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ADV BikesThe World’s Fastest GS?

The World’s Fastest GS?

Race for Relief project is breaking records while helping veterans with PTSD.

Published on 08.04.2017

How does going more than 170 mph on a BMW R1200GS sound? To the average person the idea might seem a bit strange — high top speeds and adventure bikes typically don’t go together. But to Trev Richter it sounded like a challenge worth accepting. With his background as an adventure riding coach and tendency to take everything to the limit, he was the perfect candidate to pilot the “World’s Fastest GS.”

Inspired by his 20-time motorcycle speed record holding partner Erin Sills, who regularly achieves speeds over 200 mph on her BMW S1000RR, Trev wanted to get in on the action. While attending an event last year at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Erin asked Trev what bike he’d like to race. His immediate response was “Why not a GS?”.

Trev liked the idea of doing something that had never been done before, but the project became even more inspiring after deciding to do it for a great cause. After reaching out to the Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP), an organization dedicated to helping veterans overcome the effects of PTSD, a partnership was formed to raise awareness and funds for the program during his land speed record attempts.

The World's Fastest GS
“Why a 1200 GS? It’s what I love to ride, no one has done it before and it’s the spirit of land speed racing. I wanted to build a bike that I could train on, tour with and also race.” -Trev Richter



Starting Platform: 2016 BMW R1200GS

Remove Unnecessary Parts: The bike weighs in at over 600 pounds, so attempts will be made to trim weight where possible (e.g. passenger pegs, passenger seat, etc.)

Aftermarket Exhaust: A high-flow Remus HexaCone SportExhaust drops 5 pounds off the bike and includes a removable sound insert that maximizes airflow during race events.

Nitrous Oxide System: Hunter Sills Racing is pioneering the first ever Nitrous Oxide system on a GS. “For the real fun.”

The World's Fastest GS R1200GS

Tunable ECU: A Tunable ECU allows for a higher redline and ensures proper dynamometer tuning can occur for the Nitrous Oxide system to avoid serious damage to the engine.

Taller Gearing: The Hunter Sills Racing team are considering transplanting gears from another BMW shaft drive model that offers taller factory gearing.

Wheels and Tires: The team is currently running stock wire-spoke wheels with W-Speed rated Continental Tires but are considering a set of race-spec wheels and tires as speeds increase.

The World's Fastest GS R1200GS

Preliminary speed runs on pavement were performed with no tuning or modifications, running knobby tires and side bags. Impressively, the bike achieved an indicated 140 mph (On a closed course with a professional rider of course.) This past May, the bike got its first ‘official’ test run at El Mirage dry Lake in California. This time with slick tires and luggage removed, it clocked 135 mph on the sun-baked 1.3-mile dirt course. This earned Trev a SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) Race License that is required for the other events that they plan on entering this year.

World's Fastest GS BMW R1200GS
Official Test run of the BMW R1200GS at El Mirage dry Lake in California.

With an official run completed, the team now has confidence they can achieve greater speeds with further modifications and a longer course during their upcoming Bonneville Salt Flat run. Trev is even going as far as making a fairing that will attach to his upper crash bars to deflect wind and gain a few extra miles per hour. With the hopes of eventually reaching 170 mph, every little bit counts!

In spite of being built to land speed specifications, the bike remains a capable adventure bike, complete with crash protection and luggage carrying capacity. When Trev isn’t attempting land speed records on it, he’s guiding backcountry tours and training riders how to ride off-road at Rawhyde’s Colorado facility.

At the end of the day no matter what feats they accomplish, it’s all to raise awareness for the Motorcycle Relief Project. The MRP specializes in multi-day adventure rides for veterans, a form of two-wheeled therapy that offers camaraderie and creates a support network for service men and women in need. At the conclusion of this Race For Awareness campaign, the team will be donating the “Fastest GS” to MRP along with any funds they raise along the way.

The World's Fastest GS R1200GS

Follow along with Trev and the Hunter Sills Racing Team at

Author: Spencer Hill

“The Gear Dude” has been fueling his motorcycle addiction with adventure since first swinging his leg over a bike in 2010. Whether he’s exploring his own backyard in the Pacific Northwest or crisscrossing the United States, Spencer is always in search of scenic off-road routes, epic camping locations and the best gear possible. He began writing shortly after taking up two-wheel travel to share his experiences and offer insight with his extensive backpacking, camping and overland background.

Author: Spencer Hill

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Eric Hall
Eric Hall
August 6, 2017 5:52 pm

awesome project

Spencer Hill
Spencer Hill
August 8, 2017 8:52 am
Reply to  Eric Hall

We think so too Eric!

Brett Tate
Brett Tate
July 16, 2019 12:21 pm

Spencer !!! Do you have any recommendations for high speed wobble?
My 2014 BMW adv has a dangerous wobble starting 95 & up. I’ve installed front & rear touratech custom shocks auto settings. I’ve ridden bmw adv’s for years & years. I had a slight wobble on my 2004 but it came from the rear wasn’t to bad. My 2014 comes from the front. It’s so bad I have to shut it down. I’ve tried air pressure , adjusting shocks, adjusting the slope. Can you give me any advice? The closest dealer is 300 miles away
not much on info once you’ve installed after market shocks. I never road it before I tore it down so I can’t say if factory shocks did the same.

Best regards,


May 15, 2020 4:00 pm

So what happened to this project?
I find the 140mph quite modest, not much of an achievement and here is why:
(from this on I switch to a proper metric system, you do the conversion, sorry)
My 2007 GS, is semi-tuned (had just two tuning updates and not directly on dyno tuning), 900 RPM limit raised, bigger throttle bodies (from newer model update), full exhaust system (of a modest price, not top-notch… SC Project final and some British handmade pipes), cut snorkel and racing filter. All these cost next to nothing. No weight loss (actually the rider, yours truly weights 105Kg), nothing else.
Well my 2007 1200GS, easily goes to 219Km/h ON GPS and probably has more to give (limiter not hit), as it is tested on a normal road and not a dragster desert runway.
So that way newer and way more tuned GS, is not something that special to write a whole article about.

honor biker
honor biker
February 26, 2024 7:39 am

Determining the “world’s fastest GS” is a bit tricky, as there are two main interpretations:
1.   Fastest production GS model: This title belongs to the BMW R 1250 GS, a powerful adventure bike capable of reaching speeds exceeding 125 mph (201 km/h). However, it’s important to remember that GS models are not designed for pure speed, but rather for versatility and off-road capability.
2.   Fastest modified GS: This title is constantly evolving as enthusiasts push the limits of these bikes. One notable example is Trev Richter’s BMW R 1200 GS, which has been modified for speed attempts on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Richter’s bike has reached speeds of over 144 mph (232 km/h) and is still under development with the goal of breaking records.
Therefore, depending on your definition, the answer could be either the BMW R 1250 GS or Trev Richter’s modified BMW R 1200 GS.


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