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ADV NewsMosko Moto Releases New Woodland Soft Luggage Collection

Mosko Moto Releases New Woodland Soft Luggage Collection

Break away from the grey with Mosko's new forest-fresh colorway.

Published on 11.19.2021

The adventure rider community has a tendency to be rather conservative with colors when it comes to gear. Head out to any ADV Rally and you are bound to see a lot of grey and black riding suits, helmets, luggage and boots. Are we just a boring lot, stuck in a monochrome world? Mosko Moto doesn’t think so.

Mosko Moto Woodland collection

Since their launch in 2013, the luggage and riding gear manufacturer from Oregon has been producing soft bags in a standard grey/black color scheme, and they’ve sold plenty. But they had a hunch we could all use a little color in our life. To test that theory, earlier this year they released a limited-edition run of brightly-colored soft luggage they called their ‘Orange Collection.’ Turns out their new luggage line was accepted with open arms by the adventure riding community and they sold out almost immediately.

Now Mosko Moto is at it again, releasing the next blast of color in their luggage lineup. The latest color collection, called ‘Woodland’ is inspired by the great forests of the Pacific Northwest and incorporates a sweet-looking blend of olive green with orange highlights. “Our products are living organisms, continually evolving based on rider feedback,” says Mosko.

Mosko Moto Woodland collection
Mosko Moto Woodland collection
For the first time, Mosko is introducing a new permanent injection of color to their luggage lineup with the Woodland colorway.


The new Woodland color is available now and being offered for several different luggage systems, including Soft Panniers, Rackless Bags, Duffles, Tank Bags and Auxiliary Bags. These are the same bomb-proof bags Mosko is known for, just in a new color scheme. Best of all, it’s not a limited edition test run like before, this time they’re here to stay. Plus we hear from Mosko inventory is strong at the moment.

Mosko Moto Woodland collection
Mosko Moto Woodland collection

Woodland Collection Bags

Soft Panniers

  • Backcountry Panniers (V2.1) (25L, 35L & 25/35 Offset)

Rackless Bags

  • Reckless 10L
  • Reckless 40L (V3.0)
  • Reckless 80L Revolver (V3.0)

Auxiliary Bags

  • Aux Pox (4L & 5L)
  • Navigator Cell Phone Pocket

Tank Bags

  • Nomax Tank Bag
  • Hood Tank Bag
  • Pico Tank Bag


  • Backcountry Duffle (V2.0) (30L & 40L)
  • Scout Duffle (30L & 50L)

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Mosko Moto

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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November 19, 2021 8:51 am

These guys have some great quality products that are insanely over priced. When you price your stuff higher than Klim, it’s time to return to Earth.


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