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ADV NewsBlack Tea Motorbikes to Launch Budget-Friendly Electric Scrambler

Black Tea Motorbikes to Launch Budget-Friendly Electric Scrambler

An approachable electric motorcycle from Germany for all riders.

Published on 08.04.2021

German newcomer to the electric motorcycle market, Black Tea Motorbikes, has begun the production of its first street-legal model — the Bonfire. Categorized as an e-Scrambler by the brand, the vintage-inspired machine will offer the convenience of a commuter combined with off-road capabilities in a simple and affordable package. 

One of the main driving forces behind the Bonfire is offering an electric motorcycle that is accessible to as many riders as possible. To keep development costs down, the bike is equipped with off-the-shelf parts, ultimately passing the savings on to the consumer. “Our ambition has been to create a motorbike that would serve as a powerful exploration tool but also as an everyday commuter without breaking the bank,” says Viktor Sommer, CEO of Black Tea Motorbikes. 

An approachable seat height of 30.7 inches (780 mm), low weight (214 pounds – std model) and the simple-to-use electric drivetrain further make riding easier and fun for everyone with less experience. “Our motorcycles are designed to empower the rider, that is why they are made as simple as possible. Thereby reducing maintenance and allowing repairs without the need to visit any garage,” Sommer adds.


To improve the performance of their motorcycles and enhance the usability across models, Black Tea Motorbikes launched two battery strategies. 

1.) Dual Battery Drivetrain: Two batteries are used simultaneously to improve acceleration and top speed through a high-voltage drivetrain while offering the convenience and safety of low voltage batteries. 

Black Tea Motorbikes Bonfire

2.) Uniform Battery System: All of Black Tea’s electric motorcycle models will be powered by the same battery. Newer motorcycles can be used with older batteries and vice versa. This ensures that the brand’s riders can benefit from the latest progress in technology.

The Bonfire comes in two flavors: a standard model with a top speed of 47 mph (76 km/h) and the Bonfire X with a higher top speed of 56 mph (90 km/h). Although the ‘X’ offers twice as much range ‘out-of-the-box’ (68.3 miles / 110 km), the standard model can be upgraded to the same capability with an extra battery. 

Black Tea Motorbikes Bonfire Electric Scrambler

Its PSM hub motor’s power output is rated at 7 hp on the standard model and 11 hp on the ‘X’. The package is further completed with 3 ride modes, sitting on 7.9 inches (200 mm) of suspension travel, twin rear shocks and 18-inch wheels, providing a total of 9.5 inches (240 mm) of ground clearance. Charging can be achieved with a standard household 110 V or 220 V outlet in 3 hours for a 0-80% charge or 4 hours for a full charge.

What’s the price of Black Tea’s new retro-inspired electric machine? The Bonfire starts at $4,837.83 (tax included) and is street legal in the U.S.and Europe. As of now, delivery time is 5 months. 

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Photos: Niclas Moses

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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