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ADV Bikes8 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concepts by Oberdan Bezzi

8 Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concepts by Oberdan Bezzi

Dual sport concepts the famous designer thinks manufacturers should build.

Published on 06.25.2015
oberdan bezzi best dual sport motorcycle concepts

If ever the Zen and Art of Motorcycle Design is to be written, Oberdan Bezzi surely must be the inspiration. The flow of designs from his studio in Riccioni, on the north-east coast of Italy, reveal a personal quest for perfection, both in artistic rendition and the elusive mesh between innovation and market appeal.

As a world-renowned designer, Bezzi likes to create concept bike sketches he believes manufacturers “should” build. They may not always agree, but some of Bezzi’s sketches have turned out to closely resemble models that later went into production (e.g. BMW S1000R). He also works with major manufactures like Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia as an external consultant and has had a hand in designing a number of bikes that have gone into production.

Oberdan produces concepts for all styles of motorcycles but many of his most impressive renditions are dual sport or adventure bike models. Here are eight of his best dual sport motorcycle concepts in no particular order:


All design concepts courtesy Oberdan Bezzi

1. BMW R1200 “BAJA”

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: BMW R1200 BAJA

Inspired by the legendary off-road challenge in Mexico’s Baja peninsula, Bezzi’s iteration of the much-anticipated BMW Scrambler oozes race-ready appeal. Conceived as a limited edition promo to spearhead the scrambler’s future launch, Bezzi’s concept is based on the wildly successful R nineT roadster, the perfect “blank canvas” bike.

Immediate impressions of the Baja speak of the German marque’s characteristically competitive spirit, but with an iconic flourish. Spoked wheels, 21” front, high-end forks, raised front fender, competition pipe, and a let’s-get-dirty stance leave little doubt about the Baja’s racing ambitions.

Stripped to the bare essentials, a minimalist instrument cluster, telescopic forks and the air-cooled “oilhead” engine overshadow the high-end chassis, modern suspension and braking fitments. But a racing seat and streamlined tank leave no doubt about the Baja’s distance running ambitions; the kind of bike designed to chase down, and keep down, a trail of dust.

2. Yamaha MT-09 Triple WORLDCROSSER

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: YAMAHA MT-09 TRIPLE WORLDCROSSER CONCEPT

The inspiration behind the MT 09 Triple Worldcrosser cannot be mistaken and surely is as close as any designer can possibly get to the ultimate long-distance adventure motorcycle.

Boasting an under-seat auxiliary tank, crash bars, knobby tires, skid plate and headlight protector, the Worldcrosser clearly is the off-road version of what Bezzi reckons should be the next generation Ténéré. Yamaha, we suspect, knows that Bezzi has hit the sweet spot and that this particular rendition will blow open the middleweight sector, and more so if the aggressive Ténéré pricing is carried through.

The MT-09 Naked Bike platform with its highly rated 857cc Triple engine is key. With 107 horses on tap, it packs a punch on par with the 1200cc Super Ten but the bike tips the scales about 50 pounds shy of what the BMW F800GS and Triumph Tiger 800 weigh. Put in adventure speak, even with heavier trim, Bezzi’s bike still outguns its rivals in power and weight. Who said pretty can’t punch?

3. Moto Guzzi X-Rally

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: MOTO GUZZI X-RALLY 1200

Bezzi is not scared to push the envelope and the Moto Guzzi X-Rally represents his progressive thinking, not only in the design of the bike, but also for advocating the entry of an up-yours scrambler in the enduro class.

Inspired by the Stelvio NTX1200, the X-Rally appears to be a much better off-road prospect. The limitations of the cumbersome V-twin powerplant notwithstanding, Bezzi has improved its off-road credentials with a leaner look, robust frame, higher clearance, dual-sport tires and twin Akrapovic exhausts.

More to the point, a redesigned seat makes for a more upright riding position and a new suspension for greater travel front and rear. Laudable as Bezzi’s efforts are, critics fixate on the Stelvio’s weight hovering around the 600 lbs (275 kg) mark, and the high-revving motor that loses out on low-torque grunt.
Then again, Bezzi’s self-proclaimed mission is not to reconcile the impossible, but to challenge the status quo. This the X-Rally does, and more.

4. Aprilia 750 Pegaso V2

Best Dual Sport Motorcycle Concept: APRILIA 750 PEGASO V2 PROJECT

The demise of the Aprilia Pegaso 650 Trail and Honda Transalp XL700V left a vacuum in the middle-weight adventure motorcycle market, a gap Bezzi hopes to plug with the Pegaso 750 Trail V-Twin concept.

Built around the same motor as that of the Dorsoduro 750 Supermoto, the styling is strongly reminiscent of the Caponord 1200. The motor seems a perfect fit – the V-twin configuration and six-speed transmission promises a highly tractable ride with enough oomph to cross a continent or haul a pillion.

It’s appeal lies in the exotic package though, beautifully sculpted lines matched to the unique character of an Italian V-Twin. Others see the 750 Trail as the perfect cross-over between smooth tar and bumpy gravel, a true all-rounder with sultry Italian styling.
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Author: Derek Alberts

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Rick Carnagey
Rick Carnagey
June 25, 2015 2:29 pm

The Yamaha is the clear winner here and would likely have the biggest impact

Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson
June 26, 2015 12:03 am

As an F800 owner, I’d like to say that his MT09 is breathtaking ! Well done !

Michael Hayes (@mhayesdesign)
Michael Hayes (@mhayesdesign)
June 26, 2015 1:05 pm

Wow. That BMW would be REALLY tall.

Dan Chesser
Dan Chesser
July 19, 2015 1:31 am

If the Pegaso 750 became “real” and didn’t cost a gazillion dollars. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Andrew Friedman
Andrew Friedman
August 25, 2015 11:08 am

I’ll take the Guzzi thank you very much. :>)

August 5, 2018 2:30 pm

There is a market of buyers in here. it’s a group of individuals desiring to ride freeways and also non motocross dirt riding. bike has to have super wide ratios in its tranny, light weight (450) similar to KTM 950 SE which was popular and BMW HP which can have 170mm rear tire and do OK enough in sand too. Goal is to design a buggout machine handling any surface, any terrain, go as fast as possible for as long a distance as possible. Natural tank. shaft drive is nice but heavy. Even those old Paris Dakar things are better than many machines made today. Factor in a few disasters and people will need electric float planes and dual sports and all dugout stuff galore


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