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ADV NewsEwan and Charley To Begin Filming ‘Long Way Up’ Soon!

Ewan and Charley To Begin Filming ‘Long Way Up’ Soon!

New trip details revealed for the long-awaited 'Long Way Down' sequel.

Published on 06.19.2019

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Adventure Motorcycle Series

Fifteen years ago, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman set off on their around the world motorcycle journey – Long Way Round. Three years later we saw them chasing their shadows again in the Long Way Down. The duo’s adventures have become iconic since then, inspiring countless overland journeys for others.

Now after more than a decade since their last documentary series, Charley Boorman has confirmed that filming of the long-awaited sequel named “The Long Way Up” will begin soon. And contrary to rumors, McGregor is also going along for the ride!


Charley affirmed in a recent video interview by the Bike Shed in London, “I’m doing the Long way up for sure, with Ewan.” Route details have not been announced yet but the journey will start in South America and continue North. “So we are going from South America to Los Angeles. So South America, Central America, Mexico and then Los Angeles and we are going to start that in a few months time.”

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Adventure Motorcycle Series

To add to the suspense, Charley hints at there being more to the upcoming adventure. “We got a few little surprises. We are not going to do it traditionally so there is going to be a little twist,” he added.

What machine they’ll use this time is still a guess. Ewan and Charley used the BMW R1150GS Adventure for the “Long Way Round” and the R1200GS Adventure for the “Long Way Down” sequel. However, Charley is currently brand ambassador for Triumph and Ewan for Moto Guzzi, which recently launched the new V85 TT adventure bike.

The Americas will surely bring the duos adventures full circle. It will be interesting to see how they will deal with natural obstacles along the way, like the infamous Darien Gap. For now Charley jokes, “We’ll have done the world then. Then we’ll just have to go into space or something.”

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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43 thoughts on “Ewan and Charley To Begin Filming ‘Long Way Up’ Soon!

  1. What happened to going up to Alaska??? I live in the Pacific Northwest and was selfishly hoping they would pass through…….. LA? ugh……..

    • Should be called Long Way Mostly Up then. In Nor-Cal here and they are missing out on the Nevada high desert by cutting it short. I could see not going to Alaska, but they are missing an entire section of the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Yeah, I am hoping they will do the full monty to Tuk or Prudoe Bay. Hopefully it will be as raw as the first one and tries to capture the trials and tribulations of a difficult adventure. I really enjoyed that. The second seemed too soft and didn’t have the same edge, spoiled by the excessive support team and personality conflicts.

  3. I went around the world in 1968 without sponsor and I think it not advernture.If one has money and time can do it easily.

  4. They should go to Tuktoyaktut now that the road goes through. And who wouldn’t want to see them take the sour toe cocktail challenge in Dawson City!

  5. actors, actors, actors meh…. hopefully the 3rd “missing mention” rider, Claudio Von Planta (the creative master who rode and filmed them on LWR & LWD and made it great) gets equal credit from fellow journalists…

  6. In my Opinion! They never made it the “Long way Around’ If they had done it right they would have ended up at Cape Spear Newfoundland by way of the Trans-Labrador Highway, One of the best adventure highways in Canada. By stopping in New York they missed the mark of making it a true round the world ride. There is a lot of world and adventure between New York and Cape Spear Newfoundland… Damm wish i had their money. I have been lucky enough to have rode from Cape Spear to Vancouver then down to LA across to Key West and back. Have covered every State and province in North America by Motorbike…. Never had a crew or video guys cover it though..

    • The way they travelled with all their support team is about as real as reality TV. They travel like a pair of pu$$!es.

    • It’s more about what sells on TV rather than achievement In my honest opinion.
      Don’t want to make it too tough or the support vehicles wont make it!

      That being said, what they have done/are doing really wakes the world up to ADV, which cant be a bad thing.

      • Yes I do love the concept of travel by motorcycle all over the world. They do spark interest in riding any kind of riding. which is a good thing. Most of mine is on a touring Goldwing with a car tire on the rear and many time I have met guys out on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere all set up like Evan and Charley, They always ask me if I’m lost…. LOL I have yet to break down and on the way to Tuktoyaktut I stopped and helped a Vstrom fix his chain. I also have a 2016 650 Vstrom for trails. No I don’t do “trails” on my wing but have traveled many dirt weed grown old roads on it.

    • thank god you had time to tell us all about your big adventures, I forgot all about the article …you say you never had a crowd witness it , but you want to make sure you tell us about it ?

      • Sorry if you think 2 really rich guys with 20 crew helping is a Adventure….. Yes i proud of my travels…… Alone….Do you even ride??? I have a feeling you don’t. Keep watching TV and never leave the house……

  7. I’m looking forward to the sequel. I discovered the concept from finding their series on Netflix. Since then I’ve discovered so many great books and videos about traveling! Perhaps they’ll go north the Canadian border before running down the pacific coast to LA???

  8. I hope they have fun thats what its all about, meeting people and see the world is the best for any soul!!! Three friends and I are half way across Russia and it’s been a blast, finishing it starting next week….

  9. I just hope this one is more about the ride and not about the various cities.. all touristy crap. I only watched the first one because of that… and because Charlie spent a lot of time showing off on his bike. As for bikes, they should each ride the ones they’re sponsored by.

    • Than they can have an extra two trucks to follow with a team of ducati mechanics and triumph mechanics. And a plethora of parts so all challenges will be avoided. With any luck, they will see the folly in adventure when you have a train of support vehicles to stifle any hopes of a challenge.

  10. It is not a long way up if you don’t hit Alaska 🙂 did the long way up from South Africa to Norway and from Usuhia to Anchorage and I’m a small girl who didn’t have their technical ability or a crew following behind. They should rough it up a bit, I’d be curious to see how they manage – that would make for a good Netflix show then!

  11. Given the boost BMW got from LWR, I suspect MC companies are lining up to pay THEM for riding their bikes. KTM blew it BIG TIME on the first series.

  12. Itchy Boots (Noraly from Holland) is doing a great job going from India to Holland right now on YouTube on a Royal Enfield Himalayan. No sponsors, no support crew. As good as Long Way Round in my opinion.

  13. For the people bitching about a support crew…you do understand that they are shooting a cinema quality documentary series for the purpose of entertainment programming right?
    Quite a bit more involved than a guy following them with a handful of Gopro’s there is alot of red tape and insurance requirements involved such as a medical crew, a fixer crew, a logistics crew… at that level its quite involved actually

  14. It is always nice to see an Moto related adventure offered to the public. But what came first left or right foot. But in the end it is about enjoyment for those that ride. 0 MONDO ENDURO and TERRA CERCA made the mark for the ” Around Guys” Ewan and Charley to follow. Yes, they tried to do it right with an adventure Moto, but KTM wisely declined. They had a great script idea, but not well planned other than from a movie point of view. The result was a whole new vision for those not knowledgeable about Moto possibilities and interests. If anything, the industry missed the point that people wanted adventure in their life. Unfortunately, the interpretation became a marketing image equal to only Harley Davidson. Thus creating big bucks out of nothing for one MFR, which was followed and copied by other MFRs. The trend has continued to follow this path. But, there are still true ADVENTURE RIDERS RIDING TRUE ADVENTURE MOTOS out there! I see hope in a couple new true adventure Motos in the offering….

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