. Like a 690 never had a bad fuel pump or a 1200GS/A never had a bad final drive?! Clearly it’s all Japans fault and they are the worst thing ever on two wheels now. Face/palm.

    I hope nobody got hurt having to find this out the hard way. Good on Honda on addressing the issue.

    No keyboards or shift buttons were hurt in the typing of this comment. Cheers and happy holidays everyone. 😉

    • 100% correct. People should remember the front suspension problem that killed and caused several accidents with the superb GS1200. Or the 5.000USD repair if you take it to water… 🙂
      The rats always come over to smell troubles…

    • It took Honda 2 years to address or admit there was a problem. I just bought a new standard AT, luckily the standard doesn’t have the problem, just the adventure sport.

      • Longer than that. The issue effects the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sports models. It was really 3+ years and a lot of folks contacting NHTSA and other regulatory bodies that lead to Honda finally acknowledging the issue. My 2019 was in twice for the Honda recommended service prior to the recall which included scrubbing the tank, replacing the fuel pump and both fuel injectors. It was having an issue for the 3rd time when the recall was issued. My own feeling based on three issues with my 2019 and the fact that the recall does nothing of significance that wasn’t already addressed in the first two services, is that we haven’t seen the end of it. I believe there will be further issues with the recalled remedied bikes. Time will tell.

  5. Hi Tim —- Wes here —– I just read your wonderful piece of script ——No 1.I am very disappointed as it is usually not in the nature of a true motorcyclist to verbally attack some one firstly by stating facts that they know nothing about Secondly if you are going to say something about someone say exactly who you are attacking. [ You have attacked everyone who have replied to my original posting] No 3.If by chance you were referring to me personally —– please confirm. that my suspicion is correct. ——- .No 4.Now if you are upset please reply and this time put your full true name..

    On receiving your fully signed reply I will gladly post on here a brief but factual description of my entire INDUSTRIAL working career..—–After you have the knowledge of exactly where I have been employed and what position I have held ——Also what QUALIFICATIONS I hold. —— You I imagine will VANISH from our respected

    To all the people who replied to my original posting —– I am sorry about this incident —–As they say “There is one in every Bunch” Also It says a lot about “GOOD WILL TO ALL AT CHRISTMAS !”

    Cheers Wes Mills.

    • Gday wes matt whyte here , I think you have hit the nail on the head mate, everything these days seems to get more and more sophisticated, crammed full of electronic wizardry, but do we really need all that crap, keep it simple, will keep it reliable in my opinion, technology is great but can be a real bugger when stuck in the middle of no where and have to get the bike back to a dealer to fix with a computer. Cheers for a good read and merry Christmas to you and everyone..
      Ps still waiting for tim but all I hear is crickets …haha maybe his injection unit is blocked up and he’s pushing his bike back to a dealer.

  6. Hi Matthew thanks for your input —–Matthew something has happened to the Japanese motor industry —— They have been the world leaders for decades ——-Look at the Wiring Harness for example —— They SHOWED the world how to design a fully sealed wiring harness for a motor vehicle —— No cheap open push in connectors —–All positive soldered joints or fully sealed junction boxes, European Electrical systems were a disgraceful mess. Anyway it is up to the Japanese manufactures if they want to keep being the world leaders.

    Cheers Wes

  7. I think it all boils down to is are Japanese bikes good? yes they are. Are they as good as they could be? no. The Japanese thought is to make them good enough to sell and still make a good profit. In the past 20 years the Europeans have really stepped up their game with bikes. Euro bikes have always been good, but many brands have suffered with poor dealership networks, parts were hard to find, and you had to wait a month or 2 for parts to arrive. Not the case so much these days and with all the electronics available riders want all these features. The Japanese makers are now having to add a lot of features to stay in competition, which means they are having to cut corners to keep price points down. I have a 2001 BMW 1150GS and it’s a wonderful bike, never given me an issue, but as I age she keeps getting heavier every year. I bought a new Husqvarna 501 2 years ago and the penny pinching is obvious. 26 miles on it and it had an ECU failure and died, my buddy bought one at the same time and his ECU had the same failure in .7 miles. The dealer exchanged the bike for another one, I promptly replaced the ECU with a Vortex unit at a cost of $700. Then at 400 miles the tail light assembly fell off the rear fender and got munched by the tire. The 6 month warrantee had expired by a week and the dealer offered to replace the damaged parts with new ones. The factory used wood screws to screw the light to the plastic in the fender and they pulled loose. I replaced it with an aftermarket tail assembly. at 1,000 miles the multi switch on the bars went bad and the turn signals won’t cancel. I don’t use the signals anymore. Not really what should happen with a $13,000 dirt bike. I did just buy a new Africa Twin and so I’m loving it. Does it have the best suspension? no. Is it a powerhouse like the KTM? no. But so far everything still works as it should with 800 miles in her. I realized when I bought it that a KTM will kick it’s ass, but I bought it for what it was. and the DCT is phenomenal. I guess where I’m going with this is that I’m willing to give a little of the cutting edge for the reliability.

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  9. Hi John—- Wes here— Your report is very well written—– You have a good command of English —— Your report is simple but totally honest without being angry or nasty —–I was pleased that you are very happy with your Africa Twin ——– Look the Japanese manufactures have done and can do amazing things —— They are becoming like the Chinese manufactures——-CUT CORNERS CUT CORNERS! ——-It is the NATURE of a true CHINA-MAN !——-Cutting corners is where the rot set in and GROWS! ——-John you mentioned earlier that you are moving to smaller bikes because of your age——- I am 73 and I ride 250 and smaller now. May I ask what age you are?—-My friend has a STABLE of BMW he has and old 800cc i think it is—— It has the lightest looking frame of any motorcycle that I have seen —– The whole machine looks very light —-One day I am going to throw a leg and take it bush to feel how it rides.———– Just before I go —— I for the love of motorcycles can’t understand the size of some of these ADVENTURE BIKES ——- SOME OF THEM WOULD BE MORE SUITED TO PULLING A P LOUGH IN THE FIELD —-You want your ride to be easy and enjoyable

    I have read a few books about men & women who have ridden the whole world—— Currently I am battling through “10 YEARS ON TWO WHEELS” If you buy it get the hard cover ——Great stories and descriptions but this guy is a very good photographer —— “WONDERFUL PICTURES ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL”

    Where am I going here ? OH ! Yes—–All of these world travelers will tell you “Don’t have a truck load of gear” ——- Throw all you crap away and travel very light.

    John may you have good health and lot of great times on your AFRICA TWIN

    I am jealous Every body have a great new year on two wheels

    Cheers Wes,

  10. Hi Guys.
    Is this just an American issue or a worldwide issue. I’m from Australia have not heard a thing about the tank problem.
    Dave R.

  11. Hi DAVE R, Wes here. I am also located in AUSTRALIA. —— What I would do if I was you is to turn off your fuel tar and remove the fuel bowl and filter—— That will tell you if the lining is coming off the inside of the tank around the welded seam joint. —– have plenty of rag ready to catch any spilled fuel. Cheers Wes.

    • Hi Wes.
      Yes I will definitely do that before I take it to the dyno for its final tune. I can not believe we haven’t heard anything from Honda Australia.
      Cheers Dave.

      • Dave don’t do it in the garage —- do it out in the yard—with a water hose near by and ready—— make sure that you mop up and then dry off any spilled fuel — Lastly give your HONDA DEALER WORKSHOP MANAGER A RING AND ASK HIM ABOUT ANY RECALL. Cheers Wes.

        • I’m so angry right now, Honda should be replacing all tanks, anything there do regarding cleaning will not be good enough, the tank needs a sealer so it doesn’t rust.

  12. Dave Wes again— Mate tread gently at this stage—— This recall only applies to the AFRICAN TWIN WITH THE EXTRA LARGE TOURING TANK —— HAS YOUR BIKE BEEN FITTED WITH IT?——— Also Check with HONDA if THESE BIKES HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN AUSTRALIA—-Cheers Wes, PS. You can ring HONDA AUSTRALIA THEMSELVES FOR MORE INFORMATION.

    • Yes I have a 2019 Honda Africa twin adventure sports model, so yes the big tank. I will contact Honda Australia this week. Thanks for your help.


      • Not a big deal other than the nightmare of dealing with a dealership.
        I knew this bike had the problem before buying it, and I bought the guglatech filter solution just-in-case there wasn’t a recall. Surprise surprise… thanks for catching this honda!

        To those who haven’t been through all the threads on this, the pre-filter is shite and gets clogged with debris shed from the tank welds. Sounds like the “fix” is simply a better pre-filter, and of course getting some of the debris out of the tank.

        • Mine was fixed without drama before I hit 2k miles, and I hadn’t noticed any problems up to that.

          The dealer reports that the pre-filter media is revised, so this should be a long term, permanent fix. I still have the aftermarket sleeve if I ever want to check it down the road.

          Great job Honda!

  13. What a sorry read , I was lucky to have owned one of the original AT , yes the carb model it wasn’t perfect but I knew my way round it and how to fix such issues . Now I own a CRF250L …. and the feeling is not the same , lift the tank and it’s spaghetti junction , so no easy fix there if your stuck out in the field , thank god for GPS phones .

    Honda, starting dropping the ball years ago , the early 250F had crank ” exploding ” issues, which is why I bought a YZF, even today Honda had a massive recall on cranks in the 300. This should NOT be happening , my faith in Big Red is starting to dwindle , like I said ” a sad read ” …. Take Care folks we’ve bigger issues at the moment … Greg R in the Uk


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