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ADV NewsInnovative Battery For E-Motorcycles Promises Ultra-Fast Charging

Innovative Battery For E-Motorcycles Promises Ultra-Fast Charging

Envate battery tech enables e-motorcycle to charge in less than 10 minutes.

Published on 11.17.2022
In spite of incremental advances in e-vehicle technology, quick charging still remains a sticking point. In fact, the reality for some time has been that topping off your battery is nowhere near as quick as it is to fill your gas tank. But that breakthrough is exactly what a new game-changing technology is promising as soon as next year.
Enter Enevate and Lightning Motorcycles  — two companies that have partnered up to shake the e-motorcycle market with the introduction of Enevate’s ultra-fast charging advanced lithium-ion cells into Lightning’s Strike Carbon bike models.

Both companies have been working together since last year and have conducted numerous road tests with the Strike e-motorcycle using a 24-kWh battery pack with Enevate technology. As part of product validation, 400 Amps were delivered at a charge rate nearing 5C which resulted in a claimed blazing fast charge time of less than 10 minutes for an additional 135 miles of range. A significant breakthrough considering the charging time for similar production electric motorcycles is usually one to four hours.The pack was assembled using 47Ah Enevate pouch cells that began sampling in the second quarter of 2022.


“For the consumer, this means that riders of electric motorcycles with Enevate Technology can now ride all day alongside conventional motorcycles without being left waiting hours at the charger,” said Enevate CEO Robert Rango.

After successfully putting the prototype bike through 1,600 miles on the road while ‘refueling’ at 350KW public charging stations, the companies say they are ready to bring the technology to the public. And it seems it won’t be a long wait. According to Lightning and Enevate, motorcycle production is targeted as early as the beginning of 2023. 


“This has been an outstanding partnership with Enevate as together we push the boundaries in e-motorcycle innovation by achieving the fastest motorcycle charging rate reached from a public charger,” said Lightning Motorcycles CEO and Founder, Richard Hatfield. 

Enevate batteries use what the company calls “XFC-Energy Technology” consisting of an innovative, multi-layer design that allows more energy to be packed into a single cell. This is possible via silicon-dominant anodes which require a fraction of the space of a graphite anode used in a conventional cell. As a result, the company says EV’s using their batteries can achieve charging times nearly as fast as filling a gas tank.

“XFC-Energy Technology for EVs features five-minute fast charging with high energy density and long driving range, with the added capability of low-temperature operation in cold climates, low cost, and safety benefits,” explains the company.

Let’s hope this partnership is truly the game-changing break the EV sector has been waiting for and we finally see the breakthrough of fast charging times brought forth to the motorcycle world. With a release date of the technology as soon as next year, it won’t be long to find out if the companies deliver on their promise.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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5 thoughts on “Innovative Battery For E-Motorcycles Promises Ultra-Fast Charging

  1. Short charge times and/or battery swapping is a big step forward in making E bikes more convenient to operate. My problem is that I do a lot of riding away from civilization where there are no charging or swapping stations. I’m afraid that it will still be another decade at least until you can ‘fill up’ with electricity as you can with gas. A massive infrastructure tool up is needed.

  2. Even Tesla “Supercharger” stations are currently at 150 kWh charge stations. The 350 kWh is on the horizon, but not available anywhere near me, and very likely not near you either.


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