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ADV NewsDunlop Brings New ‘Trailmax Raid’ Adventure Tire To The US

Dunlop Brings New ‘Trailmax Raid’ Adventure Tire To The US

The latest offering in the adventure range inspired by the classic D908 RR knobbies.

Published on 06.12.2023

Just a few months ago, Dunlop expanded their Adventure Tire range with the introduction of the Trailmax Raid. However, information regarding their performance traits was scarce, and it remained uncertain if or when the new tires would be coming to the United States. Now Dunlop has finally shared more details on their latest ADV tire and confirmed they will in fact be coming to this side of the pond. So what have we learned?

According to Dunlop, the all-new Trailmax Raid is designed for 40% on-road and 60% off-road use, combining expertise and technology from the brand’s off-road, adventure touring and sports touring segments. They’re made for a wide variety of motorcycle sizes, but appear to be focused primarily on adventure bikes in the mid to large displacement range.

Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires
The Raid’s design was inspired by Dunlop’s D908 RR, an off-road focused tire characterized by the pronounced blocks on its tread, which are now a key part of the Raid’s profile. 

Development of the Trailmax Raid tread pattern was inspired by Dunlop’s legendary D908 RR, an off-road focused tire characterized by pronounced central Chevron blocks, which are now a key part of Trailmax Raid’s profile. 


As far as performance characteristics, Dunlop says the Trailmax Raids are specifically designed to offer optimal grip, traction and braking, instilling confidence on demanding off-road tracks. Moreover, these tires prioritize wet-weather grip, promising safe on-road riding regardless of weather conditions.

Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires
The all-new tire compound formula, used for the first time in a Dunlop motorcycle tire, contains an extremely high silica load. While a mix of resins and carbon black variants help reconcile conflicting compound requirements between road and off-road usage.

To enhance stability and handling on larger adventure bikes, the Trailmax Raid tires incorporate tie bars that connect blocks together, creating a more-rigid structure. The gaps between blocks in the tire’s shoulder area have been minimized as well to provide optimal grip during aggressive leaning angles on the road. Additionally, the rear tread pattern is configured with narrower gaps between center blocks, reducing rolling road noise to a minimum.

Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires
Front Tread Pattern key features.

The Trailmax Raid’s unique tread pattern design was combined with some of Dunlop’s most advanced tech to offer even more advantages. These include:

  • Dynamic Front Formula: This brings together a unique section profile, casing material properties and assembly processes to give a confidence inspiring feeling and an optimal front/rear balance. DFF benefits handling by providing an ideal balance between steering effort, stability and feedback for greater rider confidence and enjoyment.
  • Hi-Silica Compound: An increased Silica filler ratio promotes compound flexibility at low temperatures to improve wet weather grip and mileage, reducing the tire’s reliance on heat to offer optimum grip. The compound itself is an all-new formula, uniting the properties required to withstand off-roading with those of Dunlop’s road tires. 
  • CTCS: Dunlop’s Carcass Tension Control System gives consistent tension across the whole casing width in order to optimize the contact patch.
  • JLB: The Jointless Belt, developed in world championship racing, utilizes tape-type casing reinforcement with a continuously wound 0º spiral overlay to boost durability and consistency. JLB construction eliminates the belt overlaps resulting in smoother handling and a more stable contact patch on the road.
Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires
Rear tread pattern key features.

The new Trailmax Raid will sit in Dunlop’s Adventure Tire range alongside the Trailmax Mission, which has become highly popular among adventure riders since its release over three years ago. The Trailmax Mission offers off-road capability with a focus on longevity, whereas Trailmax Raid is designed specifically for riders who demand more regular off-road performance. With a range stretching from Trailmax Mission to the off-road focused D908 RR, the addition of Trailmax Raid helps Dunlop deliver versatility and choice for the diverse needs of adventure riders.

Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires

Luca Davide Andreoni, Marketing Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe: “From a trade perspective, Trailmax Raid is an important product, as there is faster growth in the on/off road segment than any other part of the trail tire market. From a rider perspective, Trailmax Raid gives reassuring performance on wet roads, unlocking even more versatility than they might expect from a tire that also delivers excellent off-road braking and traction.”

Dunlop Trailmax Raid adventure motorcycle tires

According to Dunlop the new TrailMax Raid were designed to deliver:

  • Optimum traction and cornering grip off-road.
  • Great wet grip on asphalt.
  • Balanced handling and road-tire stability.
  • Minimal road noise for a block-style tread pattern.

The Trailmax Raid sizes will be available for 19 and 21-inch fronts as well as 17 and 18-inch rear wheels. Sizes will cover nearly everything from mid-size Dual Sport bikes to crossovers and large displacement adventure tourers. The tires will be available in US dealers starting at the end of June 2023.

Dunlop Trailmax Raid Sizes

Front / RearSizes
Front110/80R19 59T M+S TL
Front120/70R19 60T M+S TL
Front90/90-21 54T M+S  TL
Rear130/80-17 65S M+S TL
Rear140/80-17 69S M+S TL
Rear150/70R17 69T M+S TL
Rear170/60R17 72T M+S TL
Rear140/80-18 70S M+S TL
Rear150/70R18 70T M+S TL 

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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June 12, 2023 1:31 pm

Some of the tire sizes are noted with an “R” indicating radial. Are the sizes without the “R” assumed to be bias ply?

ADV Pulse
ADV Pulse
June 12, 2023 4:48 pm
Reply to  John

Yes, you are correct. The ones with an ‘R’ are radials and the ones without are Bias Ply.

Scott Taggart
Scott Taggart
June 12, 2023 1:33 pm

Tread is WAY too shallow (as is typical of these types of tire). Tires are worn out before you even get going.

June 13, 2023 7:57 am
Reply to  Scott Taggart

That is why they also make the TrailMax Mission tires. You should get those instead

Scott Taggart
Scott Taggart
June 12, 2023 1:34 pm

Should be offered in 4-ply too for real off-road riding. See Daker version of Mitas as an example.

Quin Marais
Quin Marais
June 12, 2023 4:19 pm

Hopefully they will expand the range to include a 17″ front, for scramblers

Gordon King
Gordon King
June 13, 2023 10:59 am

Tire looks like exactly what I want ! Except I need a 16″ rear tire . Hard to find a matching set . Shinto it is I guess

June 13, 2023 10:00 pm

Awaiting the rider reports as the miles accumulate to see if they will be worth trying. Currently running a B’Stone AX41 rear with a Karoo 4 front which I find to be an excellent 50/50 combo.


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