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ADV NewsNext-Level Enduro Gear: REV’IT! Component Jacket & Peninsula Pants

Next-Level Enduro Gear: REV’IT! Component Jacket & Peninsula Pants

We put the new Dirt Series gear to the test on rugged off-road adventures.

Published on 06.08.2022
REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

When REV’IT! first released its Dirt Series gear last year, it was quite a departure from the classic adventure riding suits the brand is known for. Instead of its conservatively-styled European-cut suits, with prominent pockets and straps, the new Dirt Series offered a simple, loose-fitting design, with modern-enduro styling.

Two of the core pieces from the Dirt Series collection, which you might have seen Pol Tarres wearing in his latest record-breaking adventure, are the Component H20 jacket and Peninsula pants. Both are designed with dynamic off-road riding in mind but offer more technical features than your typical enduro gear. The Component H20 jacket is waterproof, thanks to a Hydratex integrated membrane, and includes a set of removable CE Level-1 pads in the shoulders and elbows. For additional rain protection off the bike, the jacket also comes with a removable hood. As for abrasion protection, the shell is made of a Cordura 750D ripstop that also has a bit of stretch in the fabric.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Overall, the jacket has a streamlined look, yet there are more features than you’d expect. All of the jacket’s six vents are discreetly placed, plus the two large front  pockets can also be used as vents. There are also two interior pockets and a low-profile rear pouch that makes for a good place to store the hood when not in use. An interior drawcord around the waist also helps prevent the elements from drifting up your back.


In turn, the Peninsula pants are an in-boot design that helps keep your pants legs out of the way to avoid damaging them on serrated foot pegs. They are made with rugged Cordura 750D ripstop material, just like the jacket, and a set of CE Level-1 pads are located in the knees and hips, which can be easily removed if you are looking to beef up the protection with motocross-style armor. 

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review
Both garments come with SEESMART CE Level-1 pads and meet CE EN 17092 certification standards for abrasion, tear and seam strength. REV’IT! also offers a two-year warranty on their gear.

REV’IT! incorporated some unique features into the pants like the urethane lined interior waist that helps keep your shirt tucked, a convenient ratchet waist adjustment, leather panels on the inner legs for extra grip when standing on the bike, and traction patches on the rear to help keep you from sliding in your seat. However unlike the Component H20 jacket, the pants are not waterproof.

Stretch panels in the crotch, calves and lower back give extra flexibility and breathability to areas that need it. Large zippered thigh vents and perforated panels offer extra air flow on hot days. Plus two large side pockets provide ample storage.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

After putting REV’IT!’s new Dirt Series gear to the test for the last year, we’ve had an opportunity to test it in a variety of conditions ranging from aggressive enduro rides in the Sierras to multi-day adventures in Arizona’s backcountry. Temperatures ranged from Heat Wave hot to bone chilling mornings. Read on for a complete rundown of how the gear performed.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review
The Peninsula pants include leather panels on the inner legs for extra grip when standing on the bike. Traction patches on the rear help keep you from sliding in your seat.

How it Performed

One thing you notice right away with the Component H20 Jacket and Peninsula pant is the quality of the material. Much of the enduro gear out there seems to be designed for motocross track riders and doesn’t hold up well in off-road environments. Off-road you are typically trudging through sharp rocks, brushing up against bushes and trees, and sliding down rocky hillsides when things don’t go exactly as planned… stuff you just don’t encounter on a motocross track.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

When you put on the REV’IT! Gear, it has a substantive feel to it. That extra ruggedness of the Cordura material not only guards against tears and rips but also provides some abrasion protection should you take a spill on the road. Not that the REV’IT! Dirt Series gear is designed for street falls but compared to traditional enduro gear, it definitely has a better chance of surviving a light spill on the street without being completely ruined.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Yet that thick material doesn’t mean it feels overly heavy or hot. Both the Jacket and Pants have good breathability and a full array of vents that offer plentiful airflow to the body. With the jacket vents open, it gives a good amount of fresh air through the forearms and biceps which are critical areas to keep cool when you are working hard. The two front jacket pockets also double as vents, so you can keep them open for a little extra airflow on the torso. And the back vents are effective for releasing heat and keeping the air circulating through the jacket.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Much of the testing of this gear took place in hotter conditions, and when temperatures rise above the mid-80s Fahrenheit, the jacket packs down small and is easily stowed away (unlike an ADV jacket), making it practical to transition to just a jersey. For that reason it’s a good idea to ride with an armored jersey underneath, and not rely on the jacket’s built-in pads, so you can take the jacket off and still be protected. 

Since the Peninsula pants don’t have an integrated waterproof membrane, they offer even more breathability than the Component H20 jacket. It’s not quite on par with a set of moto pants in terms of breathing, but the airflow with the large thigh vents open is pretty good, despite the thicker material. With the vents closed, they block wind well enough on cold rides and you can always add a set of long johns when you are expecting the mercury to drop. Warmth is dependent on how fast you ride and how rough the terrain is though.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Why not waterproof the pants you say? Well if it does start to rain, the Cordura material can keep moisture at bay for a little while. But with an in-boot pants design, you’re going to have more problems with water draining into your boots if the rain starts dropping. For that reason, it really wouldn’t make sense for REV’IT! to try to make these waterproof. Those looking for a fully-waterproof setup may want to opt for the Component H20 waterproof pants instead, which features a Hydratex membrane and an over-the-boot pant leg design.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

One nice feature of the pocket design on the front of the jacket is that they help keep items from flying out even if you forget to zip them up. I realized this on several occasions after hours of riding and felt relieved to find my keys were still down there in the bottom of the pocket. But if you are going to use them as vents, it’s probably best to put any valuables in a different pocket.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

The jacket’s vents on the forearm and bicep have a unique rounded design that forces the flap open like a set of hood scoops, making it easier to catch wind and route it directly to the body. The forearm vents can be used as pockets but are just big enough for ear plugs or some cash, and if you want to use them as vents, you’re not going to want to store things in there. A nice touch are the big pull tabs on all the zippers, which make it easier to open or close vents with a gloved hand. However, the vent zippers on the jacket were sticky at first. Spraying a little silicone on them helped loosen them up. 

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review
Forearm and bicep vents have a unique rounded design that routes lots of air directly to the body.
REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Another problem I encountered was with the pants, which have too much inner liner material. This leads to some of this liner material sticking out of the pants leg after you put the trousers on. This extra material would often need to be tucked back in and rearranged to ensure a smooth boot-to-shin interface.

While the pants come with built-in knee pads like an ADV suit, I preferred to remove them and ride with a set of proper off-road knee guards. While you can get away with it in the jacket, the Seesmart CE Level-1 pads just don’t offer enough protection for any serious off-roading in my opinion. Even so, I liked that REV’IT! included them. It allows you to have some basic protection if you want the convenience of just throwing on the jacket and pants like an ADV suit. It also looks like all the pads could be upgraded to REV’IT!’s Seeflex CE Level-2 armor.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

As far as range of movement, the jacket and pants combo work great riding on aggressive trails, where you need to constantly shift your body weight around. The loose, stretchy fit was very comfortable and I never wished I had something more lightweight when working hard in the tough sections. I also liked how the rugged materials could take a significant amount of trail abuse. Whether bushwhacking through overgrown trails or grinding through rock-strewn jeep roads, both the jacket and pants emerged unscathed and showing few signs of wear.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

How does it perform when temperatures drop? During our North Rim trek, we covered a lot of highway and dirt road miles. Temperatures dipped down into the 40s in the morning and evenings, while at midday it could get pretty warm. The versatility was better than I expected for enduro-styled gear. The Component jacket/pant combo held onto the warm down into the high 50s and just adding a base layer helped improve its cold range significantly. It’s not going to give you the same versatility as an adventure-specific suit like the REV’IT! Sand 4, especially in the rain, but it can get the job done on most adventures.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

Living in bone-dry Southern California, about the only thing I didn’t find much use for was the hood. If you try to ride with it attached, it will catch a lot of air. Although it was designed for use off the bike, giving the jacket more utility if you want to keep dry on a hike or hang out around camp. Perhaps if I lived in a wetter place, I’d appreciate it more. But it is easily removed and the jacket still looks nice without it.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

As far as testing waterproofing, since we weren’t lucky (or unlucky) enough to get rained on during our rides, we gave the gear a good hosing down to see how it would perform. As expected, the non-waterproof Peninsula pants slowly became saturated with moisture. Even so, they do have the ability to quickly dry out once the showers stop. The Component H2O waterproof jacket did its job repelling water and kept the upper body completely dry. The jacket collar, hood and waist also have elastic bands to help seal out the elements.

Who’s It For

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

The Component H20 matched with the Peninsula pants works well as a versatile enduro kit for aggressive dual sport riding and off-road-focused adventures (when used with separate armor). Riders on multi-day trips who spend most of their time off-road will appreciate the gear’s wide operating temperature range, plus the lightweight and loose cut for energetic riding, especially those looking for an upgrade in durability and abrasion protection over typical enduro gear. When used with the included pads, it offers basic protection and convenience for light-duty trail riding or jaunts around town.

Our Verdict

REV’IT!’s new Dirt Series is a welcome take on enduro-style gear that incorporates much of the company’s Adventure know-how into the products. The Component H20 jacket and Peninsula Pants keep it light, simple and comfortable, without skimping on quality or ruggedness. Plus the inclusion of Seesmart CE-rated armor gives the gear added versatility not normally found in enduro gear.

REV’IT! Dirt Series Enduro Gear Review

While the Peninsula in-boot pants may not be the best choice for rainy climates (the H20 over-the-boot pants do offer waterproof protection though), the jacket provides enough weather protection for the occasional wet day. One of the things I appreciated most was how easily the jacket can be packed away, allowing for a quick transition to a jersey during hotter rides. Even so, the ample vents and excellent breathability do provide a wide temperature range the jacket can operate in. It’s definitely pricier than traditional enduro gear but you can expect it to last much longer and it offers more versatility. 

What We Liked

  • Light and comfortable fit for more aggressive off-road riding.
  • Sturdy materials give improved durability and abrasion protection. 
  • Maintains streamlined look despite a number of pockets and vents.
  • CE-rated armor included.

What Could Be Improved

  • Reduce the material that can bunch up in the inner-liner of the pants.
  • Upgrade the built-in knee and elbow pads to CE Level-2.

Component H20 Jacket Specs
Colors: Black, Ochre
Sizes: Jacket (SM-3XL)
Price: $519.99

Peninsula Pant Specs
Colors: Black, Gray Camo, Navy
Sizes: Pant (SM-3XL, MD-3XL Short, MD-2XL Tall)
Price: $319.99

Shopping Options

Component H20 JacketPeninsula Pant

Photography by Ely Woody, Sam Bendall & Karla Robleto.

Author: Rob Dabney

Rob Dabney started a lifelong obsession with motorcycles at the age of 15 when he purchased his first bike – a 1982 Honda MB5. Through his 20’s and 30’s he competed in off-road desert races, including the Baja 250, 500 and 1000. Eventually, his proclivity for exploration led him to dual sport and adventure riding. Rob’s never-ending quest to discover what’s around the next bend has taken him on Adventures in Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and throughout the American West. As a moto journalist, he enjoys inspiring others to seek adventure across horizons both near and far.

Author: Rob Dabney

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Mario Perotti
Mario Perotti
June 10, 2022 1:57 pm

Great review! Just ordered it, hopefully it will get here before my Moab ride!


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