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ADV VideosA Baja Motorcycle Trip to Rediscover a Timeless Paradise

A Baja Motorcycle Trip to Rediscover a Timeless Paradise

 Short film by Dana Brown breathes new life into the timeless allure of Baja.

Published on 02.24.2016

The allure of Baja resonates worldwide among adventure riders, fueled in large measure by the legendary 1000-mile epic race that takes its name from the Mexican province known as Baja California. A new short film — Lost and Found: Baja, by Dana Brown — follows a group of riders as they experience the unique scenery, architecture and people of this landscape.

Dana Brown is the director of the Baja 1000 documentary “Dust to Glory” and son of Bruce Brown, the filmmaker whose film “On Any Sunday” revolutionized the sport of motorcycling in 1971.

Filmmaker Dana Brown's 1965 Baja Motorcycle trip.
In 1965 Bruce Brown and his friend journeyed down the Baja Peninsula when it was still an uncharted land.


In 1965 Bruce and a friend embarked on a Baja motorcycle trip, two years before the first running of the Baja 1000, when it was still an uncharted land with no paved roads. More than 50 years later, Dana returns to follow in his father’s tracks on a journey down the Baja Peninsula.

The film weaves a deeply personal narrative of his own journey to this land of surf, sand and sun. Liberally laced with the thrills and spills of this magical ride, the video also attempts to define the essence that makes men and women fire up a motorcycle, and go chase dust in this inhospitable land.

Baja Motorcycle Trip
“Today the adventure remains, the tradition is still alive in a place that defies time.” -Dana Brown

While the stunning videography, edited magnificently, and the evocative soundtrack help bring alive the splendor of Baja, it’s the honest emotions of the riders, and the change in them, that immortalize this paradise that is both primeval and modern. In short, it’s the kind of film that makes you want to crack open a Tecate after a long day’s ride and watch the sun set over a cactus-lined horizon.

Author: Derek Alberts

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8 thoughts on “A Baja Motorcycle Trip to Rediscover a Timeless Paradise

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  2. Great video, I’m totally jealous, but they had to put the bike on a cooler to work on it? A huge chase truck with a 15ft trailer and no one thought to pack an engine stand or even a milk crate?

  3. The sky opened up and took hold the freedom. who is the song from, I want to have this song for my 4th trip down, can not get enough of Baja. Great short clip thanks

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