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ADV ProductsADV Bike AccessoriesAltRider Equips the BMW S1000XR for Off-Road ADV Rides

AltRider Equips the BMW S1000XR for Off-Road ADV Rides

New ADV accessories from AltRider let you take your BMW S1000XR off-road.

Published on 01.29.2016

Last year, designers at AltRider put their heads together to come up with a series of concept bike builds for 2016. They formed a small and specialized team called “Adventure Design and Research”, also known as ADR. The purpose of this initiative is to think outside the box and to come up with very useful and unique designs to be used by Adventure Touring Motorcyclists.

The first concept from ADR is AltRider’s very own take on the BMW S1000XR which transforms the bike by adding  protective gear, luggage solutions, and  knobby tires. The build was completed with a custom wrap pattern which looks like the topo maps used while riding off road trails.

After completing the build and testing it, AltRider has decided to produce all of the unique parts designed for the build.


CRASH BARS – $699.00 – $748.97


AltRider crash bars are known for the center connector which ties the two bar halves together to distribute the load from a crash evenly to both sides of the bike rather than being directed to just one side. This approach increases the chances of surviving a crash with little to no damage. With the S1000XR, AltRider went a step further by adding a second crossover. Now there is one point low in front of the engine, and a second point high under the beak designed to transfer impact load.

Steel mounting brackets are utilized to connect the crash bars as well as the skid plate, to create one solid protection package. A cross tube connects the brackets and offers further strength.

• 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
• 1” (25.4 mm) stainless steel tubing
• 5-axis laser cut and hand TIG welded joints
• Maintain cornering clearance
• Unique 2 cross connections transfer impact load
• Powder-coated steel brackets integrate with the AltRider Skid Plate
• Available in silver or black

SKID PLATE$356.00 – $405.97


One of the ADR team’s main goals for this component was to address the challenges the XR presents in terms of its frame and low clearance. In doing so, they have constructed a skid plate of lightweight aluminum, that provides robust coverage without adding excessive weight to the bike. The slightly tapered and rib-cage-like design protects the engine vitals without interfering with a rider’s mobility or controls. Full coverage from front to back means the bike is protected against any debris kicked up by the front tire.

Whereas a solid skid plate bottles-in heat, the AltRider Skid Plate has strategically placed cut-outs to allow maximum air flow and heat dissipation without compromising protection.

• Constructed of 3.175 mm (1/8”) lightweight aluminum
• Powder-coated steel mounting brackets
• Protects catalytic converter
• Cut-outs designed to allow for heat dissipation
• Mounts directly to rear set mounting points
• Full coverage without adding excessive weight
• Corrosion resistant hardware
• Integrates with Crash Bars for further protection
• Made in the USA
• Available in Silver and Black



The radiator guard prevents sticks and other dangers from puncturing the heart of the cooling system. Specially designed louvers deflect errant debris, while simultaneously directing airflow through the radiator to keep the bike cool. The louvers also provide additional rigidity to the entire piece.

The oil cooler guard is made of 1/16 inch anodized aluminum.  It tucks over the oil cooler and attaches with 3M high-temp VHB, rated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The guard’s louvers are designed to protect and deflect debris, while encouraging maximum air flow to the oil cooler.

• Louvered design provides coverage without restricting airflow
• 1/16” (1.6 mm) lightweight aluminum
• Simple to install with provided hardware
• Available in silver or black

LUGGAGE RACK –  $168.97


The AltRider S1000XR luggage rack attaches directly to the OEM rack to provide a larger and more adaptable system. Easily attach gear with anything from straps to bungee cords to tie downs. The rack is uniquely designed with a variety of cut-outs so whether on or off road, you can take along everything you need for your trip. Made from sturdy 3/16 inch (4.75 mm) anodized aluminum and featuring side flanges for extra strength.

• Made from 3/16 inch (4.75 mm) anodized aluminum
• Available in silver or black
• Compatible with the Givi Monokey top case system (requires Givi mounting kit – sold separately)
• Interfaces with RotopaX fuel packs
• Designed and manufactured in the USA

Side Stand Enlarger Foot –  $64.97


The last thing you want is to put your side stand down into soft ground and have your bike go down. The AltRider Side Stand Foot for the BMW S1000XR provides a larger footprint to support the weight of the bike so you can dismount knowing your bike is going to stay upright.

Made from hefty 1/8 inch (3.175 mm) thick stainless steel, the AltRider foot attaches using the flanged top plate that holds the curved foot, and Torx fasteners clamp it down for a tight fit.

• Made from 1/8″ (3.18 mm) stainless steel
• 3D design allows easy deployment of kick stand with boot –
• TORX fasteners ensure enlarger won’t vibrate loose
• Available in silver or black
• Designed and manufactured in the USA

For more AltRider accessories for the BMW S1000XR, go to the AltRider website.

Author: Annette Peterson

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3 thoughts on “AltRider Equips the BMW S1000XR for Off-Road ADV Rides

  1. Haters gonna hate but I applaud you guys. Now, how about take a lighter but still powerful bike like the FZ09 and give it some love? So much more potential in that triple.


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