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5 Minimalist Saddlebags for Ultralight Packers

A toothbrush, flip-flops and spare pair of underwear are all you really need.

Published on 05.06.2014

2. Nomad Rider Out n Back 12 Liter Saddlebags ($120)

The Out n Back Enduro Saddlebags are perfect for short overnight trips when you just need to carry the essentials. The bags are designed to give you quick access to items like extra tools, tubes and other gear. The universal fitment system makes it easy to mount on nearly any Dual Sport motorcycle and requires no rack or special tools. A removable zip-off top bag is also included. These bags are made of waterproof material but are not 100% waterproof in all the seams. However, they should keep your gear dry in most conditions. These budget bags may not have the same durability as more well known brands, but they offer nice features and good value at this price point.

Nomand Rider Out N Back Saddlebags for ultralight packers

The Out n Back Saddlebags are made from highly durable waterproof material.

Nomand Rider Out N Back Saddlebags for minimlalist packers

These Minimalist Saddlebags have a 12L capacity and an easily removable zip-off top bag.


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Author: Rob Dabney

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5 thoughts on “5 Minimalist Saddlebags for Ultralight Packers

  1. Being exceedingly cheap, I just pick up a set of $20 doggy saddle bags at the pet store. Usually run the straps under the seat.
    fun fun

  2. VUZ makes a line of quality durable dry bags which are a great value. I love my Wolfman gear but there are much less costly choices out there.


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