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ADV BikesMeet the Africa Twin Police Bike Build by Roland Sands

Meet the Africa Twin Police Bike Build by Roland Sands

Think twice about running from the cops with this bike patrolling the streets.

Published on 12.11.2017

Known for their forward-thinking approach and innovative efforts, the Redondo Beach, California Police Department has added to their fleet a pair of custom police motorcycles based on the Honda CRF1000L platform. The two Africa Twin Police Bikes were donated by American Honda to support the recently launched City of Redondo Beach Police Foundation, which funds new technologies to help advance the vision of the police department.

The move to acquire the new bikes started when officers began considering the possibility of transitioning from their current Honda ST1300p bikes to an adventure-bike platform. This with the idea that their relative agility, lighter weight, and increased suspension travel would make them well suited for police work.

Roland Sands Design Honda Africa Twin Police Bike


Enter the Africa Twin, a 998cc adventure bike that is smaller and more nimble than conventional police motorcycles yet still has the power needed for police duties. Police Chief Keith Kauffman approached Honda with the idea, and after officers successfully tested a pair of units, Honda decided to move ahead with the donation.

The donated Africa Twins are equipped with automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), which helps officers to focus more of their attention on riding and police work. In addition, the units have been equipped with a number of Honda Accessories. But that’s not all, with the help of noted bike customizer Roland Sands, the police department has made a number of modifications targeted at increasing the bike’s law-enforcement functionality.

Honda Africa Twin Police Build
The Africa Twin Police Bike is equipped with an AR-15 riffle with locking gun mount.

Among the many police-specific enhancements included in the build are a set of U.S. Armor soft saddlebags with level IV rifle plate armor, an HBH AR-15 locking gun mount, an axion police camera, lidar gun, a SoundOff Signal bluePRINT police PA and lighting system, and a quick-release Kevlar ballistic blanket that acts as a bulletproof shield.

Honda Africa Twin Police Bike Build

RBPD Africa Twin Police Bike
U.S. Armor customized soft saddlebags include a quick-release bulletproof shield that extends across the bike to provide instant cover for police officers.

Honda Africa Twin Police Build

With the aid of Ohlins suspension, Dunlop D908 tires, Cycra hand guards, AltRider skid plate, crash bars and a high fender kit, the RBPD will also be ready to pursue criminals anywhere they go whether it be the soft sand of the beach, jogging paths, train tracks or stair steps.

Honda Africa Twin Police Build

Honda Africa Twin Police Build

Honda Africa Twin Police Build

Honda Africa Twin Police Build
Seat comfort was improved with a Saddlemen custom Seat cover with gel insert.

VIDEO: Honda Africa Twin Police Bike at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show.

The Roland Sands Police Bike will act as a test bed for innovative new law enforcement products and techniques. “One of the things that the police department is really focused on is our vision statement: ‘We are the community, leading the way in law enforcement,” Chief Kauffman said. “That’s why when we look at partnering, we’re going out to the experts. If we want to be one of the most innovative law-enforcement departments in the country, we have to push the needle.”

If nothing else, we expect Redondo Beach’s Africa Twin will help make patrolling the streets a more efficient task for the officers. And we wouldn’t be surprised if there is a line of cadets waiting eagerly for a ride on this amazing custom built-police bike — a functional work of art by Roland Sands Designs.

Roland Sands Design Honda Africa Twin Police Bike

RBPD Africa Twin Police Bike Build List

· Ohlins complete adventure forks (FFHO 101)
· Ohlins rear piggyback shock (STX 46)
· Dunlop D908 Rally Raid tires
· Talon hubs with Excel rims (by Dubya)
· Pro Taper handlebars (Adventure bend)
· Cycra Pro Bend CRM Ultra handguards
· Saddlemen custom Seat cover with gel insert
· K&N air filter
· Police wiring harness by HBH
· HBH AR-15 locking gun mount
· SoundOff Signal Blueprint LED police lighting and PA system
· Axiom police camera
· PVP wireless push-to-talk radio communication
· Yoshimura RS-4 Slip On Exhaust
· U.S. Armor locking, quick-release, soft saddlebags with level IV rifle plate armor
· Pull out Kevlar ballistic blanket
· Trauma kit
· Lidar Gun
· AltRider Crashbars (custom PA speaker, laser/radar gun mounts by RSD)
· AltRider Skidplate
· AltRider High front fender mount with Cycra supermoto fender
· AltRider Front fork guards
· AltRider Front headlight guard
· AltRider Rear brake reservoir guard
· Altrider Luggage racks (pillion and rear)
· Pivot Pegz footpegs
· Paint by Airtrix
· Powdercoat by Specialized Coatings

Photos by Roland Sands Designs and Stephen Gregory

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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16 thoughts on “Meet the Africa Twin Police Bike Build by Roland Sands

  1. I admired their courage call it a police bike. Can’t see any element except police stickers and an AR. A huge definition of police bike is the siren and red/blue light.

    You will be pulled by cops with this design, not for trying to mimic, but failed so much for it.

  2. I didn’t realize Redondo Beach had turned into a war zone. I guess those surfers have gotten out of control. The knobby tires will be great for high speed pursuit on all the dirt roads in Redondo.

  3. “Decided to move ahead with the donation” yeah really no thanks keep your free buk s they didn’t work out for us! Lol

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  5. Really odd how these are tagged a “Roland Sands build” when I installed nearly everything on the bike before it ever got to Roland sands designs. All the functioning systems anyway. By no means am I trying to claim he, or his employees, had no part of the finished build. But, no credit has been given for everything that was already installed when he got them. I personally installed the sound off blueprint system and lighting. Which required building a custom wire harness to integrate into the stock HONDA wiring harness. Along with the pvp communication harness. Programming of the blue print system for various functions. All of this was laid out and functional when Roland sands, or employees of, took possession of these bikes. For hours upon hours of work to not only go unrecognized but, someone assuming credit for, is very bothersome. Which an extreme understatement to be honest. I would never take credit for someone else’s work. And, I would think someone such as Roland Sands Design, which has already achieved a fair amount of notoriety and success in the motorcycle industry, wouldn’t want to or need to either. It is ultimately a collaboration and I really like the end result of this project. I do appreciate and respect the addition to it by Roland sands designs. But, it’s not a “Roland Sands police bike”.

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