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ADV ProductsMetzeler Introduces New MC 360 DOT Approved Knobbies

Metzeler Introduces New MC 360 DOT Approved Knobbies

A new high-performance knobby you can use to ride from home to the trail.

Published on 03.21.2017

Always innovating with new products for motorcyclists; the Metzeler brand has announced to the off-road world the new MC 360 tire. With the new MC 360, Metzeler made versatility a key focus as the tire has been developed for use in various off-road disciplines that include motocross, supercross, cross country and freestyle all while being DOT approved. This is also the tire used by a Team of Africa Twin Riders on their recent record breaking climb of a South American volcano.

The MC 360’s versatility has been made possible thanks to the development of two innovative tread patterns for mid-soft and mid-hard specifications which guarantee, respectively, high levels of traction on soft ground and also resistance to tearing on hard surfaces.

Metzeler MC 360 Motorcycle Tires


The name chosen for this product is not random: the ​​number 360 emphasizes the all-around ability of this tire to provide excellent traction on a wide variety of terrain. The new MC 360 has been developed to ensure maximum performance from soft dirt and sand, up to abrasive, rocky surfaces.

Metzeler MC 360 Motorcycle Tires

The MC 360 is also reversible so that when the knobs become worn on their forward edges, the rider can change the tire’s direction of rotation for extended life. Another feature that will be much appreciated by enduro riders, is the ability to leave from your home on the bike to reach the trails as the tire is DOT approved for road use.

General Features

• Two unique tread patterns available: mid-soft and mid-hard.
• Versatile range for trail, track or road use.
• Reversible tread pattern for prolonged tire life.
• High traction and performance on a variety of terrain.
• Highly resistant to cuts and tearing.
• New compounds 100% Carbon Black.
• Compliant with both DOT and UNECE75.

Shopping Options:

Mid-Soft Mid-Hard

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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