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ADV NewsKTM To Introduce Adaptive Cruise Control & Blind Spot Detection

KTM To Introduce Adaptive Cruise Control & Blind Spot Detection

KTM continues to improve rider safety and enjoyment with cutting-edge tech.

Published on 06.21.2018

KTM has emphasized its focus on improving safety for motorcyclists and reducing accidents as the first motorcycle manufacturer to demonstrate Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection systems.

Still in the development process, both of these features use sensor-based technology to help detect and prevent a collision from the front or rear. The prototype systems were unveiled on a modified KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R to a select group of media before being live demonstrated at the ÖAMTC driving technique center in Marchtrenk, Austria.

Adaptive Cruise Control

KTM Adaptive Cruise Control and Blind Spot Detection Systems


The Adaptive system allows rider to choose target speed and safety distance to vehicle in front. Sensors can detect a vehicle in front ranging from the size of a motorcycle and above.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is not designed as an emergency brake system but works when the machine is in cruise control above a designated speed. The system can detect a vehicle in front, ranging from the size of a motorcycle and above, and then locks on to maintain a specific distance by automatic throttle control and – if needed – gentle application of the front brake.

The finalized packaging of the system is still in development along with adding the ability for the rider to customize the operational distance and speed. When fully developed, it is expected that ACC will be able to respond faster than any rider in such a given situation.

Blind Spot Detection

KTM Blind Spot Detection Systems


LED’s mounted in the mirrors alert rider of presence of vehicle in blind spot. Warning is boosted by an audible signal.

The ‘blindspot’ on a bike is usually checked by a long, rearward look which can be dangerous in heavy traffic situations. Blind Spot Detection (BSD) adds another set of eyes in such riding conditions or during a particularly long ride. BSD uses a short-distance radar to alert the rider to the potential of an undetected rear collision – such as when changing lanes – by way of a visual warning on the TFT display as well as with illuminating bright LEDs integrated within the rearview mirror glass, also boosted by an audible signal.

These features will be part of new electronics packages offered on certain KTM models, beginning from Model Year 2021. This technology will also create provision for other sensor-based systems further in the future, already in development.

KTM Blind Spot Detection Systems

After personally demonstrating the effectiveness of these systems to journalists by riding without his right arm and leg on the KTM’s controls, Gerald Matschl, Vice President for KTM Research & Development, said: “We have a lot more development and many thousands of kilometers to test these systems in the real world before we can implement them on series production bikes, but they are coming in the near future and we are sure they will make a difference.”

KTM currently offers a wide range of leading electronic rider aids across most of its 2018 Street range. The goal of such systems is to either help improve rider safety or add to the enjoyment of riding.

Lean angle-sensitive systems can be found on the new KTM 790 DUKE and all of the 1290-powered machines, which includes Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) with the innovative cornering ABS function, along with Motor Slip Regulation (MSR) and multi-stage traction control. On some models, semi-active suspension is offered along with Hill Hold Control (HHC), Automatic Turn Indicator Reset (ATIR), Quickshifter+ and cornering LED headlights.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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Eric Altman
Eric Altman
June 21, 2018 2:14 pm

Actually this would be very useful. A Virginia tech study found the main reasons why motorcyclists crash. Some of which include what is being addressed by these technologies

akeem the dream
akeem the dream
June 24, 2018 4:30 pm

maybe they should get some current systems such as keyless to function correctly before moving on to higher consequence systems like an active cruise control, seriously

July 12, 2018 2:29 am

This is incredibly stupid just another way to dumb down the motorcycle!

July 18, 2018 2:42 pm

I thought the whole point of motorcycling was to be AWARE of your surroundings, not to allow gimmicks to be aware for you. The more I see these type of “adaptive driving” gadgets added to vehicles, the more I think “if you don’t want to DRIVE or RIDE, then just take public transit”.
Crashing because a rider didn’t see traffic or couldn’t predict traffic behaviour isn’t a lack of devices or gimmicks on a bike. It is a lack of rider skill.

David M Johns
David M Johns
September 6, 2018 5:21 am

My kids make a game out of translating sentences in English to another language, then another, and another, and back to English to see how the translation algorithms butcher the sentence. If algorithms cannot correctly interpret the nuance of language, they will NEVER properly interpret the driving environment which is MUCH more nuanced. It is the height of hubris to try. It’s like expecting to prove the earth is flat by building a steam powered rocket. “Well, we didn’t make orbit around the flat earth, but our next steam rocket is expected to perform a lot better.”

KTM To Introduce Adaptive Cruise Control & Blind Spot Detection – ADV Pulse |
November 22, 2018 8:48 am

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