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ADV VideosFive Parisian Girls Ride the High Passes of the Himalayas

Five Parisian Girls Ride the High Passes of the Himalayas

A friendly bet turns into a hair-raising ride across the world’s highest passes.

Published on 04.15.2015

A love for adventure and motorcycles was all that five young attractive French girls needed to ride the foothills of the Himalayas. The five friends knew they were in for a once-in-a-lifetime ride, but had no idea they would venture so far beyond the comfort zones of their fashionable lives in sophisticated Paris.

To document their once-in-a-lifetime experience, they roped in the support crew as videographers. Beautifully edited, the result is a magnificent three-part account of their trip traversing the world’s highest roads in north-western India.

Having flown to the Indian capital of New Delhi, they make their way to Manali in the north-west where they meet up with their steeds – a modernized fleet of the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet.


Their 500cc low-slung motorcycles prove to be formidable workhorses over the 1,200 mile (2,000 km) journey split between 80% hard surface and 20% bad dirt. Not only do these motorcycles each lug more than 220 pounds (100 kg) of luggage and extra fuel, they also behave impeccably in the hands of their petite pilots.

Five french girls ride off himalayan cliffs
Few Himalayan Passes are protected by barriers and steep cliffs plummet down into petrifying chasms below.

Road conditions vary from smooth asphalt to mud holes in treacherous tracks waiting to upend an unwary rider. Not helping is the danger of rock falls, and possibly even more daunting are the homicidal driving of other road users.

Some of their biggest challenges include a terrifying night ride and conquering high Himalayan Passes. Riding the world’s highest roads comes with difficulties the women are not prepared for — altitude sickness. With roads touching the 16,000-foot mark (about 5,000 meters), they battle nausea, headaches and exhaustion.

Five French girls ride himalayan cliffs
The L’équipée girls take on some of the infamous high Himalayan Passes.

Their journey also affords them a rare glimpse into the culture of the high country people. Struggling with the local cuisine at the start, they soon learn to appreciate the subtleties and nuances of Himalayan cooking. Humbled by the sincerity of the prevailing Tibetan Buddhism creed, the women pay rich tribute to the hospitality they receive.

Their Himalayan trip is more than just an extraordinary adventure; it’s a deeply emotional roller coaster ride that tests their mental resolve as much as it does their physical prowess, tempered with a healthy dose of humor and the comforting chug of their Royal Enfields.

Check out Episode One of their trip:

For more action from their continued journeys, follow the L’équipée Facebook Page

Author: Derek Alberts

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