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ADV ProductsNew SENA 30K Headsets To Use Adaptive Mesh Technology

New SENA 30K Headsets To Use Adaptive Mesh Technology

Sena to offer new top-tier headset with adaptive mesh-network capabilities.

Published on 12.02.2016

Sena has announced their latest, top of the line helmet intercom headset: the 30K. This cutting-edge device is Sena’s smartest unit to date, utilizing Adaptive Mesh-Networking technology to keep up to 16 riders connected better than ever before.

Anyone who’s ridden in a group connected with Bluetooth headsets has probably had the experience where one rider that travels out of range causes several other riders to get disconnected from the group. This is because standard Bluetooth connects each rider in a daisy chain (linear pairing). If a rider in the middle of the chain disconnects, the chain is broken and riders in the front of the chain can no longer communicate with those in the rear.

Sena’s new wireless Adaptive Mesh-Networking technology connects riders in a grid rather than one-to-one. Each rider is connected to every rider in the group to ensure seamless group connections and if one rider drops out of the network, none of the other connections are affected.


Sena 30k Headsets Adaptive Mesh Technology

The new Sena 30k uses an innovative dual antenna with 2 separate processors, one for Bluetooth and the other for Adaptive Mesh Networking. The 30K also has the ability to connect to both Mesh-Networking and Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This allows you to have a conversation over Adaptive Mesh Networking, while also using Bluetooth operation such as music streaming, GPS navigation, or built-in FM tuner. And thankfully, audio features won’t interrupt one another but simply overlay for a smooth listening experience.

The working distance of the Sena 30k is 1.2 miles (2 km), with clear line-of-site, for both Bluetooth and Adaptive Mesh-Networking intercom connections. Rider communication range can be extended even further when mobile data is available, using Sena’s new RideConnected app.

Sena 30k Headsets Adaptive Mesh Technology
Although the 30K has evolved to Adaptive Mesh-Networking technology, it still is Bluetooth compatible and able to connect to the new RideConnected App and all other Sena and non-Sena devices. Answer phone calls, listen to GPS navigation, or jam out to the built-in FM radio all through the 30K.

Another unique capability of the Sena 30K is a new quick feature that offers 4 hours of use after charging the device for just 15 minutes. This should come in handy if you ever forget to charge your headset overnight before a long day of riding. When fully charged, the 30K has a max talk time of 13 hours.

Once you’re on the road, complete control of the 30K can be managed through hands-free voice commands that allow you to seamlessly move through music, phone, and intercom features. The unit is also water resistant and ready for the rigors of adventure riding. The new 30K is compatible with Sena’s optional Handlebar Remote control as well as all of the 20S clamp accessories. Retail price is $349 and the 30K is expected to hit the market mid-2017.

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Author: Annette Peterson

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6 thoughts on “New SENA 30K Headsets To Use Adaptive Mesh Technology

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    • I have a Sena SMH10 and it is weather proof. I don’t think you could submerge it in water but I have ridden through major rain storms with no ill effects.

  2. I love my Sena SMH-10 however am I just now seeing the fact that the mesh technology will only give me a range of 1.2 mile just the same as my bluetooth. Are they kidding me, I do not know why I have been waiting around for this garbage. They better come out with something better than that or I will go back to using a CB again. Sena stop playing with your fan base and stop taking us for granted. Sena is not the end all be all to think they can give us a 1/2 baked unit and ask for premium dollars behind it. Oh I like your app but most carriers do not carry the bandwidth to keep a bunch of riders connected to any real length of time or in rule area’s. Just saying…

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