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ADV NewsIMS Launches 2.5 Gallon Auxiliary Front Tanks for Husqvarna 701

IMS Launches 2.5 Gallon Auxiliary Front Tanks for Husqvarna 701

All-new auxiliary tank option extends your 701's range to roughly 300 miles.

Published on 07.31.2019

Off-Road accessories manufacturer IMS Products has introduced all-new auxiliary tanks for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro. The new twin front auxiliary tank option adds 2.5 gallons to the existing 3.5 gallons rear tank for a total capacity of roughly 6 gallons. That’s enough to extend the range of this previously fuel-starved machine close to around 300 miles!

With IMS’s cutting edge fuel system there is no need to switch on any valves to access an extra 2.5 gallons of capacity as the tanks create a closed system with the OEM rear tank. While divided into two tanks, the routing of fuel allows the two to drain evenly ensuring even weight distribution and normal fuel operation. It also keeps the low fuel warning on your gauge working properly.

Front view of the Husqvarna 701 IMS fuel tanks.


Previously, auxiliary tank options for the 701 were typically part of a complete rally kit or needed to be shipped from overseas to the US. With an MSRP of $625 and availability from several vendors in the US, this upgrade for your Husqvarna 701 Enduro is a little easier to manage now. Setup is also made simple with step-by-step illustrated instructions, and quick disconnects on all fuel lines making installation and maintenance hassle free.

IMS Auxiliary Tanks Features

  • Adds 2.5 Gallons to your existing OEM Fuel Tank.
  • Available in Black and Natural.
  • Retains low fuel indicator.
  • Includes everything needed for installation.
  • Custom billet aluminum gas cap.
  • Custom powder coated steel brackets for added support.
  • Requires small trim on your OEM shrouds for gas cap clearance.

Billet fuel caps for the IMS Tank

For more details on the IMS auxiliary fuel tanks for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro, check out the IMS website.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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10 thoughts on “IMS Launches 2.5 Gallon Auxiliary Front Tanks for Husqvarna 701

  1. I don’t have a 701 but would like to see a better pic of how the bike looks from about 10 foot back. Also, since the tank moved from rear to front I wonder what the balance/weight ratio would be.

  2. Is that US Gallon or IMPERIAL Gallon The difference is how far you will have to walk! ——- Cheers Wes.———-

  3. At EICMA 2017 in Milano Husqvarna showed a 701 with their own aux front fuel tanks. At this time I was very interested in the bike and managed to speak to one of their representstives st the show, but he didn’t know sny detsils either. Now, over 1.5 years later there ist still no sign of those tanks, so it is nice to see that another manufacturer offers a solution. Rallyraid Products in the UK would be another potential supplier. I dont get it why Husky theselfs dont offer a tank and rally fairing kit for that great bike! I have now a KTM790@R which ticks all the boxes, but lighter would always be nicer. Would the 701 only not be THAT high… 😉

  4. It looks very promising. But, . . . I ride the older brother – a KTM 690 Enduro R. Will the tanks fit on my bike? If not why not and will we see anything like this for the 690 soon?

  5. So good that someone makes extra tanks for these great bikes. Sadly, at $625 US plus taxes, it’s way beyond my budget. I’ll just have to continue on with my gas cans in my throwover panniers.


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