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ADV EventsCompetitionsSonora Rally - Oct. 17-22, 2022

Sonora Rally – Oct. 17-22, 2022

A multi-day, cross-country, off-road rally in Mexico’s scenic Sonora Desert.

Published on 09.26.2022

Back for 2022, the Yokohama Sonora Rally is a multi-day desert race that uses Dakar-style rally roadbooks for navigation.

Competitors will traverse everything from rocky mountains, washes, kilometers of flat-out beaches, open deserts and the largest most remote sand dunes in the Americas. If you’re familiar with Baja, Nevada, and similar traditional desert racing, kick those silty whooped-out habits because this is completely different! Nearly all of Sonora Rally is on roads and terrain completely unknown to off-road racing.

As with most cross-country rallies, the actual race course is never published in any form, and never known by the racers until they are on it in the race. Roadbooks for each stage are handed out the evening before that stage is to be raced, so there is little time to study it, and no opportunity to prerun it. The course is not marked, and no GPS tracks will be provided, nor allowed.

(Photo: Boyd Jaynes Photo/Sonora Rally)


And since the whole event is held in a region few if any of the competitors have ever been to, there will be no “past experience” to give local knowledge advantage to one competitor over another. Twenty-year Baja racing veterans won’t know the course any better than newcomers to Mexico.

In cross-country rally, competitors take care of themselves on the race course. Crew support can only be given in the bivouac. Any support provided to competitors by crew members on Specials or Transfers is forbidden except where specifically authorized by the rally organization. Only competitors can help other competitors on Specials or Transfers (liaisons).

Cars will start after the bikes, and some stages will be split towards the end so bikes and cars are on different tracks. The car course may also be a bit longer than the bike course to add to the separation.

Organizer: Sonora Rally

Register: Rally Center

Author: Christian Lowe

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