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ADV NewsRisemousse Develops On-Road Tire Mousse For Adventure Bikes

Risemousse Develops On-Road Tire Mousse For Adventure Bikes

A new flat tire protection system to keep the ride going after a puncture.

Published on 01.24.2022

There’s nothing more likely to disrupt the perfect day out riding than the dreaded flat tire. It’s especially annoying when you are running inner tubes and need to pull the wheel completely off for a lengthy repair. Sure, you can run tubeless rims and quickly plug a tire without removing the wheel, but they go flat more frequently in rough off-road terrain than tubes and a slight rim ding can destroy the bead seal. Either way, you’ll be pulling over and it could happen on the side of a busy road putting you in danger.

For off-road riders, a popular solution to avoid flats is to run mousses. While designed primarily for off-road competition use, they typically wear out quickly and can also be a potential liability on the street for dual sport riders where they run the risk of melting at continuous highway speeds. 

Risemousse on-road  tire mousse for adventure motorcycles

The Italian Manufacturer Risemousse may have made these concerns a thing of the past with the development of the first mousse in the world for ‘road’ use. Introduced at EICMA 2021, the innovative safety system allows motorcyclists to keep riding after a puncture.


The patent pending B-sure mousse can not only endure highway speeds but, in the event of a puncture, a rider will be able to avoid the risk of pulling over on the side of the road for a repair. Essentially, the new mousse offers similar functionality to run-flat tires on cars, which allow you to continue driving on them after a flat at reduced speeds, until you can safely reach a repair shop or return home.

The system uses a specially designed foam mousse insert made of a MEPP (Memory Expanded Plastic Polymer) compound. A small cushion of air fills the void between the tire and the mousse, while an electronic sensor mounted in the mousse sends tire pressure readings wirelessly to an LED monitor in real time. If a puncture occurs, the rider is instantly notified of the pressure loss but can continue on their journey with good control and stability until a full repair is made. Moreover, Risemousse claims the B-sure system is good for three years of use.

Risemousse intends to have several different models of road-compliant B-Sure mousses with different characteristics for various styles of motorcycles: 

  • URBAN for low and high wheel scooters.
  • ADVENTURE for on-off road and Rally motorcycles.
  • CHOPPER for custom bikes. 
  • TOURER for Touring and Naked bikes.
  • SPORTY for sports bikes (no racing and track).
Risemousse on-road  tire mousse for adventure motorcycles

The B-Sure ADVENTURE mousse will be available in the spring of 2022. Sizes for the ADVENTURE model include: 110 / 80-19, 120 / 70-19, 150 / 70-17, 170 / 60-17, 150 / 70-18, 90 / 90-21. Retail Pricing for the ADVENTURE model will range from €150 to €180.

At the time of posting, it appears the B-Sure System will be launched in Europe. The question remains how many miles these Mousses will last and if they will be DOT approved for use in the USA. We’ll report back when we receive more information.

UPDATE: Risemousse has confirmed the B-Sure mousse system is only for tubeless rims.

Author: ADV Pulse Staff

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10 thoughts on “Risemousse Develops On-Road Tire Mousse For Adventure Bikes

  1. So how do you repair them when you get a puncture; plug, goo, patch or…???

    I wonder why they were developed as a part mousse/part air system and not 100% mousse system…

    • The air cushion chamber is probably for temperature control so that the mousse doesn’t melt at sustained highway speeds like it happens with traditional mousses.

  2. Pingback: Off-Road : Risemousse Develops On-Road Tire Mousse For Adventure Bikes - ADV Pulse - K레이서97

  3. Since it is tubeless could you not just plug the tire, add air and be on your way like like most tubeless punctures? I can see in some rare instants where the tire can’t be plugged that this would be handy but I would not want the extra mass of these in the tires.

  4. Well this could be a big step up from the existing Neutech Nitro Mousse. Not at all happy with their very poor performance. Do not last even when riding 85% dirt. And Neutech has been totally non-responsive to defective mousse.


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