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ADV ProductsKLIM Launches All-New ADV Gear: Baja S4 and Enduro S4

KLIM Launches All-New ADV Gear: Baja S4 and Enduro S4

New KLIM S4 ADV Gear is perfect combo to handle both hot and wet weather.

Published on 01.15.2020

KLIM has announced the release of their new Baja S4 mesh adventure gear and Enduro S4 waterproof overshell, built to provide massive cooling airflow with road-ready protection features. According to KLIM, the waterproof, 4-way stretch Enduro S4 Jacket and Pant are foul-weather backup plans that fit perfectly with the Baja S4 gear to keep you riding when the weather turns. The new gear also offers the mobility and low bulk needed for off-road riding with adventure bikes.  

Ventilation is the first thing that sets the Baja S4 apart from the competition, says KLIM. Knowing that more layers mean more resistance to airflow, their developers built the Baja S4 with the majority of body panels being a layer of Schoeller-Dynatec nylon mesh and a moisture-wicking liner. Even pockets are positioned in a way that impedes airflow as little as possible. The result is a riding kit that lets you feel the relief of even the slightest breeze on the hottest days – all without sacrificing protection.

Klim Baja S4 Jacket
KLIM Baja S4 Jacket

To further maintain ventilation and comfort, the Baja S4 is also loaded with Karbonite Micromesh 1000-denier stretch-woven nylon panels, which further add airflow and mobility. A 2-liter Hydrapak-compatible pocket in the back is ready for hot weather hydration. The Enduro S4 Jacket also features a pair of armpit vents and a horizontal back vent if you work up a sweat in foul weather. The Baja S4 Gloves deliver extensive ventilation and protection with perforated leather construction and direct-vent TPU armor designs.  

Klim Enduro S4 Jacket
KLIM Enduro S4 Jacket
Klim S4 Baja Gloves
KLIM S4 Baja Gloves


The Schoeller-Dynatec nylon mesh body panels in the Baja S4 that deliver ventilation also offer high abrasion resistance and durability. KLIM also uses ceramic-plated Superfabric in the key abrasion areas on elbows, shoulders and knees to provide exceptional road-ready abrasion protection. D3O Level 1 vented pads in the elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and back provide proven flexible impact protection. 

Klim Enduro S4 Pants
KLIM Enduro S4 Pants

For weather protection, the Enduro S4 Jacket and Pant are stretchy waterproof over-shells for any non-waterproof gear, but they’re also designed to work with the Baja S4 kit. If you wear a large Baja S4 Jacket, in most cases you’ll wear the large Enduro S4 on top of it as well. Around camp, that same Enduro S4 will still work as a waterproof layer without feeling like a plastic bag. On top of that, if you’re a dedicated minimalist, the Enduro S4 Jacket or Pants will roll up to form a camp pillow as well.

  • Baja S4 Jacket MSRP $549.99/Pant MSRP $449.99
  • Baja S4 Gloves MSRP $89.99
  • Enduro S4 Jacket MSRP $299.99/Pant MSRP $279.99

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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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2 thoughts on “KLIM Launches All-New ADV Gear: Baja S4 and Enduro S4

  1. some say “the search” is for that perfect surfing-wave or the lightest Adv bike? – for me it’s a search for a rider-suit/combo for >body-temps-heat and for colder days – both – maybe this KLIM S4 could work? Maybe it allows my body to fully cool itself by evaporation of sweat? – human water cooling. but – With a cupboard full of expensive fail-suits my optimism is low. I guess the bottom line will be a fully honest person testing these S4 suits in the Aussie outback at 40°C (105°F) summer heat. How to know if it REALLY inducts large amounts of air? ie cools – just weigh the suit before and after a ride on a 105°F day


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