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ADV NewsMoto Guzzi Issues Recalls on 2020 V85 TT Models

Moto Guzzi Issues Recalls on 2020 V85 TT Models

Moto Guzzi V85 TT recalled for potential oil leak and loosening footrests.

Published on 12.16.2019
Moto Guzzi Americas, Inc. (Piaggio) has issued a recall on certain V85 TT models for two separate issues. A total of 372 vehicles may have a leaky final drive output seal and 399 may have defective footrest mounting pins. Model year 2020 Moto Guzzi V85 TT motorcycles are affected by the recall issued through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to the defect report, the lips of the internal oil seal may be damaged during assembly by the sharp edges on the final transmission box shaft end. The condition of the oil seal lips cannot be checked during or after assembling (which is a “blind” operation). This damage, if present, will cause the oil leak to occur and oil drops may reach the rear tire tread.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT final drive recall

In a separate recall issue. the retaining clip that keeps the footrests in position may break due to the deformation of the retaining clip during an incorrect assembly operation. Consequently, vibrations may cause the pin to slip off and the footrest may completely detach from the vehicle.

What Can Happen

If the final drive output shaft begins to leak, oil on the rear tire may cause slippery conditions for the vehicle. This may cause a loss of control, increasing the risk of a crash. There is no warning before the oil leak starts from the final transmission box. However, the rim, spokes and rear tire may become visibly soiled with oil.


If the footrest mounting pins are defective, the rider may notice a loose footrest. Also, noise may be heard coming from the loosened parts. A footrest that falls off while the motorcycle is in motion may become a road hazard, increasing the risk of a crash.

MakeModelIssueModel Year(s)
Moto GuzziV85 TTDrive shaft seal leak2020
Moto GuzziV85 TTFootrest retaining clip2020

How To Get It Fixed

The remedy for the final drive shaft leak is still under development. For the footrest mounting pin issue, Piaggio will notify owners and dealers will replace the retaining clips on all four footrest pins, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule for either of these recall issues. Owners may contact Piaggio customer service at 1-212-380-4433. Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or check your VIN to see if you are affected by the recall at

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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9 thoughts on “Moto Guzzi Issues Recalls on 2020 V85 TT Models

  1. Foot rest issue no big deal but what’s causing the seal to leak – vibration ? poor casting and machining ? or like a normal Guzzi seal purchased from a low end product producer like the seals in their fork applications. Good thing most of the bikes are still at dealerships were they get immediate attention. Otherwise, any dealing with 1-800 Customer Service in the head office New York the phone is laid down on the desk and the rep goes for coffee while the customer rants on. Historical lots of respect ! Presently I feel for those that purchase one sold under the Piaggio flag !

  2. OK This is where it is at:—— I am a 73 year old ADVENTURE rider and have been employed in all aspects of the motor trade since I started my working career ——– My stable is refuge for 10 different types & makes of motorcycles ——– Most are Japanese the rest are out of EUROPE ——– I don’t normally go looking for an argument on internet forums but I feel that I must give support to the people at MOTO GUZZIE ——– Firstly I would like to repeat “ANDREW’S” POST word for word ——- He read GUZZIE’S STATEMENT and like myself understood every word ——- Machining of machinery parts to-day are done on or with CNC machine centers —- They may have 30 or so different tools cutters that do different operations , every time a tool is changed it goes to a zero point as a position check for the program to keep the operation accurate ——– The actual cutter is very small and very very .high quality and BLOODY HARD ——— These tiny cutter pieces can BECOME CHIPPED because of many reasons ——- manually dropped —– swarf build up —– securing bolt vibrating loose ——- 99.5 % of the time the computer will pick it up and stop the operation & report the problem ——– Now I could name one respected huge motorcycle manufacturer that has made more errors than a small child ——– Do they do an INSTANT RECALL? They hide the fact and hope the bike will grow a new correct part by itself ——– MOTO GUZZIE have done the correct brave thing ——– THEY ARE THINKING OF THE SAFETY OF THE RIDER & OTHER ROAD USERS ——– I know of one manufacturer that had a problem with the machining of the depth of a CIRCLIP GROOVE ——- Circlip pops out —- gear free to move along shaft and the rest is history ——- bike is totally out of control —— This had to happen many times before the bikes were instructed to be grounded until recall completed.

    Now I don’t know who BCT IS OR WHAT QUALIFICATION HE MAY HAVE ——- I don’t even know how old he is? ——– “FOOT REST NO BIG DEAL” unless it locks up the rear wheel ! —– “WHY DOES THE SEAL LEAK?” ——- If Mr BCT READS THE post more clearly HE WILL UNDERSTAND LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS READ IT THAT THE SHAFT HAD A SHARP EDGE ON IT’S END AFTER THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS.——– I don’t know why this gentleman made these nasty statements about MOTO GUZZIE ——- Something in this man’s life has left a dirty taste in this man’s mouth ——-

    This type of bike has been a long time coming ——– it has received LOTS OF WORLD WIDE REVIEWS ——- Just in looks alone it has CLEANED UP THE FLOOR so to speak.

    To put into production a completely new product is a huge gamble

    Moto Guzzie has WON THAT GAMBLE and I can see their FUTURE AS BEING STRONG

    Facts about the writer! 1 I have never ridden a Moto Guzzie
    2 I don’t own any of their shares
    3 I don’t sell them

    If ever you feel the urge to write to any forum on the net



    Job well done to the MOTO GUZZIE FAMILY.

      • LUCAS Thanks mate for you informed honest reply & your valued support —— I am very sorry about my incorrect spelling of “MOTO GUZZI ——— I think that the reason for my poor spelling is brought about by what I hear the younger children DOWNDER IN OZZ LAND repeatedly saying when they are passed by a MOTO GUZZIE ——– “There goes a MOTO GUZZIEEEEEEeeeeeeee” ————- Lucas at the moment it is summer here 42C my tiny old brain has been fried. Bush fires across the total mainland of AUSTRALIA. ——— P/S Actually I hit SPELLCHECK BUT “MOTO GUZZIE” WAS NOT LISTED” HA!HA!HA! Living happy is better than living GRUMPY —— Thanks again for your support I might celebrate with a small glass of wine! ——– NOT ITALIAN WINE OZZIE WINE OF COURSE.———- CHEERS FOR DOWNUNDER! The OLD man”

    • Sir, you had to deal with Piaggio (Moto Guzzi) concerning an engineering failure of one of their designs. I am an owner of a Stelvio and I will tell you, unless Piaggio believes one of their design failures will KILL someone, they will never provide a recall or even a service bulletin you can rely on. My Stelvio engine was originally manufactured with flat tappets in the cam boxes and Piaggio knew for many years their design would destroy the engines, but no recall. Why? Because Piaggio is a company that does not value the customer. I’ve experienced the issue which cost me $1,226 in parts to make the motorcycle safe. I think you can ask a fella in Australia, named Pete Roper, who has had major problems with Piaggio… I am just stating this based on experience….

    • From one old man to another, love your response and if you ever get the opportunity, do ride the Guzzi TT, they are an absolute delight.


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