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ADV NewsRieju Unveils 500cc Adventure Bike With 600+ Mile Range

Rieju Unveils 500cc Adventure Bike With 600+ Mile Range

The Aventura 500 promises more range than any other ADV bike ever produced.

Published on 11.21.2022

It’s always good news to hear about reasonably sized adventure bikes coming to market, especially those in the 500cc range. This one, the Aventura 500 Legend from Spanish brand Rieju, was announced at EICMA in Milan and comes with a unique offering in the class.

So, no, Rieju isn’t a household name in the States, but in the wider world and Europe especially, it’s respected for its off-road and enduro bike line. Founded by two friends in 1934 who fused their last names to create the brand name, Rieju began with bicycles, moved to mopeds and then in 1953 it entered the motorcycle market, and by the late 1970s Rieju had become a notable presence in the international enduro racing scene. 

Rieju Aventura 500 Legend adventure motorcycle

This new bike, the Aventura, Spanish for adventure, is a bit of a departure from the brand’s small displacement enduro, supermoto and road bikes. In fact, the 471cc liquid-cooled parallel twin will be the largest mill in Rieju’s lineup of bikes, currently headlined by some lightweight GasGas derived models, designs which Rieju acquired rights to when KTM purchased GasGas.  


Of course Honda CB500X fans and followers will recognize this engine immediately since it’s indistinguishable from the twin in the now decade-old CB500 line. 

Rieju Aventura 500 Legend adventure motorcycle
At the heart of the Aventura is a 471cc parallel-twin pumping out 47 horsepower.

The Rieju version is manufactured by Loncin reportedly under a Honda license. A manufacturing powerhouse in China, Loncin builds the F750/850GS twin powerplant for BMW, producing millions of motorcycles and even more engine units year after year, which are sold under an assortment of brand names throughout the world. 

So what we know is the engine is a clone of the affable twin from the CB500X (known to deliver around 47 hp) that will be driven by six gears and housed in a steel frame. Unlike the Honda, a bike that’s regularly up-kitted to make it more off-road adept, the Aventura Legend will come straight off the rack with spoked 21” front and 18” rear wheels slowed by twin disc brakes up front and a single disc on the rear. In the suspension department, the Aventura appears to sport a long travel upside-down fork and mono shock rear. 

Rieju Aventura 500 Legend adventure motorcycle
The Aventura features dual tanks offering a whopping 10.3 gallons (39 liters) of fuel capacity.

What’s really off the charts for this new entry is the Aventura 500’s bum-killing fuel capacity of 10.3 gallons, which is provided by dual tanks, a 5.3 gallon (20-liter) front reservoir and another 5 gallon (19-liter) tank at the rear. According to Rieju that will take you to upwards of 600+ miles between fuel stops, providing the bike with class-leading range.

The bike is said to offer a seat height of 32.3 inches (820mm) and weigh in at 418 pounds dry, just a few cheeseburgers more than the CB-X, which can be justified by standard adventure-minded features on the bike that include a rear mounting rack, crash bars, hand guards and a skid plate. Another accessory on the Aventura is a double dash cam to record your ride, a simple but advantageous element, and something we’re sure to see on more new models in the future.  

The Aventura features adjustable suspension both front and rear.

The Aventura’s aesthetic has been likened to Honda’s Africa Twin and certainly you can see it in the knitted brow, the sweep of the side panels, and those distinctive gold rims. The Rieju with its handy rear tank, looks ready to hit some dirt roads and potentially some technical trails too, once we see the capabilities of the suspension package. 

Rieju Aventura 500 Legend adventure motorcycle

As for now, this will be a Spring 2023 European launch, with no word on availability in the US, though Rieju does currently have 40 dealers spread across the country, which certainly leaves room for hope. 

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for more than 30 years, testing the entire range of bikes for the major print magazines and specializing in adventure-travel related stories. To date she’s written and supplied photography for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. Her most-challenging adventure yet has been riding in the 2018 GS Trophy in Mongolia as Team AusAmerica’s embedded journalist.

Author: Jamie Elvidge

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16 thoughts on “Rieju Unveils 500cc Adventure Bike With 600+ Mile Range

    • The production of vehicles across the board is becoming more homogenized with brands/badging now mingling on the regular. Going forward it will be less important where a machine and its parts are produced since the benefit of accessibility, both in price and improved availability, is such a huge advantage.

      • I’m just saying that Chinese made this bike more than a year ago, it is being tested already, there are multiple videos. Some countries already riding this thing. Now it is being presented in Europe like Spanish brand, but there is nothing Spanish in it – Chinese “little Africa copy” is being presented like something has relations to EU… Pure marketing and salesmen tricks. Stick European badge on another questionable device…

    • “Chinese” bikes have much improved in quality but they MUST be considerably cheaper to justify. Not as they are today (who is profiteering?) They don’t have the pedigree (though woke people don’t know what that means), reliability, quality of Japanese or German – albeit the latter are now failing a bit, but too much electronics is the reason there. This bike is better featured than its Honda daddy, but does it have its father’s brains (efi computer) for same amazing mpg. 600 miles = 70 mpg. An Africa Twin can do that.

      • None of us that own an Africa Twin are getting 60 mpg, let alone 70 mpg. 45-52 is widely reported and in line with my experience.

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  2. “made by Loncin under Honda license” is a false statement and should be reported to Honda.
    It’s a lazy article made by without proper research, just like every other Spanish magazine articles talking about other Spanish brand bikes using that engine where that statement is king, all of them have been reported to Honda.
    In Portugal they did the same but soon posted a correction in their next magazines.
    They said the engine was from Honda because Loncin designed and built engines for Honda so they could sell more bikes.
    In Portugal they tried that too but then “someone” got in contact with them and made them tell the truth.
    The sellers of those bikes don’t have any character and some continued to that for a while, not having the capacity to sell those bikes for what their area instead they dropped that little dirty lie in order to sell.
    Honda don’t have and never had any agreement with Loncin.
    The original Honda engine Loncin and Gaokin copied was the PC44E version (2013/2018) which is an old not in production version, that way they can copy it legally without any problems.
    The newer version though, while on production and sale, they can’t copy it.
    Ask the Chinese for pappers proving it’s made under license as they are legally supposed to do, and see for yourself.

  3. Lots of haters replying but off brand bikes are featuring a lot of. Standard options the Japanese refuse to include, haved owned. Over 80 motorcycles and am tired of japanese manufacturers not building the bikes we want, currently have klc300 good but not great and that’s after alot of mods


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