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ADV NewsKTM Will Reward You For Covering 1000 Km, No Matter What You Ride

KTM Will Reward You For Covering 1000 Km, No Matter What You Ride

Get prizes and be featured by KTM simply for clocking miles on your motorcycle.

Published on 06.09.2021

Want to be rewarded just for exploring your favorite tracks and trails? KTM is calling all adventure riders to take on ‘The World Adventure Week,’ no matter what motorcycle they own. The main challenge? To get on your bike and complete 1,000 km or more during a week of riding.

Running from July 5-11, ‘The World Adventure Week’ is the perfect chance to go out and clock up some good miles on your motorcycle. It is an invitation to go explore the routes you’ve always wanted to and is an opportunity to share your favorite places with the global Adventure bike community.

KTM The World Adventure Week challenge

The most adventurous riders will be rewarded with daily and weekly prizes and the chance to be featured on the official ‘World Adventure Week’ page as well as KTM’s global social media channels. There will be different challenges to complete on each of the seven days, with all riders completing 1,000 km or more in total receiving a personalized award. To be eligible to win the big prize — a brand-new KTM 1290 Super Adventure S — you will need to ride more than 1,000 km during the week and complete at least four out of the seven daily challenges.


The challenges will be open to all Adventure riders from all brands. The goal is to strengthen the growing Adventure community and bring together riders who share the passion for Adventure motorcycling. To enter, you simply need to download the RISER app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start recording your rides.

Check out more details on this fun challenge at

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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6 thoughts on “KTM Will Reward You For Covering 1000 Km, No Matter What You Ride

  1. That’s a lot of miles in the dirt. Sounds more like a road bike event and not something one would do on an EXC350/500 or FE350/501. Thats LA B to LV and back plus extra miles. I’ll pass.

    • Dirt?! Neither this article nor KTM’s site state anything about it having to be on dirt. From KTM’s site: “SEVEN DAYS, 1,000 KM, JULY 5 – 11 2021
      GET OUT AND RIDE … The main goal is to get on your bike and ride 1,000 km or more in seven days” (from For certain you could ride that 100 km on dirt but the way I read it KTM is leaving it completely open to the rider to choose how they do their 1000 km in 7 days. Count me in!

  2. > in your quest to ride through a point where elevation is 890 meters above sea level.

    the highest road in uk has a altitude of 670m… so the only way for uk riders to achieve this is to ride off road illegally to somewhere higher then that…


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