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ADV VideosHere’s Stunt Rider ‘Teach’ McNeil’s Idea of an Adventure Ride

Here’s Stunt Rider ‘Teach’ McNeil’s Idea of an Adventure Ride

Teach takes his BMW S1000XR on an unforgettable adventure through Maine.

Published on 02.20.2017

While we all have different ideas on what adventure riding is about, some approach it quite differently than others – like professional stunt rider Chris “Teach” McNeil. We all enjoy challenging ourselves and getting out to enjoy the natural beauty of the land, but Chris’ idea of a peaceful ride through the countryside is on another level.

The state of Maine is Chris’ latest playground in this recent clip called Elements. Chris takes his BMW S1000XR on backcountry roads, rocky dirt paths, over logs and through rivers. At every opportunity his tremendous stunting skills are on display with 100 mph wheelies, 1/8-mile-long stoppies and smokey power slides through every corner. The 160 hp Beemer screams as the tach needle bounces constantly off the rev limiter, but this is just Teach’s way of blowing off a little steam.


Chris Teach McNeil BMW S1000XR Adventure Ride

“When I’m on the motorcycle, it can look like chaos… but inside my helmet I’m calm and focused,” says Teach. “I feel alive when the revs come up and the clutch gets dropped. The rear tires starts spinning. I’m getting as close to that line of danger as I can.”

Chris Teach McNeil BMW S1000XR Adventure Ride

While most of us mortals would be deathly afraid performing his stunts, this is when Chris’ “worries melt away.” Yet like us all, Chris finds satisfaction in challenging himself, the bike and the terrain, albeit on a different level. While his style of riding may be quite extreme, the video encourages us to “get out there and make life a ride” and that’s something we can all sure as hell relate to.

Click the link on the video above to go inside the helmet of Chris “Teach” Mcneil as he shares his own unique perspective on what adventure riding is all about.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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8 thoughts on “Here’s Stunt Rider ‘Teach’ McNeil’s Idea of an Adventure Ride

  1. While that level of riding / skill is impressive, it is apparent that this is a closed course, carefully choreographed film and if performed in a public environment would lead tickets, a voided warranty,jail ? and a trip to the hospital for most others. Only a sponsored rider could beat the crap out of an expensive BMW and ride like a holigan. So really what is the point of it all ?

  2. There is a place for extreme riding – a closed course! Promoting this kind of riding as “adventure riding” is patently ridiculous. All across North America our backcountry access is being shut down and it is this mentality that is driving the enviros and non-motorized elements to shut it down. I grew up with uncles that raced (one in the Canadian Hall of Fame) and it was made clear that if you want adrenaline get your ass to a closed course where everyone has somewhat comparable skills and is going the same way – oh and there is an ambulance standing by. Message, our backcountry isn’t a race course and if this was done on public lands or roads it should be buried not promoted.

    • Hey pal enjoy your little ego trip. Do this crap in the public eye and responsible riders suffer land closures etc. But hey what do you like because it’s all about you. Think about the sport and the group and not about your on line ego. This isn’t about entertainment it’s about some dipwad and his “look at me” narcissism.

      • Lol who said anything about riding like this in public? I said exactly the opposite “don’t take things so literal”. Anyone with common sense would know this is something he did to entertain. That is to watch and enjoy his skills as a rider. Amazing how watching a wheelie on a closed course can offend you.

        • OK and please tell me how many closed courses have highway signs, single and double yellow stripes and houses on them. Closed coarse would be an old airstrip or a race track….nothing I saw resembled that and it sure looked like public land in the dirt….not a motocross track or whatever….listen to the clown and he certainly gives the impression he’s just out where ever he pleases. This kind of stuff hurts responsible riders as John Q Public takes it for all of us. Just what do you know that we don’t that this is indeed a closed coarse? You own the house, paint the lines or put up the signs?

          • Paint lines? put up signs? Man you really need to look up what a closed course means. wow. I guess you’ve never seen the behind the scenes of a car commercial where they close down a freeway or neighborhood to shoot. Sorry to break it to you but all those car commercials zipping fast through freeways and neighborhoods are actual places. I guess you are also upset about those. smh.

            • What I’m saying is that although there are tons of “Look at me” videos on u-tube, those can be passed off as individuals acting irresponsibly. Very little of the video shows anything close to ADV riding. People see riders stunting on public roads in real life, then they see this video and get the idea that this is what ADV riding is about, “closed coarse” or not, what they see is public roads, nature and reckless driving. That would be people who write elected officials to close down public lands to motorized vehicles. Add some major manufacturers as sponsors and they might get the idea that that is what we all are or aspire to be. If he wanted to do a stunt video on a big bike with luggage he didn’t have to attach ADV to it. And really what was with the burn out on the barge? Great image for the Sierra Club. And I doubt any elected official would take seriously a letter writing campaign to close a freeway permanently to vehicular travel due to a car commercial. Associating ADV with this video is bad PR, having some of those sponsors made it worse. And before you go there, all it takes is one Sierra Club type to see this and through the magic of the internet, they all can see it and it’s sponsers (endorsing it), get indignant, and write public land managers about ADV riders and the dangers they pose….


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