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ADV NewsTested: A.R.C. Battle Born Wind Block Gloves With D3O Armor

Tested: A.R.C. Battle Born Wind Block Gloves With D3O Armor

A budget-friendly glove designed for adventure and dual sport riders alike.

Published on 11.29.2019
A few years ago, A.R.C. released the first iteration of their Battle Born gloves and they were pretty decent for dual sport and adventure riding, considering it was their first attempt. Instead of resting on their laurels though, the company analyzed input from customer reviews and their own riding experiences, then went back to the drawing board in an attempt to make them even better.  After all was said and done, they ended up with two different glove designs — one made with breathable material for warmer weather and another with wind blocking material. Both models are considered to be three-season gloves designed to work well in most conditions, except bitter cold and wet weather. We tested the wind blocking version, the Battle Born Wind Block Gloves, to see how they perform in a range of conditions. 
Battle Born Wind Block gloves
The biggest upgrade for this new glove compared to the original is the addition of D3O molecular padding to the knuckles. D3O is designed to absorb and dissipate energy in an impact, which will help save your knuckles in an accident or from banging into obstacles on tight trails. D3O is also soft and compliant, so it’s more comfortable than hard knuckle protectors.
Wind Block gloves featuring D30 protection
The Battle Born Wind Block is built with a goatskin leather palm that extends to the area between the fingers for increased abrasion protection. Goatskin can also be found on the fingertips, across the knuckles and the back of the thumbs. Neoprene with reflective accents makes up the back of the hand, while Velcro wrist closures help secure them. Additionally, a moisture wicking fleece inner liner offers comfort for a wide variety of temperatures, and riders with touchscreen devices will appreciate the touch-tech leather on the index fingers. 


  • Constructed with goat skin leather and other performance materials for comfort and impact and wind protection.
  • D3O knuckle protection which offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impacts.
  • Features Touch-Tech leather at forefingers to allow easy use with smartphones and navigation systems.
  • Polyester fleece inner liner for moisture wicking and wind blocking.
  • Velcro wrist closure.
  • Accordion leather stretch panels on the fingers for added comfort.
  • Silver reflective piping for added look and safety.

How They Performed

A.R.C. Battle Born gloves according leather

A.R.C. is known for making affordable riding gear and these gloves are no different. Often times, sacrifices have to be made to hit a low price point though and that can result in a less durable or lower quality product. Sizing was spot on and considering the price tag, these gloves have proved more durable than expected. We have put them through all types of riding terrain, from deserts to alpine trails with temperatures from freezing to nearly triple digits. The only time I have been let down by the Battle Born Wind Block gloves was during wet weather. They are not designed to be waterproof, which is one reason why they are less expensive. 

Battle Born gloves with goat skin

One negative with these gloves is that if you do get caught in the rain, the fleece liner will cause them to take a long time to dry.  I have gotten these gloves wet while riding through a short rain and it has taken several days for them to completely dry out. On the plus side, these are very comfortable gloves and stay that way for most riding conditions. It would seem that the fleece liner and wind block material would make them incredibly hot during the summer, but they actually felt fine except on the hottest and most humid days.


Construction has proved to be top notch so far and they are showing very little signs of wear after a full summer of riding. The only noticeable wear is in the fingertips where the grippy texture of the palm and fingers is getting a bit smoother than when they were new and some slight wear on the palm where the neoprene thumb meets the goatskin. 

The old versions of the Battle Born gloves touch screen index fingers just didn’t seem to work all that well.  While the new gloves touch-tech isn’t perfect, it is much improved and works pretty good most of the time. I usually have no trouble unlocking my phone and snapping photos without taking my gloves off.

Battle Born gloves with touchscreen fingertips

While comfort and features are important for day-to-day use, we also have to talk about how well the Battle Born Wind Block gloves protect you in a crash. Since these are intended for dual sport and adventure riding, you don’t get the hardcore abrasion resistance and armor of a full on street glove. They are designed to offer good feel and breathability during off-road riding like a motocross glove but with some additional protection for the street.

Fortunately, we didn’t do crash tests with these gloves but they do feel like they would hold up well in most falls. They aren’t designed for high-speed slides, but the goatskin feels durable and should handle light abrasion in a lower speed accidents, especially on dirt, while the D3O offers good padding to keep the knuckles safe from impacts.

Who Are They For

Adventure riders that are looking for a no-nonsense glove that is comfortable and offers good protection at an affordable price will have a hard time finding a better deal than the Battle Born Wind Block gloves. If your rides include a lot of pavement riding then a more-robust street glove would be a better choice. On the other hand, those who ride a lot off-pavement, especially in drier climates, will find the Wind Block offers plenty of protection in the dirt with basic abrasion resistance for slower speeds on asphalt.

Our Verdict

The A.R.C. Battle Born gloves have continued to evolve and get better with this latest iteration, offering more features, improved comfort, and better protection. If your rides are more dirt oriented and you either don’t need waterproof gloves or plan on carrying an extra set of rain gloves, then these are well worth considering. Don’t let the low price tag fool you, these aren’t cheaply made gloves. But they are comfortable, durable, functional and work well for most riding conditions.

What We Liked

  • Low price for a great glove.
  • Proved comfortable over longer journeys.
  • Well made and excellent durability.

What Could Be Improved

  • Use a quicker drying material for the inner liner.
  • Make a waterproof version.
  • Touch screen compatibility works decent but could be better.

Battle Born Wind Block Specs

Color: Black
Sizes: Small to XXX-Large
Price: $34.99

Shopping Options

A.R.C. Battle Born Wind Block gloves w/ D3O

Author: Chad Berger

He’s a freelance journalist, photographer and tour guide from Wisconsin. Since 2004, Chad has been riding dual sport and adventure bikes all over the Midwest, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Moab, Baja, Alaska and many other places in between. He shares his experiences through the photography, videos and stories he produces from his trips. In 2008, Chad created a 600-mile dual sport route called the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail (TWAT), which eventually led to his becoming a tour guide for RIDE Adventures.

Author: Chad Berger

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Christopher Haddad
Christopher Haddad
November 30, 2019 6:36 am

Rocky Mountain ATV are really good to work with. They are on a war path with releasing really nice in house stuff, including tires .


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