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ADV BikesHonda Shows Off New Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Honda Shows Off New Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

New stripped-down Africa Twin enduro on display at EICMA

Published on 11.08.2016

Honda has unveiled their new Enduro Sports concept bike at EICMA and it sure looks like a dirt warrior. The Africa Twin Enduro Sports concept has been created to expand the Africa Twin family and capture the imagination of customers dreaming of new possibilities for this “Go Anywhere” adventure machine.

As such, with the Enduro Sports version, Honda’s R&D designers have pushed the concept of the CRF1000L Africa Twin to new limits, with a vision for even better off-road ability. The base model has been embellished with several lighter weight chassis parts, derived from Honda’s single-cylinder racing CRF models. The overall look and feel of the Africa Twin Enduro Sports is one of lightness with a sporty attitude.

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept


According to Honda, the Enduro Sports concept was designed to be ‘Queen of the Off-Road’, like no other multi-cylinder machine.

At this stage, the Enduro Sports is just a concept and there are no details yet about whether the bike will ever go into production but the idea of a lighter, more nimble enduro version of the Africa Twin is sure to generate a lot of interest in the adventure segment. We’re crossing our fingers it will become a reality in the short term!

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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27 thoughts on “Honda Shows Off New Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

  1. This looks simply amazing. Between this and the Yamaha T7 I’m beginning to question if I should have purchased the new full size AT. Ultimately trying to get that one bike to cover all needs maybe fleeting and instead of selling and waiting for this new model or the T7, just having two bikes maybe the answer.

  2. Really feel like it should have the CB500 or CB 670 engine. I don’t think a few lightweight bits will make it much different enough from the regular AT. Dirt bike fender on a bike that big looks pretty weird, it would look much better with a rally fender.

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  4. Texas ADV riders need a 500-650cc twin styled like the Africa Twin or like the new Kawasaki Versus 300 with a lower seat height. Good (2) up seat with a large factory luggage rack.Honda and Kawasaki are on the right track. Still waiting to see something from KTM,Suzuki,and Yamaha!

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  6. Very cool! That’s what the new AT was supposed to be when Honda announced the revival of this marvellous travel bike. Target: 200 Kilos max. with a full fuel tank of at least 20 litres… – To compare: My AT (ABS) weighs about 240 Kilos including main stand, rack carrier and some electronic devices (heated grips, plug etc.). With Crash bars and a stainless steal carrier for panniers the weight exceeds 250 Kilos…That means riding an elephant when you go off-road and your own weight isn’t more than 70 Kilos.

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  9. Now you’re getting my attention Honda. I own a 2015 R1200GSA w serious nobbies and armored up to the hilt and used like huge comfortable dirt bike. I love it but after a couple years my skill level n guts now go beyond what it can be used for. The Rally kit offered by African Queens is awesome n really got my attention. So does your Enduro Sports concept. Here’s the deal: my off road buddies have 1190 n 1090r KTMs. I’ve been researching the 1090r n 1290SAR for months, along w the ATAS off n on. But is the suspension tough enough? and you still can’t turn off abs in the front. and despite ride by wire, no cruise control. I’ve read countless other guys commenting on this under YouTube videos and in magazines. A lot of us need cc for the ride to the dirt n the ride home. We’ve got beat up wrists etc from work and can’t hold a throttle for an hour or two straight without numbness n pain from inflammation. You’ve lost me twice to cc, once in 2016 and now in 2018. I’m more interested in the ktm 790 adv now than their bigger bikes. Picking up n managing 600lb bikes is a waist of my precious energy during an all day into night adv ride. 500lbs is much better but closer to 400 is more like it. I’m hearing rumors of the 790 being around 400….
    Your Enduro Sports concept looks competitive and awesome/badass. Get it Made!!!!
    You know the market is going that way n who wouldn’t want a killer Honda Enduro adv bike if it can perform like the best parts of the BMW n KTM?? A reliable and badass bike(and easy cheap maintenance) is where it’s at. And no I don’t want mechanical cc. Built into the bike is the way. Safe n easy.


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