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8 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concepts by Oberdan Bezzi

Dual sport concepts the famous designer thinks manufacturers should build.

Published on 06.25.2015

5 & 6. BMW Dakar Rally Tribute Bikes

BMW’s racing DNA runs deep in the Paris Dakar lore and the marque is now mining the dividends of its 1980s dominance. To this end, Bezzi has designed machines that pay tribute to the legends who raced the equally legendary R80/GS to victory in the Sahara desert – Hubert Auriol (1981, 1983) and Gaston Rahier (1984, 1985).

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: BMW R1200GS GASTON CONCEPT
Oberdan Bezzi BMW R1200GS “Gaston” Concept
Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: BMW R1200GS HUBERT CONCEPT
Oberdan Bezzi BMW R1200GS “Hubert” Concept

While colors and livery will distinguish the individual packages, the real prize is the new 1200 liquid-cooled motor, 21” front rim, and Telelever forks. The Hubert Auriol and Gaston Rahier tribute bikes could also serve a developmental role in BMW’s quest to re-assert its off-road dominance from yesteryear. Hand building these machines with personalized performance tweaks would also add to their mystique.


The intention is clear — to throw down the gauntlet with a fearsome off-road statement for which select customers will pay top dollar. Who better to bring it all together than Bezzi?

7. Moto Guzzi “Vetta” 1200 Global Sport

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: MOTO GUZZI VETTA 1200 BAGs

Few briefs are up Bezzi’s street better than the total redesign of the successor to the aging Stelvio. Bezzi doesn’t spare the traditions – the 1200 Global Sport is a lean maxi-enduro with a mean stance that hollers at those adventure riders happier in the dirt.

Certainly a departure from the Motto Guzzi norm, the Vetta is bound to stir up tensions in the big boy club, not to mention attracting some desirous stares.

While the unwieldy V-twin motor remains a design challenge, Bezzi’s no-holds barred treatment of the frame and suspension has created a dirt-friendly package with decent clearance on par with the opposition.

In true Bezzi style, the Vetta also radiates practicality and versatility, be it commuting on asphalt or crossing a continent. It’s an exciting concept, one sure to rev up the 1200 club. Viva Vetta!

8. BMW R 120 “PD SPIRIT”

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: BMWR 120-PD SPIRIT

Unashamedly harking back to the pioneering days of the GS series, Bezzi’s R 120 PD SPIRIT epitomizes the timelessness of classic design. It’s also Bezzi’s not-so-subtle counter punch to the seemingly endless proliferation of technologically elitist machines.

What’s the point, Bezzi asks, of a bike that is made to conquer continents, but is used for commuting? Instead, why not have a bike that ticks all the boxes – comfortable, credible, and classically good-looking?

Duly inspired by the “blank canvas” of the R nineT, Bezzi builds the SPIRIT around the characteristic 1200cc air-cooled twin motor. He adds upside down forks, old-school headlamp and an original front fender but also ditches the protective plastic up front.

While the spoked wheels with decent off-road rubber, a bulbous tank and flat seat underline the SPIRIT’s dirty intentions, it’s the nostalgic Paris Dakar decals that seal this real deal.

For more of Oberdan Bezzi’s designs visit Motosketches website.
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Author: Derek Alberts

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6 thoughts on “8 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concepts by Oberdan Bezzi

  1. There is a market of buyers in here. it’s a group of individuals desiring to ride freeways and also non motocross dirt riding. bike has to have super wide ratios in its tranny, light weight (450) similar to KTM 950 SE which was popular and BMW HP which can have 170mm rear tire and do OK enough in sand too. Goal is to design a buggout machine handling any surface, any terrain, go as fast as possible for as long a distance as possible. Natural tank. shaft drive is nice but heavy. Even those old Paris Dakar things are better than many machines made today. Factor in a few disasters and people will need electric float planes and dual sports and all dugout stuff galore


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