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ADV NewsIMS Show Canceled in NYC Due To New COVID Restrictions

IMS Show Canceled in NYC Due To New COVID Restrictions

Another event bites the dust as a result of the pandemic.

Published on 08.10.2021

Although events canceled in 2020 have been slowly coming back this year, rising rates of the highly-contagious Delta variant are derailing some of those plans. This time, IMS has announced the cancellation of their show in New York, citing new restrictions implemented by the state on gatherings of more than 5,000 people.

Organizers specifically blame the state’s proof of vaccination and rapid testing requirements as reasons to drop the event from their nationwide tour schedule. IMS explained, “These new mandates may potentially require all exhibitors, suppliers, press, and attendees at the IMS Outdoors New York event to either show their vaccination card or be rapid tested on-site prior to entry.”

Why not move forward with the event anyway? Basically, IMS thinks many people will be dissuaded from going due to the new mandates. “Based on a recent survey of our long-time New York IMS audience, we strongly believe these restrictions will have a negative impact on the overall attendance, and we will not deliver the quantity and quality attendance our customers, both exhibitor and attendee, are expecting,” explained the organizers in a statement. 

Progressive IMS Outdoors show canceled


The Progressive IMS Outdoors show was scheduled to run September 3 through 5, 2021 at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. IMS says those that purchased tickets will receive full refunds within 7-10 days. For those still interested in attending an event in the northeast area, organizers recommend the September event in Pennsylvania as an option, which is a three-hour drive.  

Recently, the pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of other events like the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas and the Auto Show in New York. Although there is uncertainty across the country regarding further disruptions due to the current COVID surge, IMS is optimistic about their remaining shows. “We remain confident that the other Progressive IMS Outdoors events on the 2021 schedule, each with less restrictive health and safety mandates, will continue as planned.” 

As of now, there are seven IMS Outdoors shows scheduled in Chicago, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nashville, Central Florida, Atlanta and Southern California.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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3 thoughts on “IMS Show Canceled in NYC Due To New COVID Restrictions

  1. Pingback: IMS Show Canceled in NYC Due To New COVID Restrictions - ADVENTURE & OVERLAND MOTORCYCLE TRAVEL

  2. In Texas the 3 Liberal SNOWFLAKE cities are Houston, Dallas and Austin. There are some great venues in neighboring cities that can accommodate any large operation.. Don’t let these folks like Deblasio and Fauci run your life.

  3. Ahhh, all the poor little tough biker boys are afraid of wee little needle or a q-tip up their nose. Breaking the stereotype I guess. Sounds more like IMS is being the sensitive little snowflake here; afraid to hurt people’s feelings. No wonder it’s a dying show that gets smaller every year.

    I like the way IMS thinks that no one from the city attends their NYC event; guess the 9M people who live here don’t count (and the 80M within an hour). And btw, New Yorker’s DON”T want the unvaccinated coming to the city. We all remember what ambulance traffic and trailer morgues looks like, so do us a favor and stay home.


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