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ADV ProductsSena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera Review

Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera Review

An action camera you can control remotely from your Bluetooth headset.

Published on 10.28.2016

Sena has been producing cutting-edge communication systems for motorcycling and other action sports since the company’s inception in 1998. In more recent times, they’ve become one of the top brands in Bluetooth intercom headsets for motorcyclists. It was only a matter of time before they would develop their own action camera with the ability to integrate seamlessly with popular Sena headsets like the 10S and 20S.

Sena got into the game with the release of the Prism, a revolutionary new action camera that can be controlled and operated via a Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset. The Sena Prism is also unique in that it allows you to record audio directly from your headset onto video shot with the camera. The intercom mic tucked neatly behind a chin vent in your helmet provides clear, quality sound of not only your voice, but the voices of others you are communicating with during your ride and any ambient sounds in the surrounding environment. And with your headset’s built-in noise reduction feature, the audio recording automatically cleans up annoying wind and rattling noises.

Sena Prism Action Camera Diagram
One feature that we really appreciated was the Status LED light that flashes a different color depending on the mode the camera is in.

How it Performed


We used the Sena 10s Bluetooth headset in conjunction with the Sena Prism action camera to record high-quality intercom audio onto our ride videos. Another unique feature is the ability to record the music you are listening to on your headset, allowing you to overlay music onto your ride videos without the need for video editing software.

Sena Prism with Sena 10s headset
Controlling the Prism’s recording with a Sena headset (voice commands or jog dial) provides a whole new level of convenience.

Control of the camera occurs through the Jog-dial buttons on the Sena headsets or through voice command prompts. Additionally, you can use buttons on top of the camera to control it directly. A simple user interface and LCD display allows you to toggle through different menu settings, check battery life and other camera functions. The Sena Prism provides four different shooting modes: video, single shot, burst and time-lapse.

Sena Prism handlebar mount
Sena Prism mounted on the handlebar as a selfie cam. You can mount the camera virtually anywhere as long as it remains in Bluetooth range.

The Sena Prism comes with a full kit of assorted accessories, including several different mounting options for helmets, crash bar and bodywork suction cups. It even comes with a waterproof housing that shoots excellent photos and video underwater in depths of up to 40 meters (hopefully that’s deeper than any river crossing you’ll encounter). The camera is also water resistant and does not require the included waterproof housing while riding in the rain.

sena prism action camera accessories
The Sena Prism comes with an full array of mounting attachments and accessories, making it one of the best action camera values on the market.

Who is it For?

The Sena Prism is a great camera for any rider that wants to record their own dialogue, group conversations or background music directly onto their motorcycle ride videos, without the need to learn sophisticated video editing.

Our Verdict

The Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera is simple and convenient to use. We enjoy shooting with it and have come to rely on it for many of our shoots. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, the camera is easily controlled from your headset and gives you the ability to record speech and music directly onto your ride videos.

However, the video capture settings are not as high-quality as some of other top action cameras currently on the market. The Sena Prism shoots at 1080p, where other action cameras are now shooting at 2k or 4k. It shoots excellent 1080p full HD quality video at 30 frames per second, but there are no choices to shoot other frame rates (e.g. 24fps, 60fps, 120fps). Slow motion frame rates are only available at lower resolutions (e.g. 720p:60fps, 480p:120fps). While it may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the top action cameras on the market, for most applications the Prism’s video capture settings will suffice.

Video Example Clips Using the Sena Prism:

Video Capture Mode = 720p:60 fps


Video Capture Mode = 1080p:30 fps


Still photography modes capture photos at 5 megapixel in single shot mode and 3 megapixels in burst or time-lapse mode.

Photos Taken With the Sena Prism:

Sena Prism photoSena Prism photoSena Prism photo
Sena Prism photoSena Prism photoSena Prism photo

This is a great camera for any rider wanting to record their ADV dialogue and conversations directly onto their video to share with family and friends, and it provides a good alternative for more expensive, professional action cameras on the market. If you are not the type to mess around with endless settings and complicated editing software, the Prism is a nice option. And for the price it’s a relative bargain, especially when you consider all of the included mounts and accessories.

What We Liked

  • Easily incorporate voice and music into your videos.
  • Conveniently control your camera with your Bluetooth headset.
  • Relative bargain when considering all the included accessories.
  • Adventure-proof, rugged, water-resistant build.
What Could Be Improved

  • Video and Photo quality not cutting edge.
  • Sena Prism SmartPhone App does not have video preview option.

The Sena Prism, with all of the accessories, is available for $249.95 MSRP. For those that want to save money, you can purchase the Sena Prism Lite, which is just the camera alone for $199 MSRP.

Shopping Options: Revzilla

Photos by Stephen Gregory

Author: Stephen Gregory

Stephen Gregory is a passionate adventure rider, photographer, videographer and explorer. Having traveled through almost all of the 50 states as well as parts of Mexico and Europe he has captured some of the most compelling photography and videography in the adventure riding community. He has lived all throughout the United States from New York City to Los Angeles, calling 9 cities home. He now calls Orange County California home where you can find him ripping up local Jeep trails.

Author: Stephen Gregory

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