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ADV News2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Specs, Pricing and Availability For U.S.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Specs, Pricing and Availability For U.S.

It’s official, an all-new middleweight V-Strom is born featuring a parallel twin!

Published on 11.08.2022

Suzuki is officially bringing an all-new model to the middleweight Adventure Bike category with the unveiling of the V-Strom 800DE – the most off-road focused V-Strom ever released by the Japanese manufacturer.

We’ve been keeping a close eye for this much-anticipated reveal after the new engine was spotted in spy shots of a revamped V-Strom being tested. Now finally revealed in its production form, Suzuki’s official new ride features a dirt-focused chassis with longer travel suspension, a 21-inch front wheel, more ground clearance and – unlike its V-Twin siblings – a brand-new parallel-twin powerplant. Let’s take a closer look. 

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle

All-New Parallel Twin

At the heart of the new machine is a fully-new 776cc DOHC parallel-twin engine pumping out 84.3 horsepower and 54.5 ft-pounds of toque. According to Suzuki, the new powerplant provides similar power delivery characteristics to the 90-degree V-twins used in other V-Strom models, while also producing a unique exhaust note.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin


To avoid the deficiencies of other parallel-twin configurations this engine features a 270-degree firing order for strong torque production and is equipped with Suzuki’s exclusive Cross Balancer system — used for the first time on a production motorcycle. The proprietary system positions its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft which help suppress engine vibration, making for smoother engine performance compared to typical parallel twins.This primary balancer design also results in a lighter, more compact powerplant since it reduces the need of heavy and complex engine mounting hardware.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The pistons were developed using FEM analysis to maximize strength and minimize weight. In turn, the 83mm cylinder bores inside the aluminum die-cast cylinders are plated using Suzuki’s Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) process. Originally developed for racing and proven on the track, the SCEM cylinder promotes better heat dissipation, reduces friction, and provides a consistent wear-resistant seal to the piston rings.

Dual, linked 42mm electronic throttle bodies provide an optimized response and feel to the rider’s throttle operation. In addition, the 6.0L airbox shape and intake pipe lengths were created using computer-aided design to help maximize peak power output and low-rpm torque production. In addition, the size and shape of the airbox under the seat contribute to the V-Strom 800DE’s slim and compact chassis.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The stainless-steel 2-into-1 exhaust system uses a high flow, dual-stage catalytic converter inside the mid-pipe that helps satisfy worldwide emissions standards. The unique cooling system inlet control thermostat valve helps maintain consistent engine temperature and smooths the idle speed during warm-up. This helps stabilize combustion and contributes to reduced exhaust emissions. The V-Strom 800DE is also equipped with a lightweight, compact liquid-cooled oil cooler that helps reduce lubrication temperatures for smooth and reliable engine operation.

Transmission & Driveline 

The six-speed transmission’s output is managed by the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS). This system works like a slipper clutch by allowing a small amount of clutch slip to enable smooth downshifts. It also works as an assist clutch, increasing plate pressure under acceleration, but always keeps the clutch lever pull light and precise.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The V-Strom 800DE’s shift linkage helps the rider easily and quickly select the ideal gear for the riding conditions. A sensor on the shift rod sends shifter movement data to the ECM, so the Bi-directional Quick Shift system precisely responds to the rider’s actions.

Riding on durable steel sprockets, a strong O-ring style drive chain contains lubrication pre-packed between the pins and rollers for quiet, reliable operation. 


2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The new rugged steel backbone frame takes advantage of the engine’s compact size, resulting in a chassis that is nimble and stable on paved roads or on dirt trails. The SHOWA inverted fork features 8.7-inches (220 mm) of suspension travel and is fully adjustable, as is the SHOWA rear shock absorber which also offers 8.7-inches of stroke and employs a remote, hand-operated hydraulic spring preload adjuster. The longer-travel suspension and the compact chassis net 8.7-inches (220mm) of ground clearance, the most of any V-Strom model.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The frame and engine package helps create an off-road friendly chassis geometry with a long wheelbase and rake. The engine’s short length permits an ergonomic design that places the rider’s hip point further forward. This enables riders to shift their weight forward to enhance control over rough terrain and when negotiating tight corners. Matched to the new V-Strom 800’s chassis geometry and longer suspension is a new, uniquely shaped aluminum swingarm that enhances vertical, lateral, and torsional rigidity to aid straight-line stability and controlled cornering.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The new V-Strom also has a wide tapered handlebar cast in strong yet flexible aluminum that allows it to flex and absorb shock when riding on unpaved surfaces. In addition, the wider grip position helps provide enhanced control, particularly when standing on the foot pegs to negotiate rough terrain.

The removable steel sub-frame has a narrow seat rail width that results in a slim seat profile that helps riders control the motorcycle with their legs. Designed for performance and comfort, the one-piece seat is built upon a strong, but lightweight base that helps keep seat height reasonable at 33.7 in (855 mm). 

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

To keep the adventure going, the fuel tank has a 5.3-gallon (20L) capacity but is shaped to be thin at the rear to flow into the slim seat, which aids the rider in touching the ground at stops. The modest windscreen is designed to maximize the rider’s visibility when riding on roads or trails. Developed through wind tunnel testing, the windscreen provides for 3-step height adjustments that may be set in 0.6-inch (15mm) increments (using a hex-type tool). A new, standard item is a mesh guard to protect the radiator from flying stones and other debris when riding on the trail.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The V-Strom 800DE rides on sturdy spoke, tube-type wheels and is equipped with a 21-inch front wheel for greater stability and better control off pavement. The rear 17-inch wheel has a 150mm wide tire for better grip and ride compliance. Both wheels feature aluminum rims laced with stainless steel spokes. The new Strom comes fitted with 90/90-21 front and 150/70R17 rear Dunlop TRAILMAX MIXTOUR tires.


The front brakes use a pair of strong, but lightweight dual-piston NISSIN front brake calipers grasping 310mm floating-mount discs.The rear brake combines a single-piston, slide-pin style NISSIN caliper with a 260mm disc, providing the rider precise braking control that aids low speed maneuvering.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

The rider can select from two levels of ABS sensitivity and can elect to switch off the rear wheel’s ABS function for off-road use (see the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System [S.I.R.S.] section for more information). The front brake lever has an adjustment knob so the rider may quickly set it to a comfortable reach. The shifter and rear brake pedal may also be adjusted to the rider’s preference.


The 2023 V-Strom 800DE’s instrument panel uses a new-generation 5-inch, full-color TFT LCD screen. This instrument panel features a scratch-resistant surface, and an antireflective coating that improves visibility in bright light.

The brightness adjustable TFT display delivers a wide range of useful information, keeping the rider fully aware of all the bike’s systems, settings, and real-time operating status.The display can be set for manual or automatic switching between Day Mode (white background) and Night Mode (black background). 

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

A USB-type accessory slot is conveniently located on the left side of the instrument panel dash. This fused slot can provide up to 5.0 VDC at a maximum current of 2.0A. The slot is ideal for powering a GPS unit or charging mobile devices.

The V-Strom 800DE’s fairing features a stacked pair of hexagonal headlights that employ the bright, Mono-focus LED light technology that provides the rider clear and bright illumination of the road ahead. The low-draw LED turn signals are brighter than the signals used on the prior generation V-Strom models.The rear tail and brake light is an LED type with a clear lens that offers higher visibility, low electrical draw, and excellent durability.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin
2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.)

The advanced electronic systems of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) helps V-STROM 800DE riders optimize performance characteristics to best suit their riding style, level of experience, and the riding conditions. 

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS): The S-DMS system provides the rider a choice of three different engine power output modes. Working in concert with the Traction Control System*, S-DMS permits peak power in each mode while changing the nature of the power delivery. These three modes (Active, Basic, and Comfort) provide the rider a quick and easy way to alter the V-Strom 800DE’s power delivery characteristic to match his or her riding style, or adjust to changing weather, road or trail, and other conditions. 

-Mode A (Active) is for active, sporty use that delivers the sharpest throttle response as the rider opens the throttle. 

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

-Mode B (Basic) is for general, all-around riding, as it features softer throttle response and a more linear power delivery curve as the rider opens the throttle. 

Mode C (Comfort) offers a softer throttle response and more gentle torque characteristics, with power increasing in a directly linear fashion as the throttle is opened. This mode is useful when riding on wet or slippery surfaces, or when the rider desires a relaxing, comfortable ride.

Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS): The five mode system continuously monitors front and rear wheel speeds, throttle opening, engine speed, and transmission gear. It quickly reduces engine output when it detects wheel spin by adjusting ignition timing and air delivery.

Mode 1 is the lowest sensitivity – it allows a certain degree of rear wheel spin and is best suited for good road conditions.

Mode 2 is a moderate sensitivity level – the system engages traction control sooner than Mode 1 and is for average road conditions.

Mode 3 is the highest sensitivity level – the system engages traction control sooner than the other modes to virtually eliminate wheel spin, and is for poor or slippery road conditions, like wet and cold gravel surfaces.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin
2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

Gravel mode (G) is an additional traction control setting that retards ignition timing to help the rider better negotiate gravel roads by allowing some slip when riding on unpaved surfaces. The Gravel mode is available only on the V-STROM DE models and should not be used when riding on paved roads.

OFF disengages all traction control features – the rider has sole control of the engine’s throttle and any resulting rear wheel spin.

Bi-directional Quick Shift System (QS): This system allows the V-STROM 800DE rider to shift up or down quickly and easily, without operating the clutch or throttle. To help ensure smooth upshifts, QS automatically interrupts power delivery just long enough to produce smooth, almost uninterrupted acceleration. When decelerating, the system automatically opens the throttle valves just enough to increase RPM and match engine speed to the next-lower gear. The result is that this hands-free, automatic function combines seamlessly with engine braking to create a highly satisfying experience when downshifting.

• Two-mode Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): The V-Strom 800DE is equipped with a new generation Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) control unit that is more compact and lighter in weight than the units used in prior V-Strom models. Two levels of anti-lock brake activation sensitivity are available”. Mode 1 provides minimal anti-lock brake intervention and mode 2 provides more anti-lock brake intervention than Mode 1. ABS activation for the front wheel cannot be switched off – it is always active.

• Ride-by-Wire Electronic Throttle System: Throttle grip movement and sensor input is used by the ECM which activate practically instantaneous throttle plate movement in the two 42mm throttle bodies.Mechanically uncomplicated, this electronic system provides the rider a natural throttle feel while maximizing engine control when riding on trails or twisty roads.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

• The Suzuki Easy Start System: Easy Start allows the rider to easily start the engine with a single, momentary press of the starter button. In any weather conditions or with any engine temperature, there is no need to hold down the starter button until the engine fires. Easy Start is managed by the ECM so that the starter motor automatically stops once the engine has started.

Low RPM Assist System: Seamlessly increases engine speed to smooth the power delivery when launching from a standing start or riding at low speeds, which helps ensure better control and operation in stop-and-go traffic. The system also minimizes the possibility of the rider stalling the motorcycle during take-off.

Styling & Body Features

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

 Retaining the prominent “beak” that was pioneered on Suzuki’s legendary DR-Z Dakar racer and the large DualSport DR-Big. The “DE” decals on the sides of the cowling pieces in front of the engine reflect the image of the competition numbers used on motocross and other competition motorcycles, while the “V-STROM” logo continues the motif introduced with the V-Strom 1050DE.

The V-Strom 800DE uses a new three-piece front fender assembly that combines the effectiveness of a conventional V-STROM fender with the protection of fork guards like those used on an MX bike.This Suzuki-unique structure yields a stronger connection to the fork legs that can better withstand the shocks encountered when riding on unpaved surfaces.

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin

Attention to detail extends to the engine as the clutch cover and magneto cover have a bronze-like finish that complements the V-Strom 800DE’s body color, while the SUZUKI name on the cover is in a contrasting color to bring attention to the new, fully modern engine.

Colors, Pricing and Availability

2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE adventure motorcycle with parallel twin
The Adventure model is offered in Glass Sparkle Black and is equipped with 37L, black-anodized aluminum panniers and gold rims.

The standard V-Strom 800DE will be available in two colors, Champion Yellow No. 2 -or- Glass Matte Mechanical Gray. The Adventure model comes in a third colorway, Glass Sparkle Black. Pricing for the all-new V-STROM 800DE will be $11,349 USD while the V-STROM 800DE Adventure comes in at $12,999 USD. Both models are set to arrive in May of 2023.

2023 Suzuki V-STROM 800DE Specifications

Engine:Engine 776cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC parallel-twin
Bore x Stroke:84.0 mm x 70 mm (3.3 in. x 2.8 in.)
Compression Ratio:12.8:1
Max Power Output:84.3 horsepower
Max Torque:57.5 ft-lbs
Fuel System:Fuel injection
Starter Electric:Lubrication Force-fed circulation, wet sump
Clutch:Wet, multi-plate type
Transmission:6-speed constant mesh
Final Drive:O-ring style chain, size & links TBA
Suspension, Front:Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped, 8.7″ (220mm) of travel
Suspension, Rear:Link type, single shock, coil spring, oil damped, 8.7″ (220mm) of travel
Rake / Trail:28O / 114mm (4.5 in.)
Brake, Front:Nissin, 2-piston calipers, dual 310mm discs, adjustable ABS-equipped
Brake, Rear:Nissin, 1-piston, single disc, adjustable ABS-equipped
Tire, Front:90/60-21M/C (54H), tube-type
Tire, Rear:150/70R17 M/C (69V), tube-type
Fuel Tank Capacity:20.0 L (5.3 US gal.)
Colors:Champion Yellow No. 2 -or- Glass Matte Mechanical Gray; Glass Sparkle Black (Adventure model only)
Ignition:Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Spark Plugs:Iridium type x 2
Headlight:Mono-focus LED x 2
Turn Signals:LED
Overall Length:2345 mm (92.3 in.)
Overall Width:975 mm (38.4 in.)
Overall Height:1310 mm (51.6 in.)
Wheelbase:1570 mm (61.8 in.)
Ground Clearance:220 mm (8.7 in.)
Seat Height:855 mm (33.7 in.)
Curb Weight:230 kg (507 lb.)
Warranty:12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty
msrp pricing:V-STROM 800DE ($11,349 USD); V-STROM 800DE Adventure ($12,999 USD)

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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17 thoughts on “2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Specs, Pricing and Availability For U.S.

  1. Excellent write-up as always.

    Quick question: The current V Strom 650 XT has tubeless tyres. Can you confirm if the V Strom 800 will not have that feature? Seems like a major miss on Suzuki’s part if true.

    • Good question Prasenjit Debroy which is so often overlooked by reviewers and which I wondered about myself. But the pics suggest and the specs do say ‘… tube-type’. It’s quite expensive to make TL rims with spokes, though you can seal them yourself or get them sealed professionally. I’ve done either to all my recent spoked Adv bikes (see my www under ‘Tyres’).
      And yes, the 800DE is heavy, but that’s hopefully with the full 20 litres

  2. It looks like a porky f800gs circa 2008 to me. The new honda Transalp 750 only weighs 458 lbs and the T7 450 lbs. Once again suzuki is a day late and a dollar short. Back to the drawing board Suzuki.

  3. You didn’t have to change the v-twin engine. Don’t try to convince me it’s the same. And it was already 485# but that wasn’t enough?

  4. Yeah, that extra 50 lbs is not good … but it does have over an inch more suspension travel, which is a good thing on a rough road.

  5. I was hoping for Suzuki to use that new twin in an all new DR that would come in at under 430 lbs and take it to the T7 and 660 Tuareg. If they are out to make it a ‘hard core’ WeeStrom then the weight needs to be at about 460 lbs like the competition. I’ve lightened my KTM 790 R to 450 lbs fueled and its still a lot to deal with when the off roading gets challenging. I’m sure its a nice bike and will get good reviews but it seems kind of in-between where it won’t quite do it for middleweight or open class ADV shoppers.

  6. V-Strom 800: 84hp, 78Nm, 230kg and 20l fuel high up
    Husqvarna Norden 901: 104hp, 100Nm, 219kg and 19l fuel low down
    I will stay with my Husky for quite a while! 😉
    Come on Suzuki, you could have done better!

  7. Like below: 507 lbs! No cruise control (yet it does have RBW and so it could be fitted), and tubed tires. Turaeg 660 looking pretty good now!

  8. Hmmm, my WET ‘09 F650gs (parallel twin/800) with its crash bars skid plate pannier racks empty rigid panniers and top box doesn’t even weigh 507lbs!

  9. I am going to give this bike a serious look next year. I like it from what I see. There is definitely a segment of the ADV bike market that wants solid, reliable, great performing machinery for a special price. Naysayers need to understand it isn’t always about the weight, the power, the tubeless tires, or every conceivable option aspired to. It is about the total package, and Suzuki has delivered some incredible machines throughout history at a price point that doesn’t drain bank accounts. Not everyone lives and breathes ADV riding. They live it from time to time. This bike might be for that crowd. Who knows. I’ll definitely give it a look before I gripe about what it appears to have or lacks. Ride hard, ride happy.


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