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ADV NewsA New KTM 790 ADV Skidplate With All-In-One Sump/Tank Protection

A New KTM 790 ADV Skidplate With All-In-One Sump/Tank Protection

Get complete coverage with Touratech's new KTM 790 Adventure skidplate.

Published on 05.29.2020

With greater performance comes an even greater need for protecting your bike from the forces generated by increased speeds and more technical terrain. 

The engineers at Touratech have created an all-new skid plate for the KTM 790 Adventure and Adventure R that uses a combination of manufacturing methods to achieve maximum protection for this unique motorcycle. Although riders have welcomed the great handling and low center of gravity on the KTM 790 Adventure, some are concerned about the vulnerability of the fuel tanks. While some aftermarket skid plates accommodate the stock plastic guards, Touratech chose a different approach.

Touratech RallyeForm skid plate for KTM 790 Adventure
Touratech RallyeForm skid plate for KTM 790 Adventure

The RallyeForm Skidplate protects the fuel tank with 3mm aluminum guards that are pressed into the perfect shape using 500,000 pounds of force. The result is a strong shield that protects the fuel tanks from damage while fitting the exact contours of the tanks.


The tank guards are integrated with the lower portion of the skid plate which is precision crafted from 4mm- thick aluminum alloy. This bottom portion is designed to give the maximum protection during hard hits on rocks, stumps, or bottoming out the bike off-road. The folded ridges give the aluminum material better rigidity while also maximizing ground clearance for off-road riding. 

 “The KTM 790 is one of the most agile twin-cylinder motorcycles in the ADV class and the RallyeForm Skid Plate provides the protection riders want for exploring rugged terrain. Many will also appreciate the way it enhances the adventure styling of this beautiful machine.”   -Iain Glynn, Chief Riding Officer, Touratech-USA

There are four color combinations available: silver base & silver tank guards, silver base & black tank guards, black base & silver tank guards, and black base & black tank guards. The RallyeForm skid plate is also designed to be combined with Touratech engine and fairing crash bars for complete protection of your 790 Adventure.

MSRP: $429.95. For more information go to

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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4 thoughts on “A New KTM 790 ADV Skidplate With All-In-One Sump/Tank Protection

    • Hey John, We haven’t tested this product yet but you will most likely need to remove it to change the oil. We recommend you check with Touratech for the exact procedure. They are always happy to answer questions about their products.

  1. I’ve used the SW Motech solution with its lower guards – It looks stronger, The bike has survived several direct rock hits with no damage.
    This one is to me 2nd best.


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