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ADV NewsDucati Unveils Long-Range Multistrada V4 ‘Rally’

Ducati Unveils Long-Range Multistrada V4 ‘Rally’

A new Multistrada is born with improved off-road capability, range and comfort.

Published on 09.29.2022

Two years after the launch of the fourth generation Multistrada V4, Ducati has dropped the cover on the all-new Multistrada V4 ‘Rally’. The new model was unveiled today on Ducati’s 2023 World Premiere web series and is packed with new features designed to give the bike more off-road capability, range and comfort.

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

First up, suspension travel has been increased to 7.9 in (200 mm) front and rear, up by 1.2 in (30 mm) and .8 in (20 mm) respectively, raising ground clearance to 9.1 in (230 mm). A new sensor on the fork enhances precision of the semi-active Marzocchi suspension by relaying the position of the front wheel in real-time with more accuracy and speed. The Multistrada Rally is also equipped with reinforced engine guards and 19”/17” tubeless spoked wheels as standard, redesigned and lightened to improve handling.

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle
2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

Additional wind protection has been added, with the windshield increased by 1.6 in (40 mm) in height and .8 in (20 mm) in width plus, modified deflectors reduce turbulence for the rider and passenger. The Rally model also features wider steel micro-cast rider footpegs that can be adjusted without tools and have a more aggressive profile for off-road use. In turn, passenger footpegs have been revised with oversized rubber inserts to reduce the level of transmitted vibrations. 

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle
2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle


To further increase comfort, the tail of the bike has been lengthened and the top case attachment is moved back to offer more leg area for the passenger. Furthermore, with seats of different heights for both rider and passenger and the lowered suspension kit, the Multistrada V4 Rally can be customized to suit rider’s needs. In addition, a center stand is standard on this bike to ease the loading and unloading of the side cases and to perform any maintenance.

For long-journeys and fewer fuel stops, range is also increased with a new larger capacity 7.9-gal (30 L) aluminum tank (up from 5.8 gal).

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle
2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

Advance Enduro Mode

The Enduro Riding Mode limits the 170 hp engine power to 115 hp with a dedicated Engine Mode, characterized by a more dynamic and direct response than the one of equal power dedicated to the Urban Mode. 

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

The Enduro Riding Mode also sets the DSS Evolution system (which allows the adjustment of preload and the hydraulic brakes in compression and rebound of the front fork and rear shock absorber) specifically for off-road riding. The traction control and Wheelie control systems switch to the lower intervention level and the ABS is set to level 1, suitable for off-road use on low-grip terrain. In this case, the rear wheel lift detection function, the Cornering function and the intervention on the rear wheel are disabled.

Easy Lift Function 

The Minimum Preload function, already introduced on the Multistrada V4 S in 2022, allows the rider to “lower” the bike when stopping and riding at low speed by minimizing the preload of the shock absorber. The Multistrada V4 Rally takes a further step forward in terms of ease of use by introducing the Easy Lift function. The new feature opens the valves of the semi-active units for about three minutes when the panel is switched on to maximize the flow of oil inside them, which softens the suspension, making it easier to lift the bike off the side stand.

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

The new model is further equipped with an Auto leveling function that delivers a constant adjustment to keep the bike’s riding characteristics unchanged when the rider, passenger and luggage configuration vary.

Extended Engine Deactivation

To improve thermal comfort and fuel consumption, the 1,158cc Multistrada V4 Rally introduces a new extended electronic deactivation strategy for the rear bank of cylinders, a technical solution debuting for the first time on a production motorcycle. Until now the V4 Granturismo proceeded to deactivate the two rear cylinders during stops with the engine running, on the Multistrada V4 Rally Ducati introduced a strategy that extends deactivation also to riding at low revs in specific conditions.

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

With this new strategy, even with the bike in motion, the control unit, depending on the gear engaged and other engine parameters (such as throttle opening and engine speed), interrupts the combustion of the rear bank at low speeds. As speed increases or if you want to take full advantage of the engine’s power, the cylinders are restarted, guaranteeing all the character and performance of the V4 Granturismo. The system is active in all Riding Modes, with a different calibration for each gear. However, it never works in first gear, which avoids standing starts with the rear bank deactivated.

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle


Besides the wide range of accessories and different seat configurations, it is also possible to make the Multistrada V4 Rally sportier and embellish its appearance with different parts of carbon fiber trim; aluminum levers and footrests machined from solid; dynamic LED indicators; and brake and clutch fluid reservoirs machined from solid as well.


2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

The Multistrada V4 Rally will start hitting dealer floors in the US and Canada in May 2023. The new model will be available in Ducati Red and Brushed Aluminum & Matt black, the latter with an exposed brushed aluminum fuel tank, with black spoke rims for both. 

US pricing for the Multistrada V4 Rally will begin at an MSRP of $31,495 for the Ducati Red color, with the Brushed Aluminum & Matt black starting at $31,995. For Canada, the Multistrada V4 Rally will start at an MSRP of $34,395 CAD for Ducati Red and MSRP of $34,995 CAD for the Brushed Aluminum & Matt black.

For more information visit

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Adventure motorcycle

2023 Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally Specs

ENGINE TYPE:Ducati V4 Granturismo, V4 – 90°, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotating crankshaft, twin pulse firing order, semi dry sump, liquid cooled
BORE X STROKE:83 x 53.3 mm
POWER:125 kW (170 hp) @ 10,750 rpm
TORQUE:121 Nm (89.2 ft-lbs) @ 8,750 rpm
FUEL INJECTION:Continental electronic fuel injection system, Øeq 46mm equivalent elliptical throttle bodies with Ride-by-Wire system
EXHAUST:Stainless steel muffler, double catalytic converter and 4 lambda probes
GEARBOX:6 speed with Ducati Quick Shift up/down
PRIMARY DRIVE:Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.8:1
GEARING RATIO:1=40/13, 2=36/16, 3=34/19, 4=31/21, 5=29/23, 6=27/25
FINAL DRIVE:Chain, Front sprocket z16; Rear sprocket Z42
CLUTCH:Multiplate clutch with hydraulic control. Self-servo action on drive, slipper action on over-run
FRAME:Aluminum monocoque frame
FRONT SUSPENSION:Ø50 mm fully adjustable usd fork with internal stroke sensor. Electronic compression and rebound damping adjustment with Ducati Skyhook Suspension EVO (DSS)
FRONT WHEEL:Spoked wheel 3″ x 19″
FRONT TIRE:Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 120/70 R19
REAR SUSPENSION:Cantilever suspension with fully adjustable monoshock. Electronic compression and rebound damping adjustment. Electronic spring preload adjustment with Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS). Aluminum double-sided swingarm
REAR WHEEL:Spoked wheel 4.5″ x 17″
REAR TIRE:Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 170/60 R17
WHEEL TRAVEL (FRONT/REAR):200 mm – 200 mm (7.9 in – 7.9 in)
GROUND CLEARANCE:235 mm (9.25 in)
FRONT BRAKE:2 x 330 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo Stylema 4-piston calipers, 2-pad, radial master cylinder with cornering ABS as standard equipment
REAR BRAKE:265 mm disc, 2-piston floating calliper, with cornering ABS as standard equipment
INSTRUMENTATION:6.5″ TFT color display with Ducati Connect and full-map navi system
DRY WEIGHT:227 kg (500 lb)
KERB WEIGHT:260 kg (573 lb)
SEAT HEIGHT:Adjustable 870 – 890 mm (34.3 – 35.0 in);
885 mm – 905 mm (34.9 in – 35.6 in) with high seat accessory;
855 mm – 875 mm (33.7 in – 34.5 in) with low seat #1 accessory;
825 mm – 845 mm (32.5 in – 33.3 in) with low seat #2 accessory;
805 mm – 825 mm (31.7 in – 32.5 in) with low seat #2 + low suspension kit accessory
WHEELBASE:1,572 mm (61.9 in)
TRAIL:105.5 mm (4.15 in)
FUEL TANK CAPACITY:30 l (7.9 US gal)
SAFETY EQUIPMENT:Riding Modes, Power Modes, cornering ABS, Ducati Traction Control, Ducati Wheelie Control, Ducati Brake Light, Ducati Cornering Light, Vehicle Hold Control
STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ducati Skyhook Suspension EVO, Ducati Quick Shift, Cruise control, Hands-Free, Backlit handlebar switches, 6,5″ TFT colour display with Ducati Connect and full-map navigation system, Full LED headlight with DRL, Engine Brake Control (EBC), Extended Cylinder Deactivation (ECD)
WARRANTY:24 months (48 months*), unlimited mileage. *Only for countries where 4ever Multistrada warranty applies.
MAINTENANCE SERVICE INTERVALS:15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 24 months
DESMOSERVICE:60,000 km (36,000 miles)
CO2 EMISSIONS:152 g/km
CONSUMPTION:Data under revision. Bike specifications and equipment may vary from market to market. Please refer to your local dealer for further information
PRICE (MSRP):$31,495 USD Ducati Red;  $31,995 USD Brushed Aluminum & Matt Black ($34,395 CAD Ducati Red;  $34,995 CAD Brushed Aluminum & Matt Black)

Photos by Marco Campelli.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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Raymond Lim
Raymond Lim
September 29, 2022 3:55 pm

Looking forward to see the model sell in Singapore

September 29, 2022 5:20 pm


Matthew Korinek
Matthew Korinek
September 29, 2022 7:03 pm

As an owner of a 1260 Enduro (previous gen of Multi) who actually rides the bike relatively hard in dirt, but not abused (just like how they market in promo videos), I can attest to the capability of these machines in the hands of a capable rider, however Ducati clearly does not want you to ride these bikes hard and they do not stand behind their 2 year factory warranty given my most recent experience in dealing with them. There are well known flaws with the radiator design that they ignore and will come up with any excuse to pass the responsibility onto the rider who shelled out ~$25k+ for a performance machine marketed as being capable off-road beyond just fire trails and gravel paths. I still love the bike but beware.

September 30, 2022 11:27 pm

They’re really hoping to sell these $32 G bikes to posers who may ride a graded dirt road now and then even if the bike is more capable than the rider.

Alan Williams
Alan Williams
October 2, 2022 7:30 am

As twice a former Ducati Dealer & aftermarket parts maker I think Ducati have lost the plot totally. Their best bikes of 70’s, 80’s & some 90’s combined minimalism, light weight and fantastic design engineering. I’m talking about bikes like the TT2 (which I owned street registered), which was arguably the worlds first trellis frame (Verlicchi Chrome Moly 7kg weight), and the Supermono which I lusted after with its TT2’esque frame & single cylinder with dual conrod balance system (which BMW copied in their vertical twin). My own real world ADV bike today weighs 130kg, this Ducati weighs twice that. Have an accident where it or part of it falls on you, its not going to be good. If you’ve ever ridden real off road for hours and hours you know this Ducati is unrideable unless you are Swartzenagger (spelling?) at his prime. Ducati is competing with the big KTM, Pan American, 1200/1250GS and the like. What for? Its madness. They could still release that Supermono engine as an exotic 500 to 650 ADV single in the vein of the 2012 prototype Husky and wow the pants off all of the said companies and all MC enthusiasts. But oh no, they want to compete in building massive useless high tech overweight stuff like this. Worst of all if it has Italian electrics / electronics, it will be an electronic nightmare within 5 years. That was acceptable on a TT2 or a Supermono with CDI & Carbs or CDI and EFI respectively, but now they’ve added so much over the top its so impractical it will be relegated to going out and getting it dusty, so those with the dosh can hang about in Cafes and look the part. Wake up Ducati, bikes like this never made Ducati famous and revered and never will.

Kirk Nichols
Kirk Nichols
October 2, 2022 2:35 pm

An Adventure bike should be relatively light weight and easy to work on. All these electronics now a days are just ruining things. Cylinder deactivation, electronic suspension, 580lbs. I can’t image taking this thing down any more than a gravel county road. Enduro mode knocks the HP down from 170 to 115hp, half that will do you just fine. What can you tweek when something breaks on the trail? I hope they didn’t build to many of these, at $32k I can’t see a to many leaving the dealerships.

Moser Louder
Moser Louder
November 2, 2022 3:28 pm
Reply to  Kirk Nichols

Yes, you nail it! its a sport touring bike, a part-time gravel road, I put 20000 miles in 7 months on a V4S and I can barely wait to upgrade to V4 Rally. Why? because is the best motorcycle in the world! I commute, I split/share/filter lanes, I do long trips, short trips, I ride in the desert, twisties, wheelies, one up or 2 up, in the rain, sun, wind, night or day. And yes, for 10000 usd there are other bikes, with honorable histories and prestige like Moto Guzzi or Japanese bikes. Or BMW, for 10000 less than the Rally. But I want the Italian 🙂


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