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ADV NewsMore Than 400 Miles Of Off-Road Trails in Moab At Risk Of Closure!

More Than 400 Miles Of Off-Road Trails in Moab At Risk Of Closure!

Up to 40% of the off-road trails between Moab and Green River are in jeopardy.

Published on 10.06.2022

Moab, the Mecca of off-road recreation is under threat. Known for its vast riding possibilities, diverse terrain and otherworldly landscapes, it’s a place every Adventure Rider should make a pilgrimage to. But a new Bureau of Land Management plan proposes closing 437 miles of rideable trails in this off-roaders paradise. 

The plan specifically targets the Labyrinth Rims and Gemini Bridges area, where world-class trails such as such as, Hey Joe Canyon, Ten Mile Canyon, Hell Roaring Canyon, Golden Spike, Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail, Day Canyon Point, Dead Man Point, Bull Canyon, 3D/Mashed Potatoes Jeep trails, Dead Cow Loop (the Tubes), to name a few, are being proposed for closure in the BLM’s latest Travel Management Plan. Parts of Where Eagles Dare, Enduro Loop, Buttes and Towers, Wipe Out Hill, and 7 Mile Rim will be potentially closed to OHV use as well.

If actions are not taken to stop the most aggressive Travel Management Plan option from being implemented, it could lead to the closure of 40% of the currently open motorized trails in the area. OHV opportunities were already reduced by 40% here just a few years ago due to a 2008 BLM plan. Further reducing the trail system won’t only cause more congestion and close some of Moab’s most popular trails, but could cause even greater environmental impact as more off-road vehicles are funneled onto fewer trails. Not to mention that thousands of responsible outdoor enthusiasts who come from around the world will lose access to some of Utah’s most legendary trails and iconic vistas forever. 

Moab risk of closure
Photo by Kevin Wing


What can you do to stop it? The BLM has invited the public to give feedback on their draft Trail Management Plan and many organizations like the BlueRibbon Coalition, Trails Preservation Alliance and ARRA (American for Responsible Recreational Access) are urging off-road enthusiasts to submit a comment in support of Alternative A of the draft TMP. This would leave open the current route system, which offers 1,127 miles available for OHV use. The other plans would significantly reduce trail access in the area. There are only two days left to give your feedback to the BLM, so act fast! All public comments must be submitted by this Friday October 7, 2022. 

  • Alternative A: leaves open 1,057 miles to all uses and 71 miles to ATVs and/or motorcycles.
  • Alternative B: closes 438 miles and places new restrictions on another 13 miles.
  • Alternative C: closes 168 miles and places new restrictions on another 50 miles.
  • Alternative D: closes 53 miles and places new restrictions on another 30 miles.

Written comments may be mailed, emailed, or submitted through the BLM’s ePlanning website, or use the “Take Action” link and fill out the form setup by the BlueRibbon Coalition below.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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10 thoughts on “More Than 400 Miles Of Off-Road Trails in Moab At Risk Of Closure!

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  2. It’s really important to personalize the comments! Include pics of good times and families on the trail. Also be aware that option A is extremely unlikely, but every comment counts as support. You can listen Modern Jeeper Show podcast 186 for more details.

    • Been riding in the area for many year. Most people treat the area with dignity and respect. Most of the BLM have people never been to the area. Big draw for the economy,

  3. Why isn’t there a flyer on every door? this is their bread and butter. The feed will continue to take until they have it all of people don’t get a mad on!

    Better fight loud if you want to keep it!

  4. That’s funny….the article claims the people riding the trails are responsible. That’s exactly why they are closing theses trails. Because of all the assholes abusing the privilege of being able to ride off-road.

    • if there are a few riding irresponsibly then find those people and fine/ban them, don’t use other’s crime to punish the innocent ones. only dictatorship state such as china do blanket ban or cleansing.

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