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ADV ProductsKlim Badlands Pro ADV Suit Completely Revamped for 2018

Klim Badlands Pro ADV Suit Completely Revamped for 2018

Popular Klim Badlands gets key upgrades for comfort, safety & convenience.

Published on 11.22.2017

Klim Badlands Pro New for 2018

When the Badlands Pro was released to the Adventure Riding population over five years ago, it became a popular global travel companion for riders. And travel the world it did. Now, KLIM has announced an all-new Badlands Pro, engineered with proprietary ride-enhancing tech that is more user friendly and more comfortable, while providing higher levels of strength and safety.

From the inside out, KLIM has engineered the core of Badlands Pro DNA for the next epic trip. The new suit incorporate breakthroughs in; armor impact, armor coverage, and armor comfort performance, ventilation, storage, all-weather functionality, abrasion resistance, durability, and visibility.

Introducing KLIM D3O AERO PRO Armor

KLIM New Badlands Pro D30 Aero Pro Armor Adventure Motorcycle Gear
The new D3O AERO armor offers more coverage, better comfort and now meets Level 2 even at temperatures greater than 95° F.


KLIM D3O AERO PRO offers the most coverage and highest performance of any rider armor technology offered —passing CE Level 2 testing criteria across the gamut of temperature and moisture conditions. And it does this while ventilating 5X as much as the next best performing D3O with 44% more coverage.

KLIM D3O AERO PRO is the most ergonomically correct, highest performing, most well ventilated and widest covering Adventure Riding-specific impact armor available. It was designed by KLIM for one purpose — to serve the needs of world-class adventures.

KLIM New Badlands Pro Adventure Motorcycle Gear
The new Badlands Pro jacket gets a new collar with improved comfort and increased venting on the chest and shoulders.

Abrasion Invasion

Movement is an inherent part of the motorcycle experience and KLIM’s engineered exterior shell specifications intended to enhance this important component. For the Badlands Pro, one of the largest investments has been with Superfabric extreme abrasion panels placed on the highest abrasion zones. These custom-engineered, variable density fabric hybrids provide a combination of free movement and ironclad resistance. This is the tip-of-the-spear for off-the bike environmental contact and Superfabric® is placed in strategic locations to shed unwanted abrasion with absolute resilience.

KLIM New Badlands Pro Adventure Motorcycle Gear

Next, KLIM’s exclusive KARBONITE™ Ripstop panels back up Superfabric® in key impact and wear areas to provide high-mobility, yet extremely tough active fit patterning for a great combination of comfort and durability. To enhance movement and on-the-bike comfort in the face of the most durable exterior shell, KLIM engineers worked hard to incorporate user-friendly flexibility and intuitive ergonomic access to things like pockets and ventilation zippers. The high-spec fabric combinations, combined with articulated patterning bring a major upgrade to the comfort of the new Badlands Pro.

Guaranteed to Keep You Dry

This promise is backed by the proven performance of KLIM’s use of motorsports-exclusive GORE-TEX® 3-Layer Pro Shell technology. According to the company, “only KLIM bonds the world’s most breathable and durable waterproof apparel technology directly to the outside of the most durable shell materials available. ”

KLIM’s GORE-TEX® integration ensures a dry, breathable and comfortable ride regardless of exterior conditions or how hard you work.

KLIM New Badlands Pro Adventure Motorcycle Gear pants

Ventus Maximus

External weather conditions are only half of the comfort story on a ride. After all, when Adventure Riders encounter technical terrain, they heat up regardless of what the thermometer says. That’s why KLIM’s goal was to develop the most intelligent ventilation and comfort system for the all-new Badlands Pro.

Starting with the dynamic D3O AERO PRO armor’s open structure, airflow can now move completely through the best armor in the industry, cooling protected limbs in high exertion riding by expelling heat at newfound speeds. “We’re talking about a five time increase in ventilation potential in the highest-rated armor available,” says KLIM.

Further, KLIM engineered KLIMATEK COOL base layer fabric into the armor pockets of the Badlands Pro. This innovative cooling fabric utilizes chemical-free moisture transfer and cool evaporation technology that does not wear out over time. The result is a fabric with hyper-wicking properties and cooling your skin will feel next to jacket and pant armor.

KLIM New Badlands Pro Adventure Motorcycle Gear
Now there is a new stash pocket behind the backpad that is even more hidden.

Day to Day Function

Living in your gear day in and day out gives you a very intimate experience of all its attributes and nuances. Traversing the globe – deserts, mountain ranges, and foreign cities bring unique challenges both on and off the bike. With that in mind, the new Badlands Pro incorporates a design with a day-to-day function to work intuitively with the rider.

The Badlands Pro also incorporates more hidden stash pockets and anti-odor properties. To combat foul odors and sweaty residue buildup, KLIM now incorporates Polygiene technology to the entire interior finish fabrics of the new Badlands Pro. This permanently bound fabric tech applies naturally occurring bacteria eliminating properties to fabrics, to eliminate the month-long riding stench before it starts.

Badlands Pro Jacket MSRP: $999.99 (3XL $1029.99); Badlands Pro Pant MSRP: $699.99 (Tall sizes $719.99)

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Badlands Pro Jacket Badlands Pro Pants
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Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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Mark Wadlington
Mark Wadlington
November 22, 2017 6:32 pm


Peter Scholtz
Peter Scholtz
November 22, 2017 7:00 pm

Very impressive. Expensive but quite a lot of premium technology.

December 2, 2017 8:36 am

Yeah I’m not spending $1700 on a riding outfit, thanks. This is gear for people with more dollars than sense.

Jeff Cowser
Jeff Cowser
February 10, 2018 3:42 pm
Reply to  RobGRobG

its expensive yes, but when you absolutely nee the best there is. This is it. Hands down.

December 3, 2017 2:32 pm

My KLIM has some good features however….my CE back protection is cracking, the zippers seriously catch every time I have to go, the pads do not stay in place for protection when needed…. for the cost of this KLIM suit I expect perfection.

Gary Benkendorf
Gary Benkendorf
August 9, 2020 2:52 pm

Did I totally miss it? One of the prevailing issues was at the border’s edge of the collar and it’s comfort. Has the Collar design and the resulting neck abrasion issue been corrected?

Richard Munson
Richard Munson
January 3, 2021 4:20 am

Its pretty much garbage, the fit is rubbish, arms way to tight no room to layer under the jacket, CE2 armour is way too stiff, way to thick and cumbersome and just not needed, so impractical that I have had to take it out!!!! so no armour at all now. worst of all for me no pockets, well none worth a damn, I dont need much, just enough to fit a phone a wallet, the two chest pockets on the outside are so small that nothing I would normally carry will fit, some mesh bag things inside that are so flimsy I would not risk either a phone or a wallet and they are in the wrong place to carry stuff anyway. This just a really badly design jacket, and not worth the money.


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