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ADV ProductsMoto GadgetsFive Great Holiday Gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders

Five Great Holiday Gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders

Gifts Ideas for Adventure Motorcyclists That are Guaranteed to Please

Published on 12.11.2013

Buying gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders can be difficult.  Many products need to be tested out by the rider for fit and feel or are dependent on the make and model of the motorcycle.  You also need to be an Adventure Motorcyclist to know what one would like as a gift and that may not be the case with our friends and family.

We put together a list of five cool products that make great holiday gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders regardless of their size or motorcycle model.  So if your family member or spouse is wondering what to get you for the holidays, find an inconspicuous way to introduce them to this webpage. There are five options to choose from so it will still be a surprise when you receive the gift.

1. SPOT Connect GPS Messenger

SPOT Connect GPS Messenger

SPOT Connect GPS Messenger


SPOT GPS Messengers are the perfect gift for any Adventure Traveler.  Adventure Riders that tour remote areas have much greater safety and security when carrying a SPOT.  With a touch of a button, the user can alert local Search and Rescue services from nearly anywhere in the world.  If you are wondering if it really works nearly anywhere, take a look at the SPOT Rescue Map to see all the places around the world this device has saved people.  The user can also contact friends and family or other service providers, if it is a non life-threatening situation (e.g. Need a spare part).

The feature that gets used most often is the “Check-in/OK” feature.  The “Check-in/OK” button allows Adventure Riders to send a short message to the people that care about them most, letting them know they are OK and their exact location.  Messages can be sent to multiple email address or to mobile phones with SMS.  Daily status updates can really reduce the stress on family members during long adventure tours.

We think the SPOT Connect is one of the best gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because you can send custom messages from a Smart Phone.  This can provide even greater security by allowing the user to give more specific instructions on their exact problem.  With a purchase price for the SPOT Connect of around $150 and a yearly service fee of $99, we think this is a bargain for the peace of mind it brings.

Get the SPOT Connect GPS Messenger now

2. Kriega Kube Pocket

Kriega Kube Pocket

Kriega Kube Pocket

This awesome little bag has large Velcro straps on the back that allow it to strap securely to nearly anything.  The Kube Pocket is perfect for carrying a phone, camera, wallet, sunglasses, keys or other personal items. A great location to strap the Kube Pocket is on the shoulder strap of a backpack for quick access.  The Kube Pocket can also be strapped on to a belt or even handlebars.

The Kube Pocket keeps fragile items safe because it is water-resistant and padded.  It is also extremely durable, made from Dupont Cordura material.  The thick Velcro straps ensure that the attachment point is secure while also allowing it to be removed quickly.  It even comes with a reflective stripe that makes riders more visible at night.

We think the Kriega Kube Pocket is one of the best gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because it provides the perfect place to put important items so they don’t get lost.  With the multitude of items we bring along for rides, it is nice to have something that helps us stay more organized.  It also saves time not having to shuffle through pockets and compartments trying to find sunglasses or a camera.  With a purchase price of just $25, it makes a great stocking stuffer that will put a smile on any Adventure Rider’s face.

Get the Kriega Kube Pocket now.

3. Seychelle Advanced Pure Water Straw

Water purifying drinking straw

Seychelle Advanced Pure Water Straw

Adventure Motorcycle Riders must be prepared for any situation.  Next to air, the most important thing required for survival is water.  Running out of water can happen if a rider accidentally punctures a water bladder or if more water is being consumed than expected due to hot conditions.  Streams and lakes can be a good source of water, but drinking it untreated can be extremely dangerous.

What every Adventure Rider needs is a way to treat water in an emergency.  The Seychelle Advanced Water Straw is a small water filter that is extremely effective at filtering water.  In fact, the device can filter out 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses.  Getting clean water is as simple as putting the straw in the water source and sucking the water through. A nice feature of the Seychelle Advanced Water Straw is that it does not give the water a chemical flavor like water tablets. This device lasts for a long time as well, with the ability to filter 25 gallons of water.

We think the Seychelle Advanced Pure Water Straw is one of the best gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because it is light-weight, durable and easy to stuff away for an emergency in your bags.  You can even use it to get delicious ice cold water from a mountain stream on a hot day.  With a purchase price of just $16, it is a great stocking stuffer that will make any Adventure Rider pleased.

Get the Seychelle Advanced Pure Water Straw now.

4. Alite Mantis Camping Chair

Alite Mantis Camping Chair

Alite Mantis Camping Chair

After a long day of riding, nothing feels better than giving those tired legs a rest.  When camping out in the wild, the seating options are usually a rock or in the dirt. Neither option is very comfortable and bringing a chair can be a hassle because of limited space.  Comfortable seating does not have to be a problem anymore.

The Alite Mantis Camping Chair takes the hassle out of bringing a chair.  Designed for backpackers, the chair is extremely light and compact when folded up for transportation.  The Alite Mantis Camping Chair is also very comfortable, so Adventure Riders will not mind taking up a little extra space in their luggage for this one.  Assembly of the chair is also very simple, so getting into a relaxing position by the fire is quick and easy.

We think the Alite Mantis Camping Chair is one of the best gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because it feels like a real chair, not a backpacking chair.  With a seat height of 8 inches off the ground, you do not feel cramped and you can bend your knees at a comfortable angle. The chair has a strong and sturdy feel and can handle up to 250 pounds.  At roughly $120 it isn’t cheap, but worth every penny when your legs are tired.

Get the Alite Mantis Camping Chair now.

5. HelmetLok II

HelmetLok II

HelmetLok II

Adventure Bike Riders all need a secure place to lock their helmet when they visit a restaurant or are out running errands.  Some Adventure Motorcycles do not have a helmet lock or if they do, they are easily broken open by any thief with a screwdriver.  With a good helmet costing in the range of $300 to $600, a stolen helmet can be a painful loss.

The HelmetLok II solves this problem by making it easy to securely lock a helmet to a motorcycle handlebar or frame tube.  The rubber coated clip can conveniently lock on to the bike without scratching the paint.  The HelmetLok II is light, compact and easy to store away.  Made from hardened aluminum zinc alloy material, the HelmetLok II is extremely strong as well.

We think the HelmetLok II is one of the best gifts for Adventure Motorcycle Riders because it makes locking your helmet easy and secure.  A cable attachment accessory is available that makes it easy to also lock a jacket to the HelmetLok II.  With a purchase price of just $25, it is the perfect stocking stuffer that will get any Adventure Rider excited.

Get the HelmetLok II now.

Author: Rob Dabney

Rob Dabney started a lifelong obsession with motorcycles at the age of 15 when he purchased his first bike – a 1982 Honda MB5. Through his 20’s and 30’s he competed in off-road desert races, including the Baja 250, 500 and 1000. Eventually, his proclivity for exploration led him to dual sport and adventure riding. Rob’s never-ending quest to discover what’s around the next bend has taken him on Adventures in Mexico, North Africa, Europe, and throughout the American West. As a moto journalist, he enjoys inspiring others to seek adventure across horizons both near and far.

Author: Rob Dabney

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